Fun Wedding Receptions

So the “formal” and “serious” part of the wedding is over. The bride has marched majestically along the aisle. The couple has said their vows. The minister has pronounced them as man and wife. Now, it’s party time!

Yes, that’s what wedding receptions are. Although the wedding ceremony is undoubtedly beautiful and emotional, it is during the wedding reception that guests really get to mingle with each other and enjoy each other’s company over some good food and drinks. This is also where guests (including Grandma!) can party and boogie the night away in the wedding reception venue’s dance floor.

Everyone knows what happens during the usual wedding reception program. If you don’t want to go by this clichéd route, you can put a twist on the usual reception program and make it more fun and enjoyable with wedding games. Some well-selected wedding reception games (and guests who are eager and willing to join) can effectively break the ice and charge up the atmosphere. If your wedding reception location provides for a DJ or if you have assigned someone to act as the reception emcee, they can be the ones to facilitate these games.

Before you get into any of these games, make sure that the reception center has given prior approval to the games and the materials/props to be used. When you work with the wedding reception center, their assigned event coordinator can help get you the things you need and ensure that the games go smoothly. Choose games that encourage audience participation so as to get your guests out of their chairs and having a bit of fun!

Here are some games you can try:

–          Variations of the garter toss. Are the men in your wedding party avid football fans? Then take a football and place the garter around it. The groom gets to toss the football and whoever catches the football wins the garter. Another variation is for the male volunteers to do a “sexy dance” – the best “sexy dance” is the one who ends up holding the garter. Again, make sure that your wedding reception center allows these games.

–          “How well do you know your bride”. Line up volunteers – men and women, young and old – along with the bride. Have them sit down. Blindfold the groom and have him identify his bride from the lineup – only by shaking each volunteer’s hand (tame version). For more racy versions, have the volunteers kiss the groom or have the groom feel each volunteer’s legs.

–          “Feed me”. With this game, the bride and groom take turns feeding each other. The groom is the first one to be blindfolded. He is to feed his new wife with a food item (preferably one that will not mess up the bride’s makeup or dress). He will feed the bride using only her directions. After this, it’s the bride’s turn. The bride is blindfolded and given a slice of the wedding cake (preferably one topped with whipped cream). The bride is to feed the cake to the groom.

–          Getting the newlyweds to kiss (variations). Eschew the usual tapping of fork to glasses and add a new twist! For instance, get people to wear a lei and do the hula hoop for at least 30 seconds if they want the couple to kiss. Or, assign couples (male/female or male/male) to kiss at various points in the program. The newlyweds must lock lips the same way these couples do! Encourage the volunteers to provide racy versions of “the kiss” that the newlyweds must do. One other option is to have a putting green and a golf club. Anyone who wants the couple to kiss should get the golf ball into its hole.

–          Balloon Pop. Get a balloon between the bride and groom. Cheer them on as they try to pop the balloon in any way possible without the use of their hands or feet.

When playing games where participants are blindfolded, make sure that there is someone on hand to prevent any accidents or spills. Also, before you select your games, be sure that your wedding reception venue has the materials and space you need for the game.

When having your reception in Sandy, Utah, one excellent choice would be Western Gardens’ The Atrium. The Atrium is a Sandy, Utah wedding reception venue that provides a wide range of facilities that are ideal for wedding reception games. The Atrium is equipped with an excellent audio and video system, a dance floor, an event coordinator to help you and so much more.

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