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One Wedding Couple Enjoys Two Wedding Venues Salt Lake City Offers

Wedding couple first dance at one of two wedding venues in Salt LakeThis charming wedding couple had their “experience of a lifetime” at not only one of the wedding venues Salt Lake City offers, but actually two beautiful reception halls.  Both venues built by Western Garden Centers were used for two different wedding celebrations of this beautiful couple. 

Ivy House Weddings at Western Gardens Downtown Ivy House ring ceremony as if in a large cathedral with a more home feel  Atrium Weddings at Western Gardens in Sandy  Indoor Garden reception at Atrium Weddings

Ivy House Weddings at Western Gardens Center Downtown Salt Lake was the back drop for their beautiful ring ceremony that the Bride planned for so many of dear friends and family.  The previous night, they were at the Ivy House for their ring ceremony rehearsal and dinner with the wedding party.  

The evening after the afternoon ring ceremony at Ivy House, the couple attended to their “garden” reception celebration at Atrium Weddings at Western Gardens in Sandy.   Ivy House already had an event scheduled for that evening, but she wanted her ceremony held there with it’s high vaulted warm ambiance.   At Atrium, almost 300 guests enjoyed the indoor garden celebration with plenty of finger foods (catered by Goodwood), a photo booth which even the bride and girlfriends enjoyed, Italian Sodas, and plenty of relaxing time to mingle with loved ones.  Her photographer was James Erick Photography which captured such beautiful moments of the festivities.  

Photo booth fun Cutting the Cake at Salt Lake City wedding reception

Salt Lake wedding venues are very many and this bride chose the company Western Gardens Centers to help her with two very beautiful celebrations with two different atmospheres.  It is as if they were married in a cathedral and celebrated in a garden.  These Salt Lake City wedding celebrations caused the bride to write the following:

“Everyone was wonderful to work with.  Everyone helped out to make sure our event was smooth.  This was an experience of a lifetime.  Thank you so much!”  Zack & Amy

Bride readying in Bride's room!  Enjoying dear family and friends.  The first bite!  Delicious!   

Elegant cake  Bridal

April 13, 2012 – Salt Lake City Wedding Venues Can Help Save the Day

Wedding reception centers in Salt Lake City can help alleviate or make worse any catastrophe that may happen on that most special day.  This beautiful couple experienced disasters that no one wishes upon anyone, especially on their wedding day.  Thankfully, Atrium Weddings event coordinator was there to calm the situations that she nor the couple had no control over.

First the cake provider, not recommended by Atrium, called and indicated they had dropped the wedding cake masterpiece. They would try to salvage what was possible and would be behind schedule.  When it finally came, only the middle and top layers were somewhat there.  Without the bride seeing the disaster that sat upon the beautiful silver cake pedestal, the Atrium host and family jumped into action.  One scurried away and bought two round white cakes from a local grocery store, another retrieved some ribbon from previous decorating of the Utah wedding location, and others kept the bride occupied in the bride’s room while some doctoring took place.  By the time the bride emerged, she had a 3-tiered cake again.  Only the original top was used and ribbon was placed to hide the seams of the other two new layers.  It turned out fine and the bride was grateful for the teamwork of her family and Atrium staff.

If the cake nightmare wasn’t enough, the Reverend to perform the ceremony finally arrived an hour late.  That put everyone on edge, but again, Atrium’s event host was there to calm the waters and make do with a tense situation.  The caterers waited, guests waited, bride and groom waited; however, it did give some extra time to fix the wedding cake presentation.  

Because the dinner was so delayed, the Atrium staff jumped into high-gear to set up for the reception after everyone had enjoyed their late meal.  It was all resolved and gratefully, Atriums’ professionalism was calming and helped make the evening another beautiful wedding celebration of love at Atrium Weddings.  These Salt Lake City wedding reception guests had no idea all that had taken place just hours before. 

After it all, the bride was so grateful that she left this written note to Atrium Weddings. “You are all amazing!  You made my day smooth and stress free – Just what every Bride needs!”  

We at Atrium are glad that we could be there to help alleviate and help solve these uncontrollable events.

A Beautiful Salt Lake City Wedding Reception for a Beautiful Couple

Salt Lake City weddings are beautiful with the backdrop of Atrium Weddings GardensWedding receptions in Salt Lake City are beautiful at Atrium Weddings at Western Gardens in Sandy.   This particular bride had a fall wedding and chose beautiful fall colors to accent the lush greenery that the Atrium naturally provides.  Melanie had many wonderful and beautiful attendants that helped her gussy her hair and make sure everything was just perfect before she left the elegant and spacious Bride’s room.  Bride's room at Atrium Weddings in Sandy UtahHappy relaxed bride at Atrium WeddingsThen on to family photos with Atrium as a backdrop.  Needless to say, her parents and Daniel’s parents were comfortable and happy with this Salt Lake wedding venue.  

Melanie and Daniel set up a traditional wedding line where guests greeted them and the wedding party.  Beautiful and delicate finger goodies were served and enjoyed by all.  Their guest count was well over 300 people.  Spacious room at weddings in Salt Lake City like Atrium Weddings

Atrium weddings is one of many wedding locations in Salt Lake CityHer 3-tiered wedding cake was artistically decorated with various sizes of brown ribbons and crowned with beautiful yellow, red, and orange flower bouquets.  Of course, the bride and groom successfully cut the cake and traditionally fed each other their first bite.   Traditions continued with the throwing of the bouquet and the flipping of the garter to anxious singles.  Then it was time for that first dance.  Melanie and Daniel danced as though they were the only ones in the garden.  Then they opened it up for dancing to all the guests.Ready to catch the boquet

Part of Atrium’s services is to provide for a Sparkler Send Off.  This always brings happy faces as guests bid farewell to the newlyweds.

Much love and joy was felt in Atrium Weddings, one of many wedding venues Salt Lake City has to offer.  Melanie and Daniel have beautiful memories of the most important day of their lives.   Your Salt Lake City wedding reception at Atrium Weddings can also be a beautiful, memorable, and stress-free event.  ALL PHOTOS COURTESY OF RLT PHOTOGRAPHY, an Atrium Preferred Partner.Happy bride at wedding reception center in Salt Lake City Groom and the garterThree very happy couples! Happy children and parents Happy Mom and son Lots of Hugs! First dance Sparkler send off