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Unique Wedding Extras That Will Be Cherished Forever

There are some unforgettable extras that can be added to a Sandy Utah wedding venue, to give you an extraordinary wedding reception.  The Atrium at Western Gardens offers a spacious,  Sandy Ut wedding reception venue, to hold memorable atrium weddings with an outdoor appeal.  The weather will not be a factor when using this wedding venue, and even a beautiful rain or snow storm can add a unique atmosphere to a wedding using this fabulous Utah wedding reception center.

When considering extras that can add a unique touch to your wedding, they do not have to increase the price considerably.  Your wedding day is one of the most spectacular days of your life, with memories made that will last a lifetime.  Giving the guests a gift that is out of the ordinary is a great idea, because this will allow more people to reflect upon the day of your glorious union.  Many times reception centers Utah can arrange and provide some of these unique extras.

Using a small herb plant as the place marker for every guess, is a gift that truly keeps on giving.  Having the name of each guest on the pot or on a marker that is stuck into each plant, personalizes and reserves the place for the guest.  An herb plant that is commonly used, plus easy to take care of, makes a great gift that your guest can use over and over again.  Your wedding guest can place the herb that is planted in a 6 inch pot home, and place it on their windowsill to clip fresh onto salads and food at mealtime.  Utah wedding venues like The Atrium at Western Gardens can handle this detail for you, to provide your guests with a memorable gift that would remind them of the wedding on a daily basis.


Adding illumination under the tables can provide an awesome effect during the reception, without a lot of additional cost.  The colored lights are placed under each table and provide a beautiful glow through the tablecloths.  Every table can have a different color, or the colors can be designated by giving the bride & groom a certain color with their family members being a different color, and the guests a final color.  Even the buffet tables and cake table can have lights added to the underneath, along with any other tables in the Sandy reception center.

Placing customized beverage and food bars can add a special touch to your wedding.  Some wedding venues in Utah can provide extras like an espresso bar, or maybe an herbal tea station.  The type of beverage bar you provide will depend upon the preferences of the guests that are attending the Utah wedding reception.  Specialty fruit, ice cream or frozen yogurt, popcorn and even sushi bars can add a flair to any Utah wedding locations.

A chocolate fountain could also be provided by wedding venues Utah, that many of your guests will love.  The chocolate fountain table could include a variety of chocolate choices, like milk chocolate, dark chocolate, even white chocolate.  Many weddings have shown that this is one of the favorite additions for a wedding, because so many of the guests like chocolate.

These are just a few wedding extras that can be added to any wedding receptions in Utah, to create unique memories of that special day.  With a little thought and consideration of what the guests that will be attending the wedding would enjoy, you can provide everyone with a wonderful experience they will never forget.

Memorable Reception Catering

Atrium reception center in Sandy, Utah works with an exceptional, highly qualified caterer that helps make a couple’s dream reception a reality. While not required to use a recommended caterer, Heritage Gardens Catering, is an excellent choice since they are familiar with the facility and layout.

There is a variety of options available for serving guests. If a couple’s wedding is on a tight budget, it might be best to serve hors d’oueves. Serving small appetizers and beverages is a cost-effective way to satisfy guests yet allow mingling and introductions. If the budget has more flexibility, a formal sit down three-course meal is advisable. A sit-down meal typically allows the option of a beef or pork tenderloin, chicken, salmon and a vegetarian dish. Giving guests the opportunity to select their menu choices ahead of time allows them to choose something that fits into their dietary preferences. It is important to remember that while couples invite their family and friends, they do not know the dietary requirements of all guests in attendance. Another excellent option is a buffet-style meal that allows for a variety of dishes, does not require people to select specific meal options ahead of time and helps promote mingling while people stand in line. It is important to consider space requirements, size of the room and the number of guests when considering what type of meal is served. If the room is an odd shape, it will be more difficult for guests to mingle in a buffet line. If the room is large, a buffet line might help draw people together by promoting conversation.

Buffets are an outstanding option for a luncheon reception. It helps give the reception a lighter, less formal feel, while allowing guests to comment on the wedding ceremony and catch up with one another.

Couples should confirm that the caterer is responsible for setting up the meals and cleaning up at the end of the event. This is another benefit of hiring a professional caterer; it will help streamline a couple’s special day.

Typically, catering companies also provide waiters and beverage servers. It is vital to make sure a catering company is on top of guests’ needs and requests, as this helps ensure that guests have a memorable evening. It is essential that food be served when the beverages begin making their way to guests. To help avoid an embarrassing event, guests should have a full stomach while partaking in alcoholic beverages.

Working with professionals at Sandy reception center helps ensure that the couple has a stress free event, focusing on their memorable day. Atrium Weddings has an outstanding Utah wedding reception center in Sandy, Utah.

Atrium Weddings Article

Using a Catering Service for Your Wedding Reception

Planning a wedding can seem an overwhelming task; there is so much to decide!  Perhaps you want a seasonal theme, marking the occasion of spring.  Should you go with a lilac or rose colored scheme, chrysanthemum or geranium flowers, a traditional white dress with delicate frills and a long train, or a trendy, modern style?  What about aura, ambience and décor?  Which of the wedding venues in Utah fully meets your needs and desires?  The list seems to grow and grow as you envision this special and unforgettable hallmark of your life.  One aspect of wedding planning that will take an enormous amount of time, meticulous planning, organized preparation, and seamless execution is food.

The kind of food service that will be featured at your selected Utah wedding reception center is a big decision to make.  The choice of catering can easily consume more than half of your wedding budget.  Furthermore, the quality of food and service at your reception will be a big factor in the success of your event.  You ideally want an experience that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.  The type of food and style of service will influence the mood, tone and feeling of your reception.  You will have to consider how formal or casual you want your reception to be.  Do you desire a cozy, warm, family feeling or the most exquisite dining experience?  How will the reception tie into your overall wedding theme, will a five-meal course be appropriate, which desserts will add the perfect sensual element, what time of day will it be?

It may help to keep a running list of your ideas.  Freely explore your tastes, fantasies and varied options, but strive for a workable balance and keep within your budget.  You may go after exotic flavor but be sure to have customary options that can keep everyone happy.  Think about serving styles.  Seated meals are considered the best choice for a very formal wedding while buffet style may be perfect for a more relaxed, casual and festive atmosphere.  Keep in mind that buffet-style receptions can still be formal with the choice of servers filling plates.  One particular advantage to the buffet style is that guests can pick and choose exactly what they would like on their plate.  A passed-tray service style, where the waiters walk around serving cocktails and finger-food from trays, may be more appealing for shorter or evening receptions.  It is also important to remember your variety of guests with different needs, like vegetarians or elders, and the size of your guest list.    With a catering service at any Utah wedding reception center, taste, variation and presentation are optimal.

Hiring a catering service is a convenient, hassle-free choice for providing food for your event.  The last thing you want to worry about after you have said “I do” is whether the salmon turned out alright.  Wedding caterers already have the experience required to pull off a successful event.  In addition, you do not have to think about obtaining all the necessary catering supplies and equipment needed to prepare food for a large group of people, or worry about delegating kitchen responsibilities.  There are many intricate details that you might not have even thought of that may require your attention in the course of preparing for an event.  Having a catering service manage all of these tasks for you can reduce an enormous amount of stress and anxiety.  On the big day, all you should have to do is bask in the dream-like glow that will certainly surround you.

Another good reason to hire a catering service is to ensure the food and service leaves a truly one-of-a-kind impression.  A catering service often offers exquisite dining options with chefs that have years of experience in preparing high-quality, delectable servings with unique taste and presentation.  The right catering ingredients may turn out one of the loveliest wedding receptions in Utah.

The Atrium, Western Gardens’ beautiful Sandy reception center, offers the convenience of its own catering service.  You may select from a series of diverse buffet options: Garden Buffets, Celebration Buffets, Bow Tie Buffets, Classic Buffets, White Tie Buffets or Dinner Buffets. Each buffet style has further options to refine your style and taste.  From the Atrium’s signature wedding menus you may choose your preference of hot and cold hors d’oeuvrs, desserts, salads, sandwiches, pies, cakes, entrees and beverages.  Review the Atrium’s wedding menus to compare and contrast the long list of appetizing choices.

Your wedding will be one of the most memorable occasions in the storybook of your life.  Do not hesitate to get the help you will need planning all the wondrous details.  A catering service may be a wise choice to ensure the smooth outcome of your reception.  As you gear up for the big day, explore your choices, be creative, and have fun!