At Your Reception Center, Take a Thank You Photo

Wedding couple at reception center with swag of thank you
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While you are at your Salt Lake wedding reception center, here is a simple and clever way to express your gratitude to your wedding guests and to those who helped with the small technical parts of your wedding day. Many thank-you’s are in order after such a big celebration but with the bride and groom on their honeymoon and busy adjusting to married life, limited time is available for writing and creating countless thank-you notes.  This idea helps the bride and groom express their gratitude in a personal way, but not spend too much money or time in doing so.

A couple years ago my best friend got married and everything was absolutely wonderful about her wedding, but the part that stands out the most in my memory is the thank-you post card I received in the mail about 2 weeks after the wedding. My friend and her new husband had taken a picture of themselves on their wedding day at their wedding venue with a poster board in their hands. On the poster board they had written two simple words, “Thank You.” On the back of the wedding thank you postcard they had written a quick personalized note expressing their gratitude. The ‘Thank You’ postcard was simple but meant a lot to me.

Bridal party thank you.
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Since that time I have seen many other couples do similar as they pose for pictures to print on postcards.  So remember to take that one photo at your wedding venue in Salt Lake City of you and your beau expressing a joyous thanks to all of your loved ones.  I love this idea not only because it is simple but it is a great way to show your unique personality as you remind your guests of your gratitude on your beautiful day of celebration.     Let your imagination express yourselves!

There are many services that you can use to print your postcards.  Check out,,, and many other companies that offer photo thank you cards or photo postcards.

Thank you from a couple at their Utah wedding reception venue
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