Planning your garden wedding? Here are some tips

Planning your dream wedding at your parents’ spacious backyard? This provides a personal touch to a deeply personal occasion. In addition, it can also save you a considerable amount of money, money you save by not renting a wedding reception venue.

However, there are some considerations you have to make if you plan to have your wedding on your own backyard:

–          Planning and organizing. You will need to carefully plan and organize not just your time but also the amount of space you need to work with. Please remember that having your wedding or your wedding reception at your own backyard will mean a lot of work and will require a lot of hands to pitch in. You will need to make sure that the decorations and equipment are in place, plan space for important aspects of the wedding such as a dressing room for the bride and the entourage, space for the caterers to work with, and so on.

–          Equipment rental. Even if your backyard has ample space, you still need to rent a lot of things. This include your audio system, chairs, gazebo (if you want one), plates and linens, lighting system, dance floor, tables and more.

–          Weather. When planning an outdoor wedding, it is best to also make provisions in case the weather makes a turn for the worse. You can cross your fingers and earnestly hope that it doesn’t rain on the day of your wedding. But sometimes, hoping may not be enough. Does the house have enough space for all the guests in case it rains?

–          Decorations. A lot of work will need to go with the set up and decorations. Even if the caterer is on hand to prepare the tables, you will want to have your wedding venue ready for those photographs and videos. Some areas to consider will be the guests’ entrance, the venue where the ceremony will be done, centerpieces, lighting (to set the right mood) and the restrooms. Another consideration may be that due to the limited space, you may have to have your wedding ceremony and reception on the same spot. This will take some organizing and work since you need to set up the chairs for the ceremony then the tables for the reception – with a bit of space for those in the mood for some dancing.

–          Food preparations. If you are self-catering, please recognize that the standard kitchen may not provide ample space. And if you get someone to cater, make sure that they have enough space for the food preparations (plating, heating, etc.).

–          Availability of parking. You may need to sweet-talk a lot of neighbors to allow your guests to park in nearby spaces. You may need to provide valet parking to ensure that there is minimal inconvenience for both your guests and your neighbors.

Having you wedding at your own backyard may be a wonderful thing, but you must also be prepared to organize, plan and work to make it the kind of wedding you want.

Now, you can also consider renting a wedding reception location in Salt Lake City, Utah to rid yourself of the additional hassles of setting up, organizing and preparing. Western Gardens’ The Atrium is a wedding reception venue in Sandy, Utah that can provide you with the amenities that can serve all your wedding requirements. Wide, open spaces, a baby grand piano, ample parking areas, a dance floor and more.

As far as reception centers in Sandy, Utah go, The Atrium is an excellent choice. These are equipped not just with what you need in terms of amenities but also create a romantic ambiance that is perfect for weddings and other special occasions. With such a wedding location in Utah, you can enjoy your wedding without having to worry about every tiny detail.

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