Planning Beautiful, Low budget Weddings

Weddings need not cost an arm and a leg for it to be beautiful. Remember, the beauty of a wedding rests mainly on the moments (where love just flows and is felt by everyone present) in that wedding. And this does not necessarily come with an expensive price tag.

Here are some tips for planning a beautiful wedding on a budget:

–          Choose the time and day. Weekends and evening affairs cost more. If you can, go for a weekday for your wedding date and an afternoon or morning reception instead of dinner. Also, peak seasons for weddings are from May to October, as well as December, so you can do well to stay away from these months.

–          Choose a good wedding venue.  A Sandy, UT wedding venue that provides a comprehensive package will cut a lot of corners. Choose a wedding venue that already provides a good sound system (as well as a video system, if you need it), enough seats and tables (as well as linens – a number of wedding locations offer standard linens free of charge) and other necessities such as parking spaces, room for the bride to dress and decorative elements that make the wedding all the more beautiful.

–          Borrow or rent. You don’t have to buy some of the necessities in your wedding. Look to relatives and friends who recently wed. Chances are, they already have what you need – the flower girl’s baskets, the ring bearer’s pillow, cake topper, cake cutter and server and toasting glasses. And the bride’s outfit includes something borrow – so borrow your wedding jewelry, as well as your headpiece, veil and even the gown!

–          Forego the dessert section. Instead, get a small wedding cake for display and enough sheet cake in the kitchen to be served during dessert time. This will complete your meal without necessarily eating a lot in your budget.

–          A buffet is more economical than a sit-down dinner. This means you will need less servers (and thus, less tips). If you want a sit-down dinner, you may think about trimming one or two courses out of the five-course meal.

–          Cut down on printing and mailing costs. For instance, include the information for the reception on your invitation so that you won’t have to spend on reception cards. Rather than sending your save-the-date reminders through the mail, consider sending them via e-mail. When choosing your type of invitation, go for standard sizes. Oddly-shaped or over-sized letters may cost more to mail.

–          Go for simple flowers. Choose flowers that are available locally and that are available in season. Your floral arrangements need not be expensive to be beautiful. When decorating with flowers, add more of the greenery (to add volume) and incorporate fewer flowers.

–          Set a realistic budget and stick to it as much as possible. You can play around with your budget – but you can do so by cutting corners on other items in your budget. That way, the total won’t be much affected.

–          Go DIY. If you have plenty of time or have an extra pair of hands to help, you can go the do-it-yourself route for much of your wedding items – invites, favors, jewelry for the entourage and so on.

–          Vendors? Consider your family and friends. You can cut costs by looking towards friends and relatives to act as your photographer, wedding planner or caterer. Also, instead of getting a DJ or a live band, use your iPod or computer and setup a playlist that a friend or a loved one can cue at the right moments. You must, however, weigh the savings against the risks. You may not necessarily get what you expect, especially if you plan to work with amateurs instead of professionals. If you don’t want to take the risk with the photos, you can consider hiring a professional photographer to take your formal wedding shots prior to and during the ceremony. Then, have family and friends who are camera-loving enthusiasts to take the pictures in the wedding reception venue.



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