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Wedding Planning Basics

Focusing on the Bride at Sandy wedding locationThere are some basic steps that all weddings have in common.  Planning for a wedding may seem like an overwhelming task. With organization plus a checklist, planning a wedding is much easier to manage.  Break everything down into steps, and put them all on a timetable, so you can check them off as they are complete.

The first thing to do is to set up a wedding planner, which can be done the old fashioned way with a folder, or tech savvy people can use an online plan.  Using an online plan makes planning easier for other people to get involved, with many options offering real time changes with alerts to keep everyone that is involved in the loop.  Make a list of the different wedding ideas you have, and place them into the folder, or in the notes of your online planner.

The next thing to determine is the budget, because everything else in a wedding revolves around this factor.  When you know exactly how much money you have to spend on your wedding you can begin to make the other choices.  Almost half of the wedding budget is typically spent upon the Utah wedding reception.  This figure can be reduced if you look for Utah wedding locations that can act as both Utah wedding venues and a Utah wedding reception center, because you will be able to use the same flowers and other decorations.

The budget can also be reduced when you choose an outdoor wedding, or a place like the Atrium at Western Gardens in Sandy Utah, which offers the feel of an outdoor wedding in any weather with atrium weddings.  The reason you can reduce the cost, is because, with all the plants in the atrium, much of the decorating is already in place and part of the cost of the venue.  You will also be able to reduce the amount you spend upon the flowers, plus transporting everything from the plant locations to a Sandy Utah wedding reception center.

The next item to take care of is to choose the people that will participate in the wedding and reception.  This needs to be done as soon as possible, so these people can put the date on the calendar.  These people can also help with some of the planning choices, which can help lower all the planning stress. 

At this point, you will want to begin the guest list, which will depend upon the budget.  After you have checked the price of the venue, gown and additional wedding attire, invitations, flowers, music, pictures, and other incidentals, you will have a figure left to use on the reception.  This amount that is left will determine the number of people you can invite to the wedding and reception. 

If your budget permits, you can hire a wedding planner to help with all these details.  Wedding planners have built relationships with different vendors, to secure you a better price on some of the things for wedding receptions in Utah. 

Make reservations for wedding venues in Utah at this point, so you will have the date set.  Many times the date of your wedding has to be scheduled around the available dates of the venue you want to hold the wedding and reception at.  The choice of venue will also help determine the number of guests at the reception, because of the room available.  Choosing a place like the Atrium at Western Gardens is a great choice for wedding venues Utah, because it not only offers an outdoor feel in any weather, it is particularly spacious and can comfortable being one of the best reception centers Utah.

Now you will want to begin to interview and hire the different people that supply the music, food, flowers, and invitations for your wedding.  This may take some time, and can be accomplished with ease, if you delegate some of these tasks to different people that are involved in the wedding party.

Now it is time to throw the engagement party to celebrate the most significant day of your life.  The people that you will invite to the engagement party will be some of the same people that will be attending the wedding.  You will want the people that attend your engagement party to be your closest acquaintances; the people that you know will want to celebrate this momentous event with you.

A Garden Wedding During The Winter


Ceremony in winter at Sandy wedding reception centerOutdoor weddings are so beautiful, and with a variety of extras that can be added to make them unique, they are an excellent alternative.  There are some issues with an outdoor wedding, though, with the main one being the weather.  Utah only has about 4 months that are freeze free, so people searching for Utah wedding locations should look for Utah wedding venues that provide atrium weddings.

With the amount of snow and cold weather that Utah experiences, you should consider a Utah wedding reception center like the Atrium at Western Gardens for their beautiful outdoor feeling facility.  All the plants that are part of the atrium wedding venues in Utah give off the outdoor feel of a garden wedding in any weather condition or temperature.  If it snows during the ceremony or reception, your guests will love looking out all the spacious windows of this Sandy reception center.

Choosing a facility that offers you a Sandy Utah wedding venue in the same location as your Sandy Ut wedding reception.  This will help keep the costs reduced because of a couple of factors.  The first being, many of the plants that are included in these type of wedding venues Utah will help add to the flower decorations, so you will not need as much money for the flowers.  Secondly, there is no need to transport decorations from the place the wedding is held, to the Utah wedding reception facility, or buy enough flowers for both venues.

When you use the Atrium at Western Gardens for your Wedding receptions in Utah, they can help recommend reputable vendors to handle with many of these added details.  The Atrium at Western Gardens also offers hundreds of styles of wedding announcements, with a 20% discount available when you reserve the atrium for your wedding.  There are many options available, such as the inclusion of a picture, inserts, or a thank you note.

Atrium wedding reception center in Sandy has a garden feel in the middle of winterPlants are a big part of The Atrium at Western Gardens venue, which supply an outdoor atmosphere.  There are so many places that will provide fabulous photo opportunities.  Leaving disposable cameras around for guests to take their own pictures, will provide you with wedding photos you will cherish forever.  Shots taken by a guest can catch the real wedding, beneath the posed photographs, with lots of photos you would not have without these impromptu photographers.

The food is a large part of the reception, which needs to be chosen to fit whether the wedding is casual or formal.  The budget will also play a vital role in this part of the wedding, because depending upon the choices, this is where manipulating the budget can have an impact.  The Atrium at Western Gardens has 2 catering partners that can provide a magnificent feast for any budget and type of wedding being held.

When you choose the Atrium at Western Gardens, out of all the reception centers Utah has to offer, you can have that garden wedding you always dreamed of without weather concerns.  It does not matter if your wedding is in January, during a snow storm, you can still enjoy a garden wedding at the Atrium.

Memorable Reception Catering

Atrium reception center in Sandy, Utah works with an exceptional, highly qualified caterer that helps make a couple’s dream reception a reality. While not required to use a recommended caterer, Heritage Gardens Catering, is an excellent choice since they are familiar with the facility and layout.

There is a variety of options available for serving guests. If a couple’s wedding is on a tight budget, it might be best to serve hors d’oueves. Serving small appetizers and beverages is a cost-effective way to satisfy guests yet allow mingling and introductions. If the budget has more flexibility, a formal sit down three-course meal is advisable. A sit-down meal typically allows the option of a beef or pork tenderloin, chicken, salmon and a vegetarian dish. Giving guests the opportunity to select their menu choices ahead of time allows them to choose something that fits into their dietary preferences. It is important to remember that while couples invite their family and friends, they do not know the dietary requirements of all guests in attendance. Another excellent option is a buffet-style meal that allows for a variety of dishes, does not require people to select specific meal options ahead of time and helps promote mingling while people stand in line. It is important to consider space requirements, size of the room and the number of guests when considering what type of meal is served. If the room is an odd shape, it will be more difficult for guests to mingle in a buffet line. If the room is large, a buffet line might help draw people together by promoting conversation.

Buffets are an outstanding option for a luncheon reception. It helps give the reception a lighter, less formal feel, while allowing guests to comment on the wedding ceremony and catch up with one another.

Couples should confirm that the caterer is responsible for setting up the meals and cleaning up at the end of the event. This is another benefit of hiring a professional caterer; it will help streamline a couple’s special day.

Typically, catering companies also provide waiters and beverage servers. It is vital to make sure a catering company is on top of guests’ needs and requests, as this helps ensure that guests have a memorable evening. It is essential that food be served when the beverages begin making their way to guests. To help avoid an embarrassing event, guests should have a full stomach while partaking in alcoholic beverages.

Working with professionals at Sandy reception center helps ensure that the couple has a stress free event, focusing on their memorable day. Atrium Weddings has an outstanding Utah wedding reception center in Sandy, Utah.

Being Great Hosts for Your Wedding

It’s your wedding! It’s your party – and yes, you can dance, sing or even cry if you want to. However, you must consider that you are inviting guests to share with your special day and you as a host are responsible for making your guests enjoy this occasion, to feel comfortable and appreciated for their taking time to make sure that they are present during your wedding.

Here are a few tips and etiquette reminders so that both you and your guests thoroughly enjoy the moments of your wedding:

–          Choose your wedding date and wedding location in consideration with your guests.  Select your wedding date and location to also be convenient for your guests. You may consider setting your wedding on a weekday but also think about how this will affect your guests’ schedule. Also, choose a wedding location that is easy to access, especially for those who will be using public transportation.

–          Choose your wedding location for your guests’ comfort and convenience. What facilities does your selected wedding reception venue have? Does it have enough parking spaces? If you are inviting someone who is on a wheelchair, are there wheelchair ramps to provide easy access into the venue? Is the venue comfortable – with sufficient heating/air-conditioning, enough coat check facilities, enough rest rooms and so on?

–          Select your menu carefully. Are your guests as adventurous as you when it comes to food? Are there guests who have dietary restrictions? Are there vegans, vegetarians or people who only eat kosher food in your guest list or guests that are allergic to certain food? Talk this out with your caterer. Choose a “standard”, familiar food that could suit those who are less adventurous or allergic to some foods. If you can, you can also go with the caterer in your selected Sandy, UT wedding reception center. In-house caterers make it easier to make arrangements like these.

–          Don’t keep your guests waiting. Don’t make your ceremony too long. Keep vows at a minimum of 1 to 3 minutes each. Also, there will be photos before the ceremony, but be sure that these are done by the time the ceremony is about to start. Also, consider your out of town guests. If you plan a morning ceremony with evening cocktails for your reception, think about how your guests will use the time between the ceremony and the reception. As much as possible, there should only be limited “down time” between the ceremony and reception (two hours at the most). If you have to extend this waiting time, provide entertainment options for your guests.

–          Take a look at your guest list. Are there people who would rather not be in the same room together (i.e. your newly divorced aunt, your uncle-in law and his new girlfriend)? Carefully review these sticky situations and consider how you can either manage traffic between hostile guests or decide if you should not invite the one to spare the other’s feelings.

–          Greet your guests. Make your guests feel appreciated by personally welcoming them. If you need to, you can have a receiving line or visit each table to thank each one for coming. Be sure to make eye contact when conversing with your guests.

–          Designate someone who is tasked to meet your guests’ needs. Have a go-to person/s who will help guests feel comfortable (i.e. guiding them to the buffet table, encouraging them to go into the dance floor by dancing with them and so on).

–          Study seat assignments. Place guests where they will be most comfortable. Special consideration should also be given to single guests who went without a date.

–          Give your thanks promptly. Send thank-you notes as quickly as you can. One good way to thank those who sent out gifts is to acknowledge the specific gift and make a remark about how you will enjoy these.



A Wedding Planner? Here are some reasons to get one

Weddings! These are events filled with beauty, anticipation and excitement, but alas, they can also cause a lot of stress and pressure, especially to a bride-to-be who dreams of having a wedding that is “simply perfect”. One way to ensure that you can fully enjoy your dream day and free yourself from the stress and hassle of the preparations and organizing the day itself, you can hire a professional wedding planner.

A wedding planner is well worth the expense. Here are some of the reasons why:

You can’t be in two places at the same time. You can’t be marching down the aisle while rushing about, taking care of last minute details on the day of the wedding. The wedding planner will take care of little things that can stress you out such as a missing bouquet, a tear in the bridal gown or a stain in the flower girl’s dress. Remember Jennifer Lopez in the wedding planner? The wedding planner will be simlarly armed with their own emergency kit. Also, if you already are employed, you will soon discover that planning a wedding can turn out into a full time job that will demand a lot of your time and effort. A wedding planner will ease a lot of these demands. This way, you can even have time to pamper and prettify yourself before the wedding day.

You can actually save by going with a wedding planner. Yes, even with the added expense of hiring a wedding planner, you can actually enjoy some savings. A professional wedding planner has already established great relationships with major wedding providers such as wedding reception venues, caterers or florists. They may be able to get discounts on your behalf. The wedding planner can also make sure that providers give you their best service so that you are getting your full money’s worth.

You can save time. Trying out potential wedding providers can be time-consuming. Imagine the time it takes for you to choose the right florist, baker or caterer. With a wedding planner, you can already narrow down your choices as wedding planners have already proven these providers throughout time. Wedding planners also know where to source items you want included in your wedding – that means less time required for you to search out where to get that centerpiece you want or that cake topper you saw in a magazine.

You can benefit from the input provided by the wedding planner. Wedding planners can provide you with valuable input as you decide on important aspects of the wedding. They are already aware of what can possibly happen so that you can prepare for contingencies. Is using sparklers during your exit from the church a good idea? Will this kind of flowers last the entire ceremony? How can you prepare to set up the wedding venue in case it rains? These are some of the things that a wedding planner can give their advice on.

Wedding planners have time-tested methods. If you know that you’re not the most organized of persons, a wedding planner is highly recommended. After all, they are making a living out of being organized – they have their own methods to ensure that things are planned and implemented well. Aside from these, wedding planners are also in the know with regards to the latest trends in a wedding.

Don’t run yourself ragged and look stressed and tense up to the day of your wedding. Your wedding day is your day – you deserve to enjoy it to the fullest.

Where to get a wedding planner

You can hire a professional wedding planner separately or you can work with the wedding planner provided by most Sandy wedding reception venues. Booking a wedding and getting the wedding planner offered with the package can mean savings for you.

For instance, reception centers in Sandy, Utah also come with an in-house wedding events director. He or she is already familiar with the Sandy wedding venue and knows the resources that are available at your disposal.

Aside from an in-house wedding coordinator, The Atrium (a premiere reception center in Utah,) provides a full complement of wedding-related amenities such as a bride’s dressing room, buffet tables, tables and chairs for guests, an overall ambiance that’s romantic and also practical and much more.