Selecting your Wedding Venue? Here are some things you should consider

Dream weddings also require dream locations…and more. Just because the place looks romantic and just right for your motif does not mean that that wedding venue is the best for you. There are also practical considerations to think about to ensure that you have what you need for the wedding ceremony and reception to run smoothly.

To help you determine how you should choose your wedding venue or wedding reception venue, here are some things you should look into:

  1. Kind of ceremony or reception. What kind of ceremony and reception do you want? Would you like to have different venues for the wedding ceremony and reception? Your choice of reception venue should then be near the church or wedding venue since you will have to consider travel times between these two. Or, if you want to save money, you can also think about having your ceremony and reception in one location. This will also be more convenient for you and your guests as it limits the amount of traveling they will need to do. The Sandy, Utah wedding venue, The Atrium House, has the facilities and space for you to have both your ceremony and reception in one romantic backdrop.
  2. Size of the wedding. How many guests are you planning to have? Of course, you need a wedding venue that will accommodate the size of your wedding party. Will the venue also be able to have more space for last minute additions? What if 15 unexpected guests pop up on the day of the wedding itself? Another consideration is the kind of wedding reception you want? A sit-down dinner will need more space for the same number of guests than a stand-up buffet.
  3. Facilities. What kind of entertainment are you planning for your reception? Will this include dancing to the music of a live band? Then you will have to select a location that has a dance floor and space for the band. You should also consider the wedding reception center’s facilities for children and disabled persons. Are the facilities child-friendly – does it have a romper room for children to play in? Is there a wheelchair ramp? How near is the reception area from its parking space? Other convenient facilities you should look into are the bride and groom’s dressing room, a good sound system and enough chairs and tables.
  4. Wedding location staff. Does the staff seem professional and customer friendly? Will the wedding location provide a coordinator to help troubleshoot during the day of the wedding?
  5. Restrictions or limitations of the wedding venue. Some places (particularly historic venues) don’t allow guests to wear high heels. Others, such as museums, limit flash photography. Consider these restrictions in light of what you want to happen in your wedding.
  6. Accessibility. Is the place easy to find for those who will be driving? How about those who will come through public transport? Are there hotels near the wedding venue for you and your guests?
  7. Photo Opportunities. Does the wedding location provide a beautiful backdrop for your wedding photos? An ideal wedding venue should have a lot of natural light for daytime photos and romantic sparkling lights for nighttime photos. It should also have decorative elements such as water installations/waterfalls, chandeliers, glass ceilings to make your photos more beautiful.
  8. Budget. Of course, this will be an important consideration. You would want a location that meets your budget and can offer you excellent packages for floral arrangements, catering, wedding invitations and stationery and linen. You should also check the fee schedule and any extra charges (such as charges for overtime, cake cutting or corkage fee should you decide to bring in your own wines).


Western Gardens’ The Atrium House takes all these into consideration to provide you one of the best wedding and reception venues in Sandy, Utah. When you are planning a wedding in this area, be sure to make a visit to The Atrium House to see how well it will suit your needs for your dream wedding.

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