An “Enchanted” Celebration at Atrium Weddings, One of the Wedding Venues Salt Lake City and Sandy Enjoys!

Enchanted couple dancing at Salt Lake Wedding venues. One of the most “enchanted” wedding venues Salt Lake City includes is Atrium Weddings at Western Gardens in Sandy.  This princess bride, whom I will adoringly call Giselle and her new husband Prince Edwards , celebrated their magical day with many of their favorite things.  They served the guests of the kingdom fresh fruit and cookies to cover with chocolate from a 4-tiered chocolate fountain.  A fountain sentry stood guard to ensure the guests that no little fingers or double dipping took place.  Homemade chocolate eclairs were also on the menu with other finger pastries.

Guests enjoyed the couple’s favorite songs over Atrium’s sound system using a playlist from the bride’s ipad. After the cutting of the cake and the first dance with Prince Edwards, Giselle and a bride’s maid began a dance routine to the “Enchanted” movie theme song “Ever After”.  Both twirled and laughed.  What a perfect moment capturing the joy of this bride marrying her Prince with true love’s kiss.  These two newlyweds have begun their happily-ever-after storybook marriage. 

Dancing to "Ever-After" from Movie "Enchanted"    True Love's kiss at Utah's reception center called Atrium weddings!

An Absolute Must For All Chocolate Fountains at All Wedding Venues Salt Lake City Hosts

Chocolate fountain at Salt Lake City wedding venue

The first event I’ve attended where I was tempted to taste from the fountain of chocolate, and I love chocolate, was this wedding celebration at Atrium Weddings, one of many wedding venues Salt Lake City accommodates!    You ask why?  Because the fountain was being guarded by a woman who kept the little children from sticking their fingers in it or double-dipping. 

Child mess at the chocolate fountain, but the guard made sure he didn't double-dip!At any event that offers a chocolate fountain, I always linger away and buy a chocolate bar on my way home after the party; but when I noticed the “guard”, my mind was put at ease and I felt comfortable to give it a try.  I let the chocolate cascade over a strawberry and then over a cookie. I sat at a table and took my first Chocolate Fountain taste.  Yum!  It was truly so delicious that I was tempted to return to the fountain and like a kid, stick my finger in or even extend my tongue, but then I came to my senses.  

From now on, I think I’ll be that guard at a chocolate fountain and enjoy the chocolate while I stand my ground! 

Yum!  I'll be the guard from now on!  Worth keeping it safe!


Utah Wedding Venues can Make a Bride Shine!

Smiles in the garden center backdrop!

In May, a lovely bride and her groom celebrated their marriage at Atrium Weddings, one of Western Garden’s wedding venues Salt Lake City based.  Pink and white were the chosen colors and this bride and mother added a dainty touch to the Atrium’s garden atmosphere.  Trinkets, ribbons, lace, simple tulips in vases and rose petals scattered about created such a beautiful style that complimented this beautiful bride.  Sweet pendants with the couple’s name adorned the fireplace and another strand of pendants thanked the guests as they departed this Salt Lake wedding venue.

Delicate decor adorned this wedding venue in Sandy, Utah

Wedding venues in Salt Lake City are great for serving good food!

The groom’s father amazed the entire party by being the caterer.  Obviously he was well organized and commandeered good help.  Lasagna with salad and breadsticks were on the menu for the 300 family and friends that visited the party.

Atrium wedding reception venue enjoys bundt cakes as wedding cakes!

Exquisite bundt cakes by Nothing Bundt Cakes served as the wedding cake. Enjoy the photos by Lindsey Shaun Photography, one of many photographers that enjoy photographing at wedding venues in Salt Lake City like Atrium Weddings.

Bride's Maids out in the Western Garden Center in Sandy

Thank you to guests of this Salt Lake Wedding venueThis Wedding venue includes a sparkler send off!