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A Garden Wedding During The Winter


Ceremony in winter at Sandy wedding reception centerOutdoor weddings are so beautiful, and with a variety of extras that can be added to make them unique, they are an excellent alternative.  There are some issues with an outdoor wedding, though, with the main one being the weather.  Utah only has about 4 months that are freeze free, so people searching for Utah wedding locations should look for Utah wedding venues that provide atrium weddings.

With the amount of snow and cold weather that Utah experiences, you should consider a Utah wedding reception center like the Atrium at Western Gardens for their beautiful outdoor feeling facility.  All the plants that are part of the atrium wedding venues in Utah give off the outdoor feel of a garden wedding in any weather condition or temperature.  If it snows during the ceremony or reception, your guests will love looking out all the spacious windows of this Sandy reception center.

Choosing a facility that offers you a Sandy Utah wedding venue in the same location as your Sandy Ut wedding reception.  This will help keep the costs reduced because of a couple of factors.  The first being, many of the plants that are included in these type of wedding venues Utah will help add to the flower decorations, so you will not need as much money for the flowers.  Secondly, there is no need to transport decorations from the place the wedding is held, to the Utah wedding reception facility, or buy enough flowers for both venues.

When you use the Atrium at Western Gardens for your Wedding receptions in Utah, they can help recommend reputable vendors to handle with many of these added details.  The Atrium at Western Gardens also offers hundreds of styles of wedding announcements, with a 20% discount available when you reserve the atrium for your wedding.  There are many options available, such as the inclusion of a picture, inserts, or a thank you note.

Atrium wedding reception center in Sandy has a garden feel in the middle of winterPlants are a big part of The Atrium at Western Gardens venue, which supply an outdoor atmosphere.  There are so many places that will provide fabulous photo opportunities.  Leaving disposable cameras around for guests to take their own pictures, will provide you with wedding photos you will cherish forever.  Shots taken by a guest can catch the real wedding, beneath the posed photographs, with lots of photos you would not have without these impromptu photographers.

The food is a large part of the reception, which needs to be chosen to fit whether the wedding is casual or formal.  The budget will also play a vital role in this part of the wedding, because depending upon the choices, this is where manipulating the budget can have an impact.  The Atrium at Western Gardens has 2 catering partners that can provide a magnificent feast for any budget and type of wedding being held.

When you choose the Atrium at Western Gardens, out of all the reception centers Utah has to offer, you can have that garden wedding you always dreamed of without weather concerns.  It does not matter if your wedding is in January, during a snow storm, you can still enjoy a garden wedding at the Atrium.

Planning a Wedding On a Budget

Outside ceremony set up at Sandy wedding venue Atrium Weddings

Close up of ceremony arbor at Atrium Wedding reception center in Sandy UtahThere is a common underlying consideration that many of the couples looking for Utah wedding locations have to plan their wedding around, which is their budget.  Even with these growing economic concerns, you can plan the spectacular wedding of your dreams.  Remaining flexible about many of the choices you have to make, can prevent a lot of unwanted stress during the planning phase.

When using The Atrium at Western Gardens for your Utah wedding reception center receiving that perfect wedding is possible, because of the spectacular atrium wedding you can have.  The staff of this Utah wedding reception center can work with your budget, to provide you options that let you have a memorable wedding.

Luscious donuts from a self-serve wedding reception in SandyKeep in mind, that there are a lot of details you can handle personally which will save on your wedding budget.  When you plan your wedding as a party that you are having because of the joining of both the bride and the groom, it will be easier to reduce or remove some of the items that greatly increase the cost of the wedding. 

Once you reserve your Sandy reception center, you will know how much money is left for the rest of the wedding.  One of the quickest ways to cut costs, is to cut the guest list, and only invite the people that are your closest relatives and friends on both the bride and grooms side of the family.  You will save on the food, flowers for the table, guest favors, size of the cake, plus invitations, for every guest you cut from the list.

Reserving your wedding ceremony venue, plus using the same venue as your reception center, can save on your budget.  You will also prevent the stress of trying to transport everything from one venue to the next on your wedding day.  If you reserve  the Salt Lake City wedding venue during off peak season, you can possibly save money on the venue and other wedding services.

Inexpensive lollipops was a nice touch at this Utah wedding venue, and nice on the budget

Some details that are easy plus can cut wedding costs, include ordering a smaller 2 tier wedding cake, and use a sheet cake to serve guests.  Another place you can save a considerable amount of money on, is the dinner, try finger foods, appetizers and beverages, instead of a main course.  A full bar will also add to the wedding budget, so you could offer wine and beer instead.  Skipping the champagne toast will also cut down on some of the extra cost to your wedding budget.

You can always make your own wedding favors, menu cards, and escort cards, along with lots of other details that you can handle yourself, which will save on your wedding budget.  Making the table decorations, and flower arrangements can save you money on your wedding budget.  Use greenery, and flowers that are in season, leaving out the more expensive flowers and include non floral decorations to save money.

Family and friends make for a fun serving and bussing team and gets everyone involved in your beautiful wedding receptionEven when you are planning a wedding using a budget, you can use these tips to still have the wedding you have always thought about having.  Let the staff of The Atrium at Western Gardens help you plan a memorable wedding, by using your budget to reserve a Sandy UT wedding reception at the Atrium.

Planning Beautiful, Low budget Weddings

Weddings need not cost an arm and a leg for it to be beautiful. Remember, the beauty of a wedding rests mainly on the moments (where love just flows and is felt by everyone present) in that wedding. And this does not necessarily come with an expensive price tag.

Here are some tips for planning a beautiful wedding on a budget:

–          Choose the time and day. Weekends and evening affairs cost more. If you can, go for a weekday for your wedding date and an afternoon or morning reception instead of dinner. Also, peak seasons for weddings are from May to October, as well as December, so you can do well to stay away from these months.

–          Choose a good wedding venue.  A Sandy, UT wedding venue that provides a comprehensive package will cut a lot of corners. Choose a wedding venue that already provides a good sound system (as well as a video system, if you need it), enough seats and tables (as well as linens – a number of wedding locations offer standard linens free of charge) and other necessities such as parking spaces, room for the bride to dress and decorative elements that make the wedding all the more beautiful.

–          Borrow or rent. You don’t have to buy some of the necessities in your wedding. Look to relatives and friends who recently wed. Chances are, they already have what you need – the flower girl’s baskets, the ring bearer’s pillow, cake topper, cake cutter and server and toasting glasses. And the bride’s outfit includes something borrow – so borrow your wedding jewelry, as well as your headpiece, veil and even the gown!

–          Forego the dessert section. Instead, get a small wedding cake for display and enough sheet cake in the kitchen to be served during dessert time. This will complete your meal without necessarily eating a lot in your budget.

–          A buffet is more economical than a sit-down dinner. This means you will need less servers (and thus, less tips). If you want a sit-down dinner, you may think about trimming one or two courses out of the five-course meal.

–          Cut down on printing and mailing costs. For instance, include the information for the reception on your invitation so that you won’t have to spend on reception cards. Rather than sending your save-the-date reminders through the mail, consider sending them via e-mail. When choosing your type of invitation, go for standard sizes. Oddly-shaped or over-sized letters may cost more to mail.

–          Go for simple flowers. Choose flowers that are available locally and that are available in season. Your floral arrangements need not be expensive to be beautiful. When decorating with flowers, add more of the greenery (to add volume) and incorporate fewer flowers.

–          Set a realistic budget and stick to it as much as possible. You can play around with your budget – but you can do so by cutting corners on other items in your budget. That way, the total won’t be much affected.

–          Go DIY. If you have plenty of time or have an extra pair of hands to help, you can go the do-it-yourself route for much of your wedding items – invites, favors, jewelry for the entourage and so on.

–          Vendors? Consider your family and friends. You can cut costs by looking towards friends and relatives to act as your photographer, wedding planner or caterer. Also, instead of getting a DJ or a live band, use your iPod or computer and setup a playlist that a friend or a loved one can cue at the right moments. You must, however, weigh the savings against the risks. You may not necessarily get what you expect, especially if you plan to work with amateurs instead of professionals. If you don’t want to take the risk with the photos, you can consider hiring a professional photographer to take your formal wedding shots prior to and during the ceremony. Then, have family and friends who are camera-loving enthusiasts to take the pictures in the wedding reception venue.



Special Ceremonies You Can Add To Your Wedding Ceremony

Special ceremonies give your wedding ceremony that extra oomph and say a lot about you, your beliefs and what you hold dear. The roots of these “special ceremonies” may be traditional or cultural.

Here are some special ceremonies that you can add to your wedding:

–          Unity Candle. This is perhaps one of the more popular unity ceremonies used during weddings. At the beginning of the ceremony, the mothers or parents of the couple each light one candle – one representing the bride and one representing the groom. This symbolizes the bride and the groom’s lives as individuals. After the vows are spoken, the bride and the groom each get their respective candle and light the larger unity candle. Then, they blow out the smaller candles they are holding. This symbolizes their union – they are no longer separate, but united as one. Before deciding on this ceremony, inquire from your wedding location if lighting candles are prohibited or not.

–          Breaking the Glass. Just as broken glass has a finality to it (you can’t put it back to what it was before), so is marriage. The breaking the glass ceremony highlights the symbolism of how two individuals have said goodbye to their past and look forward to the future with their partner. This ceremony is Jewish in origin and is usually added after the officiant has pronounced the couple as man and wife. The glass is wrapped in cloth. The groom steps on this on the floor while the audience cheers on and sing Mazel Tov. Take note: again, be sure to ask from the wedding venue if this is allowed.

–          Jumping the broom. This is also ideally placed after the pronouncement of the couple and after they have kissed. The couple is given the opportunity to jump over a broomstick to symbolize how the broom will clean away “bad luck” and each other’s past. The broom symbolizes a clean, new start for the couple. This is African in origin.

–          Circling the groom. This is right after the bridal march. The bride, upon reaching the end of the aisle, goes to the groom and circles the groom seven times. This is reminiscent of the creation of the earth, where God created the world in seven days. Circling the groom symbolizes the couple making a new “world” for themselves when they marry.

–          Coin ceremony. This symbolizes the financial union of the marriage. This tradition is Spanish in origin. Here, the groom gives his bride 13 gold coins. This symbolizes how the husband is to provide for the family and how the wife is to be the steward of the family’s finances. In modern ceremonies, after the groom pours the coins into his wife’s hands, the wife then pours the coins into the groom’s hand. This shows that the couple is mutually responsible to provide for and be stewards of their family’s finances.

–          Handfasting. This is an ancient tradition with Celtic origins. Handfasting can be used to celebrate a betrothal (where the couple is traditionally engaged for a “year and a day” and married after). It can also be used during the wedding ceremony. Here, the bride and the groom’s hands are bound together by colorful cords while the officiant explains the significance of the ceremony and while the couple recites their vows to each other. It symbolizes the union of two people (body, mind and spirit).

–          Honoring the mothers. This is usually done before the bride is presented to the groom (after the bridal march) or before the recessional. The bride takes two pieces from her bridal bouquet and gives each piece to her mother and her mother-in-law. The flowers (may be a single rose) are given with a kiss. Some brides hold a variation of this, where they have their bouquet fashioned into three smaller bouquets. Before the bride goes to the altar with the groom, she divides the big bouquet into three and gives two of these to her mother and her husband-to-be’s mother.

–          Releasing of the doves. Doves are loyal mates – once they have a partner, that partner is for life. Here, the bride and groom release two doves. This is ideally done after the kissing of the couples or during the recessional. Again, make sure to ask the wedding hall or location whether releasing doves are allowed.

–          Rose ceremony. This may be used for the husband and wife. The couple exchange roses as their first gift to one another. This exchange is to symbolize one’s love to the spouse. The officiant may also encourage the couple to continue exchanging a single rose during anniversaries to remind them of their marriage vow.

–          Salt Covenant. During the wedding ceremony, the bride and the groom each hold a pouch of salt and they pour it into one container. The container is then shaken. Salt is used to seal a promise during Biblical times, when salt was considered a precious commodity. Each time a covenant is made between two parties, these two parties each get a pinch of salt from their pouch and place it in the other party’s salt pouch. This marks the finality of the covenant. To break a covenant, you have to retrieve your grains of salt from the other’s pouch and the other party has to do the same from your pouch. As one’s grains of salt cannot be identified and retrieved from the other party’s pouch when the salt has already mixed together, it is also impossible to break the covenant.

–          Sand ceremony. The sand ceremony is a variation of the salt covenant. Here, the bride and the groom hold vases filled with colored sand, one color for the bride, the groom and the officiant (optional). The officiant pours his colored sand into a larger vase, which acts as a base for the other sand. In religious ceremonies, the first base symbolizes the presence of God in their marriage. Then the bride and the groom alternately pour layers of their colored sand into the vase. Lastly, they pour the rest of their colored sand together. This symbolizes the couple’s life as an individual and their life together. Other variations include members of the family (such as the couple’s parents, or any children each may have had prior to the marriage).

Adding these special ceremonies provide additional layers to your wedding ceremony, making it all the more beautiful. But before you decide on including these in your ceremony, remember that your ceremony is a reflection of who you and your spouse-to-be are. You should both be comfortable with the ceremony.

Another thing to consider is your wedding and reception location. Your choice of wedding location will help set the mood of your ceremony. If you are planning to have a wedding in Sandy, Utah, be sure to drop by Western Gardens’ The Atrium, which provides a gorgeous setting for a wedding with its well-appointed and well-thought out facilities and equipment.



Wedding Vows 101: A guide to Promises of Forever

Wedding vows… do they leave you stumped? Your promise to your future spouse may be one of the most important things you will say. And if does not make this daunting, the prospect of having to say these words in public have you all but petrified. But with a little help, you can get a head start in writing your wedding vows. We’re here to help.

Here are some tips to help you write your vows:

–          Decide if both of you want to say your own vows. This may be deeply personal so you and your future spouse need to agree that saying your personalized vows is what both of you want. Your future spouse may prefer using the traditional vows, which are also beautiful. You also need to agree if you will have the same vow as a couple or if you want different vows for each of you.

–          Decide on your style. Would you like your vows to be romantic, funny, deeply personal or formal and traditional? Choose the style you are most comfortable in.

–          Decide on your vow’s content. The key elements in a wedding vow include: your promises about your marriage, a statement of love and something personal (but not too personal). Choose words that emphasize what you want to happen in your marriage: respect, fidelity, the promise of starting a family and your commitment to mutual happiness.

–          Avoid generalizations, be specific. Stay away from words such as, “I will forever love you.” It’s better to add personalized touches by sticking with simple, everyday ways you can show your love.

–          Choose your words carefully. Use strong action words such as “promise”, “cherish”, “honor”, “delight”, “prize”, “treasure” and so on. Carefully chosen words will add that “oomph” to your vows.

–          Short and sweet is the best way to go. Remember that a few carefully chosen words are more effective than a long-winded speech. So try to keep your vows to up to 3 minutes.

–          Consider the line: “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.” Explore your feelings about your future spouse, your relationship and your marriage. Ask: what about your fiancé do you love most? What made you decide that he or she is “the one”?

–          Look at examples. Promises are for poets and lovers. So take a look at what poets have to say. There are volumes of Bible verses, poems, famous love lines and passages that you can look at and even quote in your vow. You can even choose to incorporate words from your love letters.

–          Listen to your vow. Now that you have written your vow, be sure to “test” it by reading it aloud with someone you trust. This will help you pick out areas for improvement. There may be some areas that don’t sound right so this is your chance to change it.

–          Write it down. You can try to memorize your vows but be sure to have a copy of it handy in case you blank out while you’re saying your vows.

–          Speak from your heart. This is perhaps the most important of all. Your words should be an outpouring of what you feel, know and believe about love and your relationship as man and wife. Don’t speak to impress other people watching – speak to your spouse.

Your vows tell your partner what you personally think and feel. The exchanging of vows is an important part of the marriage ceremony.

As you have given a lot of thought to your wedding vows, you should also give careful thought about other elements of your wedding. This includes the wedding ceremony, the wedding décor and your wedding location.

Your choice of wedding venue is an important aspect that will set the tone of the entire ceremony, including your exchanging of wedding vows. We at Western Gardens understand this and we offer you one of the best wedding locations in Sandy, Utah. The Atrium provides a beautiful backdrop as you recite your vows to each other.



Wedding Planner 101: What to Know About Your Wedding Planner

The wedding planner may very well be a lifesaver – especially when you’re bombarded by all the things that clamor for your attention and decision. This makes hiring a wedding planner one very good idea – it can ease out a lot of stress and pressure. Remember, the wedding is your special day – you don’t have to spend it being all stressed out. Rather, you’d want to enjoy the day and let someone else handle the nitty-gritty details.

A wedding planner may be as involved in the planning and execution as you want him or her to be. They can coordinate and work with vendors so that all you have to do is to make decisions as to which designs to go with. The wedding planner can take care of ordering the wedding favors, dress, cake and floral arrangements and ensure that these are delivered on time. They can also be there in the wedding location to help supervise the decorations and even stay after the wedding to look after the clean up.

Indeed, the wedding planner may help you keep your sanity, ensure that the wedding is a success and kept well within budget. That said, you need to be careful in your choice of your wedding planner, since he or she plays such a crucial role in your wedding.

Here are some things you’d want to know with regards to your wedding planner:

–          Availability. First, determine whether the planner has an open schedule for your wedding date. You need to know if he or she has other clients booked for that day or for the days leading up to your wedding day. You’d want to have a wedding planner that is fully committed towards your event and will not give only half of his or her attention to it due to the fact that he or she also is juggling other events. Another important thing to check is whether the planner is doing wedding planning as a part-time or fulltime career. Having one that works part time will mean that he or she is only available for calls or meetings during certain days and times.

–          Communication. How will you and the wedding planner communicate – by phone, e-mail or both? How quickly can you expect the wedding planner to respond? How easily can you contact him or her and how often will you meet during the planning stage? Remember, some wedding planners will only provide you with a limited number of phone calls/meetings per week and may charge extra for more frequent calls and meetings.

–          Services provided. Essentially, wedding planners will adjust themselves according to the level of involvement you want them to have for your wedding. There are some brides who prefer someone who will do the planning and coordinating with the vendors, choosing the wedding reception center and other items such as wedding favors, invitations and so on. There are also some brides who enjoy planning the details and doing the legwork of the wedding and simply need someone behind the curtains on the day of the wedding itself. Ask the planner if the wedding planning package being offered includes helping plan the bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner or honeymoon.

–          Experience. A wedding planner’s particular niche should match with what you have in mind for a wedding. Wedding planners who are used to big-budget and elaborate affairs may not be a good fit for a wedding with a small budget. Someone who specializes in formal and church weddings may not have the experience to coordinate a destination wedding. Be sure that the wedding planner you choose has the experience to handle your kind of wedding. You should also ask for referrals for previous clients.

–          Vendor network. A good wedding planner can actually help you save money or stretch your budget even further due to the fact that he or she can negotiate with vendors and work out deals so that you will enjoy more bang for your buck. Be sure to ask if the wedding planner can help you stick with your budget.

–          Cost. Of course, it is important to discuss how much a wedding planner’s services will cost. Some wedding planners charge a flat fee while others tack on a percentage of the wedding’s total cost.  Before you sign the contract, be sure to know the details of the costing – what services are included and what extra charges may be added.

A wedding planner gives you something precious you can enjoy – peace of mind. There are also some wedding venues that provide an in-house coordinator for your wedding day needs. This way, you have someone to go to for any needs you may have during the day of the wedding.

One such wedding reception venue is Western Gardens’ The Atrium in Sandy Utah. Aside from an in-house coordinator, this Sandy, Utah wedding venue offers a wide variety of facilities such as in-house vendors, beautiful backdrops for both indoor and outdoor weddings, a lovely water installation and much more.

Finding an Outstanding Wedding Reception Venue

Choosing the right Sandy reception center for your post nuptial celebration can seem like an uphill battle with the amount of venues located in Sandy, Utah. Though many of these reception locations fall short on a variety of levels and you may come across many that might not meet your expectations or budget. There are many considerations to mull over before when deciding on your ideal Utah wedding venue, such as availability, cost, services, and space. All of these factors should be completed prior to beginning your reception venue search, that way you will be prepared to make an informed and well thought out decision when the time comes.

Price Evaluation

Planning out your reception center budget prior to booking your Sandy, Utah wedding venue is the primary key. Without itemizing your wedding expenses first, your budget can run amuck and you will end up paying more out of pocket than you expected. After figuring out your wedding funds, you will find that you will have more wiggle room if you have a price range with a high and low figure rather than a firm fixed price for your reception allotment. If you find a Utah reception center that you adore but it is slightly out of your budget, don’t fret try negotiating with the reception manager to see if they can work something out and offer you a discount.

Services Offered

If you are going about your wedding sans wedding planner, it may be in your best interest to consider booking a Sandy, UT wedding reception location that can assist you with their various local vendor contacts. Reception centers often have ongoing relationships with caterers, florists, and entertainment providers; it is these beneficial working relationships that can help you obtain great deals on these essential services for your reception party. Additionally, some reception centers even present tables, chairs, linens, and invitations either included in the rental cost or for an added reasonable fee.

Type of Reception Center

Before beginning to set up appointments to check out local reception centers you should think about what type of venue sets your heart a flutter and decide if you would like an outdoor or indoor reception. The Sandy reception center that you choose would both appeal to your aesthetic senses and be a tasteful blank palette for which you can embellish upon with your personalization.

After contemplating these entire reception venue matters, you should take a moment to consider what the Atrium at Western Gardens has to offer. The Atrium currently has an existing setup that is geared specifically for events like weddings and receptions. Their Utah wedding venue is reasonably priced; presents a broad spectrum of services, and an ambiance that is soothing and stylish. The Atrium maintains the assistance of a wedding organizer who is there to help couples attain the goal of a blissful ceremony and reception with minimal hassle or stress.

Turning Your Wedding Reception Venue into an Elegant Space

While hiring a professional wedding planner or event decorator can remove a lot of pressure off you when it comes to designing and beautifying your Utah wedding reception space, this assistance sometimes in not within budget. But if you have a natural flair for design and have friends and family that can kindly help you pull it all together you can easily make you Sandy reception center reflect your intrinsic style. When planning out the décor scheme and managing your design budget there are basic fundamentals that you should bear in mind.

Wanting to keep the look of your reception simple yet timeless? Then a good idea would be to take your wedding color palette and incorporate that into the majority of your reception décor. This creates a very cohesive vibe between your ceremony and reception. Though if you are the move creative type and have a specific theme in mind, such as a winter wonderland reception for your Sandy, Utah wedding venue, then go for it! Going with a themed reception will make a clear distinction between the lovely ceremony and lively after celebration. Once you’ve made your decision on the big picture of styling your reception hall you will need to get to work on arranging the more intricate details of the reception.

You now have an idea of approximately how many guests will be attending your upcoming nuptials, use this number to determine the amount and size of tables that you will need as well as chairs and centerpieces. These items will be the foundation for which you design your reception décor around. Once you have decided on these basic essentials, you can move on to picking out your decorative linens and slipcovers and/or ribbons for the chairs. Your Sandy, UT wedding reception is well on its way to being a stylish event.

When choosing your centerpieces to be placed on each table make sure that they are not too distracting and that they mesh well with the overall aesthetic that you are going for. Traditionally fresh cut flowers beautifully arranged in a chic vase are usually used as the centerpieces, while this idea is very gorgeous and charming keep in mind that this is not your only table decoration option. Feel free to think outside the box, especially if doing a themed reception, and utilize other aesthetically pleasing accoutrements that are complimentary to your tastes.

The tableware is equally as important as the centerpieces as they will tie the reception venue together in a unified manner. Tableware would include dinner plates, glassware, and silverware. Choosing a contrasting color for your dinner plates will make them brilliantly pop against the linen background.

Also take into consideration the surrounding perimeter of your Utah wedding reception venue. Sprucing up the outskirts of the reception area can make the space feel more intimate and warm. Draping soft fabric against the walls and strategically placing flora and fauna can make a great improvement to any event space.

If you have chosen the Atrium at Western Gardens as you reception locale, they have a full-time wedding consultant to aid you in bringing your reception vision to fruition. In addition to the convenience of a built in wedding consultant the Atrium also can provide you with exceptional and cost-effective catering, floral, and cake options; making the organization and setup of your wedding reception a breeze.

Deciding on Catering Choices for Your Wedding Reception

Your Utah wedding venue has been decided on, now you need to busy yourself with the details of the reception; the biggest of which is deciding on a caterer and what to serve to your multitude of guests. Caterers today often offer alternatives to the traditional sit and service meal, in these modern days and economic times more and more couples are deciding to opt for the less expensive cocktail or dessert receptions, which includes hors d’oeuvres or pastries, drinks, and wedding cake.

But if you can afford the cost of a full meal in the form of a buffet or multi-course sit down service this would likely be preferable to your guests attending your Sandy, UT wedding reception. A caterer will be able to help you determine which type of service to offer based on your budget and food preferences. A banquet buffet will give your wedding guests the most options for variety and quantity, though it will require them to stand in line to receive their food. A sit down waiter service gives your guests the opportunity to comfortably relax and converse while waiting for their food, but this limits their portions and types of food that they may sample.

What kinds of food should be served at a reception and what should not?

Coming to an agreement on the menu as a couple is vital to having a satisfying catered event. The majority of caterers have cohesive menus that can be selected as is or customized to fit your preferences. To get an idea of what you would like to serve you should ask your caterer if you can sample some of their food. By doing this you will be able to pick out what exactly you want and get an idea of the caterers cooking abilities.

Typical main dish fares at a Utah wedding reception include beef, pork, chicken, and salmon. Incorporating a vegetarian option along with the meats as a main course is an excellent inclusive decision. Offering a variety is your best bet for pleasing everyone, and a safe one at that since it is impossible to know the dietary habits of all of your guests.

While it is important to cater to your guests at your Sandy, UT wedding reception, you should also make sure that you serve the types of food that you and future spouse find enjoyable. While you may decide to offer up a meal that is atypical, such as an exotic foreign dish, make sure you have more standard options available to those guests who are less adventurous. This way you satisfy both yourselves and your guests will leave your wedding event with a full and satisfying feeling of contentment.

The Atrium at Western Gardens has great contacts with an exceptional caterer that works regularly with this Sandy, Utah wedding venue. The Atrium’s unique relationship with their catering vendor allows them to pass savings on to you since they receive an economical rate for being a repeat and steady client. On top of all this they offer varied menus that can be customized to meet your wedding reception needs.

Wedding Planning Made Easier

Your man has presented you with the loveliest of engagement rings and got down on his knees to ask you to be his wife. And of course, you happily said, “Yes!”. And now the wedding preparations begin. You realize that preparing your dream wedding is like being caught in a whirlwind – there is a continuous swirl of things to do, wedding providers to select, choices with regards to styles, colors, themes and so on.

To give you an idea, here are the basic things you need to do for your wedding:

–          Set the date and ensure that your choice of church and wedding reception venue is booked for this date.

–          Set the wedding budget

–          Choose your wedding gown, as well as the gowns for your female entourage

–          Choose the ring

–          Build the guest list

–          Prepare “save the date” announcements and/or announce the engagement(possibly via an engagement party)

–          Get your marriage license and prepare all the necessary documents

–          Send out wedding invitations and record RSVPs

–          Decide on the bridal gift registry items

–          Choose the caterer and the menu for the wedding and arrange for food tasting

–          Choose the cake design and the baker

–          Hiring the florist and deciding on floral arrangements

–          Book musicians or DJ and agreeing on the music to be played

–          Talk with the officiant and discussing the details of the wedding ceremony

–          Prepare other printed items (place cards, wedding ceremony programs, thank you cards, inserts, etc.)

–          Hire a videographer and photographer

–          Book a makeup artist, having a makeup and hair test to check which kind you want

–          Arrange for the transporation of guests or even hotel bookings and lodging (for out of town guests)

–          Arrange the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner

–          Write your vows

–          Schedule and arrange the honeymoon

Aside from these, you will need to continuously follow up with wedding vendors to ensure that everything is ready for the big day.

Whew! All the hustle and bustle involved with the wedding preparations can make you wish that there was some easier way. And really, there is! You can either hire a wedding coordinator to ease away the hassle or you can also avail of the wedding packages provided by some Utah wedding locations.

For instance, The Atrium, a Sandy, Utah wedding venue offers not just a place for you to hold your wedding ceremony and/or reception; it also offers wedding packages that saves you a lot of trouble in terms on planning and selecting providers. With this Utah wedding reception center, you can also make use of their other services such as catering, linens, cakes and floral arrangements.

The Atrium is also equipped with all the necessary amenities to ensure that your wedding runs smoothly and that the overall ambiance is just the way you want it. The Atrium’s attention to detail and sense of style have made it one of the best wedding venues in Utah. What’s more, The Atrium will also provide a host during the day of the wedding to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Now, that’s wedding planning made easier!