Milly's thank you card

Well on this post I have to pat one of our staff on the back.  This is a letter I recently received in the mail. 

“Our daughter’s reception at the Atrium was a huge success.  One of our friends is planning to do her reception there now, too, after seeing how beautiful it was.  We loved your recent additions of piano, furniture, etc.  It all helped provide a perfect ambiance.  So many people commented on what a great place it was.

 Milly was so kind, hard working and helpful throughout the process.  From showing us through the first time, signing the contract and all through the event itself, setting up problem solving etc.  I appreciated her so much.  She probably works there because she loves plants, but she is great with people!  Thanks, to all of you who played any part in the event being successful.”

Milly has been with Western Gardens for several years, and has now been working with Atrium weddings for her third season.  Good job Milly!