Questions to Ask When Choosing your Wedding Venue

So your boyfriend has popped the question and you have tearfully yet eagerly said “Yes!” Now comes the nitty-gritty of wedding preparations. Once you have set the date, one important thing to book is your wedding and reception venue. You need to book early to ensure that your selected venue is still open for your wedding date. This is especially crucial for wedding to be held in the “peak” months, such as December or June.

However, as much as you want to book a place as quickly as you can, you need to choose the wedding venue that is right for your theme/motif and your budget. So here are some questions to help you choose your wedding venue:

  1. Is the venue still open for your wedding date? If not, are you willing to change your wedding date to book the wedding reception center? Remember, the venue should be booked well in advance and before you  can move on to other items in your wedding to-do list, such as printing and sending out the invitations.
  2. What is the venue’s capacity? How many guests can they accommodate? If you do decide to have your wedding ceremony and reception in one location, will the venue have enough space for this?
  3. Does the venue’s overall look match the kind of look you want for your wedding? What are the decorations in the venue? Are they able to provide you with additional decorations if you want to go for a themed event? Or, are you willing to spend for the additional decorations so that it will match your wedding colors or theme?
  4. Does the wedding venue provide for other wedding-related vendors? For added convenience, you can choose to work with in-house vendors for your catering, floral arrangements, your cake and linen. Working with in-house vendors provides a distinct advantage in that the provider is already familiar with the place, its people and facilities and so things can go more smoothly. The Sandy, Utah wedding venue, The Atrium, provides in-house wedding-related vendors so that you can easily deal with these all under one place. However, be sure to check that the vendors are up to your standards. Have a taste test with the caterer and the baker. Ask for samples and photos from the florist.
  5. What are the venue’s facilities? Does it have enough bathroom and coat check facilities? Does it have wheelchair lamps to provide easier access to disabled guests? Does it have dressing rooms for the bride and groom (which can also serve as the children’s playroom, in case you have some children in your wedding party)?
  6. Does the facility serve alcohol? It is important that the facility holds a state liquor license if you want to serve liquor during your wedding reception. If you plan to bring your own wine and liquor, you should ask if there are applicable corkage fees.
  7. How are costs computed? What is the fee for renting the venue? You should ask for a detailed list of what the rental entails – what facilities are made available to you, how much time is provided for you to decorate the area and how much time is provided for the event itself. Watch out for hidden charges such as service fees, taxes, insurance costs and gratuities. You should also ask if there are additional fees for overtime use. Also, before you sign the dotted line, determine the payment schedule – the deposit as well as when final payment is expected.
  8. How much space is available to you? Does the wedding location have a dance floor and space for the band?
  9. How much parking is available? If you know that most of your guests will be going by car, you should ensure that they have adequate parking. You should also note if valet parking is available and if there are additional fees for parking.
  10. How much staff is available on your wedding day? It is important to know if there is someone on hand to help out and troubleshoot, particularly on the day of the wedding. There should be someone behind the scenes that will mind the details even as you enjoy your special day. How many of the venue’s staff will be there to help?
  11. Are there restrictions? There may be some limitations as to what you can do. Some venues don’t permit the use of candles or open flames. It is important to know ahead of time whether there are restrictions, especially if you want something unique in mind for your wedding.

If you are planning to have your wedding and reception in Sandy, Utah, be sure to drop by Western Gardens’ The Atrium and you will see how ideal the venue is for a momentous event such as a wedding.

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