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fun couple at a fun celebration!

wedding reception centers in utah with fun celebrationsNo doubt that Lorna and Braden are comfortable together and have a fun relationship.  Their wedding reception at Atrium Weddings, one of Western Gardens wedding reception centers in Utah, was a joyous occasion and we have the pictures to prove it!

GARZAND photography 19

They hosted about 300 guests and treated them to a delicious Hot Chocolate Bar.  The bride’s family also provided sandwiches for the family prior to the festivities after their ceremony at another location.  Guests sat at tables adorned with Ivory striped base linens with pewter toppers and then crowned with Atrium’s standard glass candlelight centerpiece resting within the boxwood wreath!

Centerpiece options at Sandy reception venues

Lorna chose the easy and beautiful route of hiring Cindy Crump of Heritage Wedding Cakes to create her stunning 3-tiered wedding cake.  Simple elegance is how I would describe it!

AT15 01-02 Wishart GARZAND 3

AT15 01-02 Wishart GARZAND 20

After a simple beautiful ring ceremony, Lorna and Braden enjoyed a lot of fun dancing with guests and family with their DJ Trevor Ockey who also acted as their MC for the evening activities.  The couple also completed the traditional bridal bouquet toss, garter fling, and cake cutting!

AT15 01-02 Wishart GARZAND 54

AT15 01-02 Wishart GARZAND 36

AT15 01-02 Wishart GARZAND 30AT15 01-02 Wishart GARZAND 29AT15 01-02 Wishart GARZAND 31AT15 01-02 Wishart GARZAND 27AT15 01-02 Wishart GARZAND 43

Group photos by Garzand Photography demonstrate the true personality of this fun beautiful couple and their amazing fun bridesmaids and groomsmen!   And if this wasn’t enough, they also hired a photo booth to come join in the fun!

AT15 01-02 Wishart GARZAND 18

AT15 01-02 Wishart GARZAND 13AT15 01-02 Wishart GARZAND 17

Caterer:  Utah Celebration (one of Atrium’s preferred caterers)

Cake:  Heritage Wedding Cakes by Cindy Crump

Floral:  Highland Floral

Photographer:  Garzand Photography

Music:  DJ Trevor Ockey

Photo Booth:  Utah Jive

Atrium wishes Lorna and Braden the best in life with many more fun memories and lots of photos too!

AT15 01-02 Wishart GARZAND 5AT15 01-02 Wishart GARZAND 1

AT15 01-02 Wishart GARZAND 44AT15 01-02 Wishart GARZAND 45

10 simple wedding flower tips

Flower Tips for Bluffdale wedding receptions

The main focal attraction at your reception, other than the bride and groom, is your flowers!  Many wedding venues require that clients use their own floral shop, but Western Gardens’ two reception centers, Ivy House and Atrium Weddings, believe in giving the bride full freedom in who she wants to do her flowers.  We recommend, but don’t require, Hillside Floral. (Click for sample pricing)

Whether you choose a professional or do your flowers yourself, be sure to read these top 10 tips to have greater success at your beautiful celebration!

1. The Basic Wedding Flowers – bride’s bouquet, groom’s boutonniere, corsages for mothers, boutonnieres for fathers.

Flowers for Fathers at wedding receptions

2. Beyond the Basics for Wedding party – Maid of honor’s or matron of honor’s bouquet, bridesmaids’ bouquets, best man and groomsmen’s boutonnieres, hair piece and rose petals for the flower girl or girls.

Little flower girls at Bluffdale wedding receptions

3. Reception Floral needs – table centerpieces, simplified bouquet for the bridal bouquet toss, flowers on a guest book table, and cake flowers.   Floral arrangements for a food buffet table may be considered.

Tossing the bridal bouquet at the wedding venue in Bluffdale

4. Your theme and colors often can be incorporated in the flower selection process.  Consider the types of flowers, colors, ribbons, greenery and accents to be used.  Your flowers will reflect your personality to your guests.  A bridal bouquet is the final touch of the bride’s gown completing the look.  Flowers also help capture the theme of a wedding albeit romantic, elegant, rustic, modern, extravagant to simple.  Whether you choose unconventional orchids to classic roses, your flowers will communicate to your guests a lot about you.

Succulent wedding flower bouquets for bridesmaids

5. Keeping the flower budget reasonable can be done by remembering that it is less expensive to select in-season flowers and if possible, flowers that are locally grown.  You may need to improvise and compromise to work with the flowers and colors in the season of your wedding, but this may help you afford more flowers for your beautiful day or help you spend more money in another area that is more important to you.  Being open-minded and willing to work with your florist can save a lot of headache and money.

Cutting the wedding cake with flowers

6. Considering your wedding reception venue is important too.  Utah reception centers that already have some live greenery, won’t need as much floral design as a venue with only walls and floor.  Brides that book with Atrium Weddings and Ivy House at Western Gardens discover that they don’t have to spend as much on floral decorations as at other wedding venues. This tends to please whoever is paying the bill.

wedding reception centers with greenery already.

7. Choosing a florist that will assist you for both the ceremony wedding venue and the wedding reception center for your celebration.   This will help you deal with one single florist who can create one cohesive theme for your entire day.  These professionals guide and advise you about the best flowers to suit your needs.  Another technique is to supplement flowers with additional less expensive greenery, feathers, pearls, or artistic elements.

Flower varieties for your wedding venue.

8. Don’t forget to ask about vases.  Do you rent them from your florist?  Do you purchase them with the cost of the arrangements?  This is important to know as some brides send floral arrangements home with guests or wedding party members as a gift.

reception centers in Bluffdale with beautiful wedding flowers

9. Who does the setting up of the floral pieces?  Is this included in the price?  Do you need to arrange for a friend to pick up and set up the flowers?  Do you get a discount if you do arrange a friend to do this part for you?  If the vases are rented, how do you return them after the event?  Does the florist come take down the floral arrangements?   It is very important to know these details ahead of time.

Affordable wedding venues that let you do your own flowers

10. Many brides dry or preserve their bridal bouquets. Ask if your florist provides this service.  Inquiring ahead of time and planning ahead will help preserve the bouquet while it is still vibrant and fresh.


Flowers are a vital part of your wedding celebration.  If you choose one of Western Garden’s two wedding reception venues in Utah,  you can use their recommended florist or use your own.  Some brides have an aunt or a dear friend that love to do flowers and that is fine with us.  But whether you choose us or one of the many Utah wedding venues that require using their in-house florist, take heed of these 10 tips for a less-stress wedding day!

Game Over or Game On?

Clever cake topper at wedding ceremony and reception in midvale utTalk about a spunky, fun, creative wedding and you must refer to Shellie and Kelly’s wedding celebration at Atrium Weddings reception center near Midvale, Utah.

This confident couple brought a whole lot of life, laughs, and love to our wedding venue as they celebrated their marriage with a ceremony and reception full of creative and unique ideas and activities.

We especially loved the invitation for guests to go on an “I Spy” photo hunt.  Guests were invited to search for romantic moments, dancing shoes, and funny faces, just to mention a few.  What a delightful idea for recording those special little moments in an interactive way!  This sort of activity wasn’t just fun for the adults but for the kids as well who were armed with parent’s cell phones and adventurous fun as they roamed through the wedding reception.  Game on!

Guests can play simple games at wedding reception venues sandy ut
Guests found on their tables a list of items they needed to go snap photos of for the I SPY reception game!

wm AT14 10-04 Brown Stanley 21

We also loved the super creative cake topper that Shellie and Kelly had for their wedding cake created by A Cake Affair.  There is no better way to bring personality to a wedding cake than with a customized cake topper of the bride and groom strutting their stuff and showing off their fun personalities.  This cake topper was more humorous than most as it displayed Shellie dragging Kelly away from his games and into their marriage.  What a humorous way to start a wonderful relationship full of love, laughs, and life.  We love it!

wm AT14 10-04 Brown Stanley 22

Last but not least we thought the Italian soda bar was a nice way to top off the creativity and joy of this event.  Griffins Catering included a wide selection of flavors for the guests to choose from and enjoy.  What a fun beverage to match the creative mood!

wm AT14 10-04 Brown Stanley 2

Thank you so much for bringing smiles and fun to the Atrium Wedding reception center in Sandy.  We had a blast hosting your event.  We wish you many many many more years of joy and humor with each other.

written by Katelyn Pettit

wm AT14 10-04 Brown Stanley 25

Limousines for wedding venues in utah

pm Header AT white hummer onlyDon’t be caught in the wedding transportation blues and worries.  How you and your guests get from one place to another is important to consider when planning, especially if your ceremony and wedding venues in Utah are far apart.  You want to enjoy your day and not worry about your bridesmaids in their beautiful dresses and stilettos getting to the reception venue a mile or more away. Planning ahead will help you avoid these woes.

Hummer Limo grey wedding party

Rather than the wedding entourage riding in private cars, some brides have hired a limo to drive them all to the wedding venue.  If your budget will allow this, go for it!  What a memorable gesture!  Can you imagine a stretched Limousine pulling up to the venue and bride with all her bridesmaids step out ready to assist the bride to get ready for her celebrations.  Of course, this is not mandatory, but if you choose this option, be sure to reserve your limo service well in advance.

Another great reason to work into your budget a Limo service is for that final departure from the day’s gala.  This is highlight of the festivities for you and your new husband to escape together and leave everyone behind.  If you can, you may as well do it in style, not worry about having a messy decorated car to deal with, and also not worry about driving if the weather is worrisome. Escape and enjoy the beginning of your new life together!  Hire a limo to take you away from your wedding ceremony and reception in Midvale or any corner of the Salt Lake Valley!

Antique car service at wedding venues in Utah

Most Limo Salt Lake services charge by the hour.  Some do offer packages for blocks of time and some even offer discounts for several vehicles or more hours.  Whichever service company you hire, be sure to clarify what their quote includes.  Does it cover the chauffeurs’ gratuity, fuel costs, and any other costs?  Be sure to ask about additional hours, if needed.  However, the best thing here is to hire the limo for at least 1-2 hours longer than you think you will need. Delays at ceremony venues and receptions can happen and if the limo has another commitment with another client somewhere else, you will be frustrated when your time is up and you are left in a bind.  Plan ahead and have a buffer hour for such issues.  Make sure the company is completely transparent about the costs so you know what the real price will be.  Also, using good business practices of getting your quote in writing is always wise for you and for them.

Atrium Just Married car IMG_0973

If you can’t afford a limo service, sometimes grooms borrow a sports car from a family member or friend, or swap cars so that no one knows what car they are in to avoid the car decorating mess.  Using your own vehicle is also perfectly fine.  Just be sure to clean it well, at least on the inside, so that when you do depart, you leave inside a clean environment!  No guarantee what the outside will look like!  You will both be exhausted from the days events and having it clean inside will be emotionally appreciated!


Be happy that you are planning now your wedding transportation needs for wedding venues in Utah.  It is a topic often neglected.  You will have a more stress-free dreamy day and at the end, you and your new husband will be relaxed and content as you ride off into the sunset!

A Bride’s To Do List before the “I Do” at wedding receptions bluffdale

wedding couple kissing at wedding receptions bluffdaleHere is a look at the positive side of wedding planning at wedding receptions Bluffdale, Utah, or any wedding venue you choose.  I’m sure you’ve read about all the “don’ts” that you need to avoid.  Well, here is a simple list of the most basic of strategies that if you will “DO”, you will have greater chance of completely enjoying your spectacular day, no matter what comes!

#1 – Do take time to court each other during all the hustle and bustle of planning.  Remember, the wedding will come and go.  At the end of that wonderful day, all that will be left is you and him and your relationship.  May as well enjoy each other along the path getting there!  A special box of his favorite cookies, a gallon of ice cream and two spoons, a drive up the canyon – whatever it is, just do it!

Play along the way while planning your wedding reception in Sandy
Do enjoy each other while planning. Be sure to play along the way!

#2 – Do Prioritize the elements of your ideal wedding – Make your wedding and reception what you’ve dreamed, but prioritize those dreams. Be prepared to compromise a little for your own sanity, your fiancé’s sanity, and a tad for your family’s sanity.  If it helps, write your list on paper and figure out the most crucial.  Do communicate what is most important to you.  Really, the most important!  Now take each item one by one and write down a plan of how and who can help make it happen.  Include help from your family and bridesmaids and even your groom and the groomsmen should be involved.  It is an honor for them to be in their position and they are with that title to help you make your day just as you wish.  Remember your priorities?  I imagine having your fiancé at the wedding ceremony venue would be the number one priority, the non-compromising item.  The entire world could fall apart and it wouldn’t matter.  It’s all about you and him.  Everything else on your list is to some extent negotiable!  Be happy!

Bridal couple at wedding receptions Bluffdale utah with antique car

wedding couple at atrium weddings in sandy utah

#3 – Do accept help from others.  As mentioned above with your prioritizing, you have bridesmaids and he has groomsmen for a reason.  Let them help you in whatever capacity they are able but be reasonable with your expectations.  You’ll want to be respectful of their time, but by all means, do let them play their role.  They will be coming to the reception centers too, so let them help make and deliver decorations, party favors, or whatever you need so that you don’t have one more little thing to think about.  You want to think about just you on your beautiful day!

MLA Photography at atrium weddings reception center

Let people help with the wedding reception food.
Let people help and be involved. They love you want to be helpful!
Let others help decorate the wedding venues in Utah
Let your bridesmaids bring the decorations and do some of the decorating. Use their talents so you don’t have to be stressed with another thing to do!

#4 – Do consider the time your guests are taking out of their day to celebrate with you.  The maximum time between your ceremony and reception should be two hours which would include travel time if ceremony and reception are in two different Utah wedding venues.

Guests at wedding receptions bluffdale utah
Be considerate of your guests time. Allow two hours maximum between a ceremony and a reception.

#5 – Do K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple Stupid (or Silly, if Stupid isn’t used in your household!)  Believe it or not, my mother taught me this one!  This ties into the prioritizing a bit, but I want to add that you don’t have to be a D.I.Y. bride on everything.  Sometimes doing everything yourself can be more headache and actually more costly than if you find something similar and just make the purchase.  Remember, you want to enjoy the path along the way.  Smell the roses to that final aisle where your new husband takes your hand and you do kiss the first time as man and wife!

wm* Melanie table centerpiece RLT_3943

wm* TJ Romero web Wedding- 46
Personal comments from your guests are more memorable than some big program. You can keep it simple and very memorable!

#6 – Do pamper yourself the day before and get a good night’s rest.  You want fresh bright eyes for your wedding day photos!

Get plenty of rest for 3 nights before your big day
Get plenty of rest for 3 nights before your big day

#7 – Do smile and enjoy your day!  It is only but a beautiful fleeting moment. Savor every moment and do allow everything that happens that day, to be a cherished memory!

wedding reception venues sandy ut create special moments for brides and fathers
Savor each tender moment of your beautiful day!
wm* TJRomero Utah wedding venues for Utah brides
Just SMILE and enjoy your day! Qué será, será! Whatever will be, will be! Enjoy!


wedding venues in utah and your cake designer

wedding venues in utah and  wedding cake  toppers

Wedding venues in Utah like Atrium weddings allow the bride to choose many of their own vendors like caterers, florist and wedding cake designers.

wedding ceremony and reception midvale cake 

Megan and Miguel chose a special family friend to create their beautiful two-tiered square wedding cake.  It was trimmed with simple pearls and swirls.  Atop was a clever and most delicious cake topper for the couple to devourer together!  The topper consisted of two plump strawberries dipped in white and dark chocolate and decorated representing a bride and groom.  Clever and romantic!

 wedding venues in utah with deep purple linens and color

Megan stayed with the popular and elegant deep eggplant purple colors for her wedding.  With ivory accents and the greenery background of the Atrium wedding venue, it was a striking celebration.  They entertained approximately 200 wedding guests who enjoyed plenty of soft self-serve ice cream with fruit, traditional wedding couple cake cuttiing and bouquet/garter toss and a lot of dancing with a family friend D.J.   Their florist was one of Atrium’s highly recommended vendors Hillside Flowers and their photographers were Micah & Karina from “Our Little Studio”.  We can offer high recommendations for cake designers and photographers, videographers, music DJ’s, bands, and piano accompanists.  Your personal event coordinator will share many options with you, but the choice is yours!
Brides continue to enjoy those wedding venues in Utah that allow the wedding couple the most flexibility to stay within their budget yet have a beautiful wedding celebration with their loved ones.  Atrium Weddings at Western Gardens Sandy is one of those Utah wedding venues that brides discover such freedom.

soft-serve ice cream machine at utah reception center

self-catering at utah wedding venues like atrium weddings

Beautiful Wedding Ceremony and Reception in Midvale

Couple at outdoor wedding ceremonyAtrium Weddings at Western Gardens Sandy is centrally located along the Wasatch Front. In fact many search engines list us that you can hold your beautiful wedding ceremony and reception in Midvale, which is not often considered.   From downtown Midvale, we are 4 miles east and about an eight minute drive.  Atrium Weddings is the wedding reception center where Mariah and Jeffrey officially began their life together in July.

The couple chose to have their outside ceremony on Atrium’s waterfall plaza with over 125 family and friends as witnesses.  Our Atrium host orchestrated their music during the beautiful event using the music the bride pre-determined on her own iPod .

Afterwards, the wedding party hosted a reception that few will forget.  Angela’s Catering, one of Atrium’s preferred caterers, provided sandwiches, fruit, and other delicious finger foods.  Mariah also chose another Atrium favorite preferred vendor, Cindy Crump cake designer.  Her company is Heritage Cakes and a lot of our brides hire her for her talent, professionalism, and value.   Mariah chose a simple yet elegant white buttercream frosted three-tiered cake adorned with green satin ribbon and beautiful purple orchids.  The glistening silver Mr. & Mrs. cake topper set it off just right!

Mariah’s beautiful combination of vibrant colors for her reception reflected the couple’s vibrant character.  A bright lime green and a striking purple were her choices.  Her florist was The Flower Patch who did a nice job of reflecting those colors in the bouquets and the boutonnieres for the wedding party.  The professional photographer was Heather Sprague. After the traditional cake cutting, bridal bouquet toss, the garter fling, and the first dances, the guests enjoyed dancing and socializing until the Atrium sparkler send off from this close to Midvale wedding venue.

Wedding receptions in Midvale, or at least close to Midvale, include Atrium Weddings in nearby Sandy.  We are one of the few reception centers in the valley that allow for self-catering.  But Mariah went with one of our recommended vendors whom we have trust and confidence in for our Atrium Brides.  Become an Atrium Bride!

Wedding cake by Heritage Cakes

AT14 07-26 Beckstead 3

AT14 07-26 Beckstead 5

wedding reception venues with green and purple linens

Utah Wedding Venue’s TUESDAY TIP – Get Organized

TJRomero photography
photo by TJ Romero Photography

As soon as possible, a wise bride will first focus on getting her wedding plans organized. Get your smartphone organized right off the bat as you plan for your wedding reception!  Before you are tempted to visit all the many utah wedding venues to find that perfect one, some brides find it very useful and less confusing to create a special email address dedicated to only your wedding communications.  As you search for wedding venues in Utah or cake designers or whatever vendor you are needing, they can communicate directly with that designated email address.  Create those folders and sections on your phone to hold all the vendor names, phone numbers, addresses, and details that you will be gathering for the next several months.  Remember to take photos of those cake designs or floral arrangements that you hope to be replicated for your own wedding celebration.

Cake designs at wedding reception centers in Utah
Take a snap shot of the ideas you want to incorporate into your wedding celebration. (Photo by Swensen Photography)

Some brides still find it useful to use the old style paper file or three-ring binder.  Have pockets to place photos and ideas that you come across.  Tear sheets from magazines you want vendors to see!  A picture is indeed worth a thousand words, especially when you can leave an actual photo with the vendor so they have a reference photo when they create your cake, or floral arrangement, or dress, etc.

Bride's toast at Utah reception venue
Brides who are organized will find they have more time to do all they want and won’t be stressed at the last minute! (Photo by MLA Photography)

Your wedding ceremony and reception will be a lot less stressful if you will take a few moments in the beginning to get organized and stay organized.  Also, some wedding venues Salt Lake City offers like Atrium Weddings provide wedding planners that will help you with the details you need to remember for the celebration at their wedding venue.

wedding reception centers in Utah that utilize smartphones
Use your organized smart phone to share your ideas instantly with your beau. Get him involved as much as you dare! (Photo by TJ Romero Photography)
salt lake city wedding locations
Let your bridesmaids help you by involving them too in your plans. An organized bride will send them photos and information to consider! (Photo by Lindsey Shaun)

Wedding Reception Venues in Utah Real Event 6-4-2014

wedding reception centers in Utah that allow self-cateringMadison and Zach enjoyed their approximate 300 guests at one of the wedding reception venues in Utah that is run by Western Garden Centers called Atrium Weddings.

They enjoyed a self-catered event during which close friends supplied sliders, salads, chips, fruit, and finger desserts.  Notice the absolutely gorgeous fondant covered Mr. and Mrs. sugar cookies.  Madison opted to use Atrium’s elegant dishware package for her buffet style setting.  This wedding reception was all a family affair as the cake was created by Madison’s sweet mother Vanisha.  They took advantage of the beautiful baby grand piano and invited a pianist for live music for part of the evening.  The florist was Lauren Richardson.  Their photographer was Emily Whitehead and their videographer was Brad Winegar.

Not all wedding reception centers in Utah allow such flexibility for the bride and groom and their families.  We were honored to be a part of Madison and Zach’s beautiful beginning.

The Mother of the Bride left us the following comment:  Thanks for having a facility and staff that allowed me to do what I wanted.

fondant Mr and Mrs cookies at Utah wedding reception centers

Salt Lake City wedding reception self-catering finger desserts

chocolate finger pistols at wedding reception in Utah

Forget-Me-Not Reception Centers in Utah – Real Event 05-21-14

Forget-me-not weddings Utah will rememberAt one of our reception centers in Utah, Forget-me-not flowers surrounding the “Around You” Willow Tree Cake Topper sent a powerful romantic message to all the attending guests at Atrium Weddings.  This is Western Gardens reception venue that has an indoor garden ambiance without the worry of the weather!

Their cake was simple yet made a powerful statement.  Here basic white two tiered cake with tantalizing dripping chocolate fondant, was created by Sugar Kisses Cakes.  It was topped with a beautiful Willow Tree figurine by Susan Lordi.   As one of the artist’s Cake Topper collection called “Around You”, it was perfect for this cake poised amid dainty little forget-me-not flower blooms.  The flower blooms are a pretty blue that tied in with Kaitlyn’s choice of Royal Blue table linens.  With a touch of yellow daisies, this indoor garden reception venue was a beautiful and inviting celebration for all the attending guests.

self-catering at wedding reception centers in Utah self catering at utah wedding venuesThe families decided to self-cater, which not all Utah wedding venues allow.  They served a wide variety of cupcakes, mini-cheesecakes, and fresh seasonal fruit.  Kaitlyn chose the venue’s tall silver candlestick centerpieces with the lemon leaf wreaths.  Her bridesmaids accented the wreaths with the yellow and white flowers and a shimmering yellow ribbon.

wedding venues in utah with lemon wreathsThis is a reception that guests and family will not soon forget, and Kaitlyn and Kevin will remember forever! reception centers in Utah with Forget-me-not flowers