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Questions to ask Utah Reception Centers Before You Book

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Ask the right questions to find the venue just for you!

The man of your dreams asked, you answered, and now your wedding celebration adventure begins.  After you decide on a date or a couple of dates, you will want to begin your search the many reception centers in Utah for the perfect wedding location that matches your style and budget.   Begin your quest now, so you can book what you want and don’t have to “settle” for a venue that happens to be available for your date.  These are important questions to ask your Salt Lake City wedding venues as you search on the web and visit in person.

1. The first question a bride should ask a reception center is the availability of your chosen date or possible dates.  Save yourself pain by not falling in love with a venue that is not available.

2. What is the maximum number of guests can the venue handle?  If you are planning a sit-down dinner for 150 people, you need to first seek those venues that can host that many.

Breathtaking linens at Western Gardens reception venues in salt lake city3.  What do wedding reception places in Utah provide and what will you need to provide?  Make sure you know what is included for the price you will pay.  Many venues include a lot, some charge for their space only.  Find out!

4. How will you be able to decorate the venue to give it a touch of your own style?  How many color choices will you have to choose from for your linens?  Do they offer stylish centerpieces? Can you hang items from the ceiling? 

5. Do you have to use the venue’s own caterers, or can you bring in your own caterer?  Can you self-cater?  Does the venue offer good recommendations for other wedding vendors in a wide range of costs?

Preferred caterer at wedding venues in salt lake city6. What does the facility itself offer?  Does it have a dance floor, bride’s room, groom’s room, children’s room, good sound system, piano, food preparation room, ice machine, and so forth?

7. Does the venue offer a wedding specialist for help in planning and a wedding host for the event itself? Some centers only furnish the space only and offer limited help and guidance as you plan.

Bride at wedding reception centers in salt lake city8. What parking is available for you and your guests?  Does it cost more?  Is it close to the entrance of the reception center?

9.  Does the venue have an alcohol policy?  What is it?  Some Utah wedding locations do not allow alcohol except for champagne.  

10. Venue restrictions – Are there any and what are they?  Some venues can not allow open flames.  Are there any city ordinances on time restraints?  Noise restrictions?

There are so many reception centers Utah offers to Utah brides.  Be sure to find the one that will fit your needs and will aid, not deter from, your beautiful wedding day.

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Planning a Wedding On a Budget

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Close up of ceremony arbor at Atrium Wedding reception center in Sandy UtahThere is a common underlying consideration that many of the couples looking for Utah wedding locations have to plan their wedding around, which is their budget.  Even with these growing economic concerns, you can plan the spectacular wedding of your dreams.  Remaining flexible about many of the choices you have to make, can prevent a lot of unwanted stress during the planning phase.

When using The Atrium at Western Gardens for your Utah wedding reception center receiving that perfect wedding is possible, because of the spectacular atrium wedding you can have.  The staff of this Utah wedding reception center can work with your budget, to provide you options that let you have a memorable wedding.

Luscious donuts from a self-serve wedding reception in SandyKeep in mind, that there are a lot of details you can handle personally which will save on your wedding budget.  When you plan your wedding as a party that you are having because of the joining of both the bride and the groom, it will be easier to reduce or remove some of the items that greatly increase the cost of the wedding. 

Once you reserve your Sandy reception center, you will know how much money is left for the rest of the wedding.  One of the quickest ways to cut costs, is to cut the guest list, and only invite the people that are your closest relatives and friends on both the bride and grooms side of the family.  You will save on the food, flowers for the table, guest favors, size of the cake, plus invitations, for every guest you cut from the list.

Reserving your wedding ceremony venue, plus using the same venue as your reception center, can save on your budget.  You will also prevent the stress of trying to transport everything from one venue to the next on your wedding day.  If you reserve  the Salt Lake City wedding venue during off peak season, you can possibly save money on the venue and other wedding services.

Inexpensive lollipops was a nice touch at this Utah wedding venue, and nice on the budget

Some details that are easy plus can cut wedding costs, include ordering a smaller 2 tier wedding cake, and use a sheet cake to serve guests.  Another place you can save a considerable amount of money on, is the dinner, try finger foods, appetizers and beverages, instead of a main course.  A full bar will also add to the wedding budget, so you could offer wine and beer instead.  Skipping the champagne toast will also cut down on some of the extra cost to your wedding budget.

You can always make your own wedding favors, menu cards, and escort cards, along with lots of other details that you can handle yourself, which will save on your wedding budget.  Making the table decorations, and flower arrangements can save you money on your wedding budget.  Use greenery, and flowers that are in season, leaving out the more expensive flowers and include non floral decorations to save money.

Family and friends make for a fun serving and bussing team and gets everyone involved in your beautiful wedding receptionEven when you are planning a wedding using a budget, you can use these tips to still have the wedding you have always thought about having.  Let the staff of The Atrium at Western Gardens help you plan a memorable wedding, by using your budget to reserve a Sandy UT wedding reception at the Atrium.

A Petal-Filled Flower Wonderland

Sandy Utah wedding venue, recommends Hillside Floral for their intricate designs and creations.

There are several things a couple should take into consideration when setting a floral budget. First, using flowers that are in season and do not require importation will be far less expensive than exotic flowers that are not locally in season. Exotic flowers in non-exotic locations can be very expensive. Flowers help set the theme and tone of the wedding. From the simple calla lily, which radiates a refined elegance, to the exotic playful orchid that highlights a tropical playfulness, flowers help define a wedding’s theme.

Several arrangements are traditionally required in a wedding ceremony. They include the bride’s bouquet, maid of honor’s/matron of honor’s bouquet, bridesmaids’ bouquets, groom’s boutonniere, best man’s boutonniere, groomsmen’s boutonnieres, mothers’ corsages and fathers’ boutonnieres. Additionally, if a wedding party has a flower girl, she typically has an assortment of hair flowers, including a basket of petals she lightly tosses down the aisle. A bride typically wants to retain her actual bouquet to have it preserved, so often florists will make a throw bouquet. Sometimes guests give their grandparents or other close family members corsages or boutonnieres to wear. All these are important to factor into the budget.

Centerpieces should also be included in the flower budget. Different options can be incorporated to help supplement flowers, including greenery, windy limbs, ferns, berry-type plants, feathers, pearly vines, etc. Often times these small details can help tie ceremonial flowers and décor to the Utah wedding reception. Florists typically rent the vases to couples but it is important to inquire if guests can take the flowers in the centerpiece home as a gift. Florists typically set up the flowers for the ceremony, distribute boutonnieres, bouquets, set up the reception area, etc. Hiring a Utah florist to complete these tasks helps make the momentous day less stressful.

A bride’s bouquet compliments her gown and is a stunning accessory that does not overpower her stature and size, but allows the radiance of her attire to glow. Often times incorporating certain colors, ribbons or pearls into the bouquet can help tie the dress to the bouquet and make it a flowing accessory.

Not only should the reception area have centerpieces, but also couples should consider adding colorful flowers or exhibits to the gift and wedding guest book table. Adding a variety of colorful potted plants, twigs or other nature-filled displays will also help tie the room together, making it feel as though the tables, walls, and surrounding perimeter flow into a cohesive magical theme.


Being Great Hosts for Your Wedding

It’s your wedding! It’s your party – and yes, you can dance, sing or even cry if you want to. However, you must consider that you are inviting guests to share with your special day and you as a host are responsible for making your guests enjoy this occasion, to feel comfortable and appreciated for their taking time to make sure that they are present during your wedding.

Here are a few tips and etiquette reminders so that both you and your guests thoroughly enjoy the moments of your wedding:

–          Choose your wedding date and wedding location in consideration with your guests.  Select your wedding date and location to also be convenient for your guests. You may consider setting your wedding on a weekday but also think about how this will affect your guests’ schedule. Also, choose a wedding location that is easy to access, especially for those who will be using public transportation.

–          Choose your wedding location for your guests’ comfort and convenience. What facilities does your selected wedding reception venue have? Does it have enough parking spaces? If you are inviting someone who is on a wheelchair, are there wheelchair ramps to provide easy access into the venue? Is the venue comfortable – with sufficient heating/air-conditioning, enough coat check facilities, enough rest rooms and so on?

–          Select your menu carefully. Are your guests as adventurous as you when it comes to food? Are there guests who have dietary restrictions? Are there vegans, vegetarians or people who only eat kosher food in your guest list or guests that are allergic to certain food? Talk this out with your caterer. Choose a “standard”, familiar food that could suit those who are less adventurous or allergic to some foods. If you can, you can also go with the caterer in your selected Sandy, UT wedding reception center. In-house caterers make it easier to make arrangements like these.

–          Don’t keep your guests waiting. Don’t make your ceremony too long. Keep vows at a minimum of 1 to 3 minutes each. Also, there will be photos before the ceremony, but be sure that these are done by the time the ceremony is about to start. Also, consider your out of town guests. If you plan a morning ceremony with evening cocktails for your reception, think about how your guests will use the time between the ceremony and the reception. As much as possible, there should only be limited “down time” between the ceremony and reception (two hours at the most). If you have to extend this waiting time, provide entertainment options for your guests.

–          Take a look at your guest list. Are there people who would rather not be in the same room together (i.e. your newly divorced aunt, your uncle-in law and his new girlfriend)? Carefully review these sticky situations and consider how you can either manage traffic between hostile guests or decide if you should not invite the one to spare the other’s feelings.

–          Greet your guests. Make your guests feel appreciated by personally welcoming them. If you need to, you can have a receiving line or visit each table to thank each one for coming. Be sure to make eye contact when conversing with your guests.

–          Designate someone who is tasked to meet your guests’ needs. Have a go-to person/s who will help guests feel comfortable (i.e. guiding them to the buffet table, encouraging them to go into the dance floor by dancing with them and so on).

–          Study seat assignments. Place guests where they will be most comfortable. Special consideration should also be given to single guests who went without a date.

–          Give your thanks promptly. Send thank-you notes as quickly as you can. One good way to thank those who sent out gifts is to acknowledge the specific gift and make a remark about how you will enjoy these.



Fun Wedding Receptions

So the “formal” and “serious” part of the wedding is over. The bride has marched majestically along the aisle. The couple has said their vows. The minister has pronounced them as man and wife. Now, it’s party time!

Yes, that’s what wedding receptions are. Although the wedding ceremony is undoubtedly beautiful and emotional, it is during the wedding reception that guests really get to mingle with each other and enjoy each other’s company over some good food and drinks. This is also where guests (including Grandma!) can party and boogie the night away in the wedding reception venue’s dance floor.

Everyone knows what happens during the usual wedding reception program. If you don’t want to go by this clichéd route, you can put a twist on the usual reception program and make it more fun and enjoyable with wedding games. Some well-selected wedding reception games (and guests who are eager and willing to join) can effectively break the ice and charge up the atmosphere. If your wedding reception location provides for a DJ or if you have assigned someone to act as the reception emcee, they can be the ones to facilitate these games.

Before you get into any of these games, make sure that the reception center has given prior approval to the games and the materials/props to be used. When you work with the wedding reception center, their assigned event coordinator can help get you the things you need and ensure that the games go smoothly. Choose games that encourage audience participation so as to get your guests out of their chairs and having a bit of fun!

Here are some games you can try:

–          Variations of the garter toss. Are the men in your wedding party avid football fans? Then take a football and place the garter around it. The groom gets to toss the football and whoever catches the football wins the garter. Another variation is for the male volunteers to do a “sexy dance” – the best “sexy dance” is the one who ends up holding the garter. Again, make sure that your wedding reception center allows these games.

–          “How well do you know your bride”. Line up volunteers – men and women, young and old – along with the bride. Have them sit down. Blindfold the groom and have him identify his bride from the lineup – only by shaking each volunteer’s hand (tame version). For more racy versions, have the volunteers kiss the groom or have the groom feel each volunteer’s legs.

–          “Feed me”. With this game, the bride and groom take turns feeding each other. The groom is the first one to be blindfolded. He is to feed his new wife with a food item (preferably one that will not mess up the bride’s makeup or dress). He will feed the bride using only her directions. After this, it’s the bride’s turn. The bride is blindfolded and given a slice of the wedding cake (preferably one topped with whipped cream). The bride is to feed the cake to the groom.

–          Getting the newlyweds to kiss (variations). Eschew the usual tapping of fork to glasses and add a new twist! For instance, get people to wear a lei and do the hula hoop for at least 30 seconds if they want the couple to kiss. Or, assign couples (male/female or male/male) to kiss at various points in the program. The newlyweds must lock lips the same way these couples do! Encourage the volunteers to provide racy versions of “the kiss” that the newlyweds must do. One other option is to have a putting green and a golf club. Anyone who wants the couple to kiss should get the golf ball into its hole.

–          Balloon Pop. Get a balloon between the bride and groom. Cheer them on as they try to pop the balloon in any way possible without the use of their hands or feet.

When playing games where participants are blindfolded, make sure that there is someone on hand to prevent any accidents or spills. Also, before you select your games, be sure that your wedding reception venue has the materials and space you need for the game.

When having your reception in Sandy, Utah, one excellent choice would be Western Gardens’ The Atrium. The Atrium is a Sandy, Utah wedding reception venue that provides a wide range of facilities that are ideal for wedding reception games. The Atrium is equipped with an excellent audio and video system, a dance floor, an event coordinator to help you and so much more.

Dream Weddings at The Atrium

A wedding is one of the happiest occasions in a couple’s life. As people witness and celebrate the union of two people, this should be made beautiful and unforgettable. The venue of the wedding is an important factor in ensuring that your wedding is set in the paradise you have dreamed of.

Creating the Right Ambiance

The Atrium at Western Gardens is a reception center at Sandy, Utah. It provides a lush and romantic Eden with all the amenities you will need to make your wedding all the more memorable. You can choose to hold your wedding indoors or outdoors. You can create the perfect ambiance with charming waterfalls, as well as decorative elements such as chandeliers, fireplaces and wooden chairs.

If you want your wedding indoors, the people at the Atrium can fill the area with plants and flowers. With the combination of the venue’s glass elements, twinkling lights, lush plants and spacious ceilings, you can be sure of magical moments that are sure to be picture-perfect. The Sandy reception venue also boasts of a grand piano. Dance the night away at the reception hall’s spacious ballroom.

For outdoor weddings, you can say your vows with the waterfalls as a backdrop and under a gazebo bedecked with the flowers of your choice. Or, you can choose to combine both indoor and outdoor settings by having your ceremony outdoors and your reception indoors, or vice versa.

Taking Care of the Details

The Atrium wedding venue in Sandy, Utah also offers complete packages to take out the hassle in your planning. These details can spell a huge difference in making sure that you are relaxed and at ease at the day of the wedding. You don’t have to worry about how well the tables and chairs are set up, how the flowers are arranged to your liking and whether there are enough linens for the guests.

Here are some of the details provided at the Atrium:

Cakes. Enjoy the cake tailor-fit for your wedding. Choose from a wide variety of designs, flavors, number of layers and embelishments. You can opt to adorn your care with fresh flowers and leaves, sugar flowers, fruits, edible pearls and so on.

Catering. The menu can include your choice of hot or cold hors d’oeuvres, salads, breads or pasta, meats, cakes and pastries, desserts and drinks. These are usually served buffet-style. If you want to serve your own food or have your own caterer, you are free to do so. Buffet display tables, a cake display table and linens may be provided.

Linens. Basic linens are provided with an Atrium Wedding package. These usually include polyster toppers, chairs and linen for 11 guest tables, as well as base linens and polyester toppers for the buffet tables. You can also choose to add bows and covers for an extra-special touch. You can also upgrade from polyester linen to organza linen.

Floral arrangements. The Atrium works with Hillside Floral for your floral arrangement needs. Packages can include the bridal bouquet, bouquests for the female entourage, boutonnieres for the groom and male entourage as well as reception centerpieces.

Invitations. Enjoy great discounts on your wedding invitations and announcements when you book your wedding at the Atrium. This can include the invitation, notes, inserts and any anouncements.

Other ameneties. The Atrium also provides a dressing room for the bride to prepare. There will also be a host to help during the event. We can also provide you with assistance with regards to other items of your wedding such as the photography and videography.

A Personal Touch

The Atrium reception center in Sandy, Utah also provides that personal touch with our wedding coordinator. She will guide you through the whole process beginning from the planning stage. The team will make sure that the event goes smoothly and without a hitch, ensuring that you can concentrate on the moments of your wedding instead of worrying about all the other details.

The Atrium makes your wedding dreams come true. It is one of the reasons why The Atrium is considered one of the best wedding venues in Sandy, Utah.