December 30 2010

Last night’s reception had a great turn out!  It was a blizzard outside and boy did they have a party inside.  Some of the comments from the family are that is was a fabulous setting for our reception, we loved it, and thank you so much for making this a wonderful memorable evening.  We will recommend you whenever we get the chance.  Misty (our wedding planner) and the Bride decided to use different linens on our tall dinner tables.  This really added to the atmosphere of the night.

Talyor Wedding



This wedding was held on December 12 2010.  Some of the things that I like about this wedding were the bows on the back of the chairs, Utah Celebrations great desserts, and teal tennis shoes.  The bows on the back of our nice wooden chairs are a great addition to any event.   I walked into the food preparation room and was overcome by the smell of the great cinnamon rolls and cookies!  Trust me it was enough for any New Year resolve to be crushed.       





Choosing a Photographer

One of the most frequently asked questions at The Atrium is on how to pick a photographer.  Mr. Dave Newman, Master Photographer, was kind enough to sit down and shed some light on the process of choosing a photographer for your big event.  Be it a wedding, a reception, or a corporate event.  There are questions to discuss with your potential photographer that will help you avoid surprises.

1) Choose the Professional over the friend.  It may sound harsh, but being cautions with the friend that wants to give you a photo album as a gift is always best.  A professional photographer that; has the experience, knows the key shots, and understands the process will provide you with life-long memories.  Asking your friend to provide candid shots and to be mindful of the photographer is a good request.  Also, be sure to also ask that they limit their flash as to not interfere with the photographer’s lights and settings.

2) Regardless of budget size, a professional photographer is an investment.  Even though your budget is tight right now, how much would you pay ten years from now to go back and re-do the pictures?  As much as some of us would like to, you just can’t go back.

3) Be thorough when interviewing the photographer.  You need to ask for a sample of the photographer’s work.  The sample should be of the type and style you have in mind and should include the entire event.  You want to see how the event was captured from beginning to end.  You want to gather that this photographer understands what you are looking for and that it is a style match for you and your event.  Be sure that the photographer’s time schedule fits nicely with your event schedule.  Also ask if the photographer has any requests for the big day, again to fit your schedule.  Mr. Newman added, “It is easy to buy a good camera and become a photographer.  The good ones have been around and built their reputation”.  The work samples and references will support their skills.

4) Price is important but not the best indicator.  You should fully understand the price structure and what services you will receive to make comparisons.  Also ask about payment schedule.  Will there be a deposit and payment at the event and then when the disc is delivered?  Will there be printed photographs in addition to the disc.  You may not be required to print all the photos now, which can save some on the budget.

5) Communication.  Be sure to communicate with you photographer through the planning stage and up to the event.  A simple call to let him or her know that there have been some changes will help keep everything on track.  Checking in about every three to four weeks will go a long way in avoiding surprises.

6) The copyright statement.  You will want to be able to print and post your photographs from your event.  Be sure the photographer provides you with a copyright statement.  Ask if the disc will have printable images up to 11 x 14.  This all goes back to communication with the photographer.

Planning a big event has many challenges.  Bringing in the right people will ensure success for your big day.  By asking lots of questions, reviewing samples, and communicating with the photographer, you will have the memories you want without the surprises you don’t.