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Main Parts of a Wedding Ceremony

You’ve been to weddings before, but now that you’re planning yours, you’re not really sure of what goes on in a wedding ceremony. Which part goes first? What elements are “must-haves” and what things can you do to personalize your wedding?

One thing you must remember is that it’s your wedding. Although there are a lot of predetermined formats available for you to choose from, in the end, all that really matters is that you’ve made this day special for you and your soon-to-be spouse. If you decide on having an officiant or minister, one important role he can play is in helping you with your wedding ceremony.

To help you craft your own ceremony, here are some of the main parts that are usually included:

Wedding processional. This is one of the much-awaited parts of the program – the main feature being the sight of the bride majestically marching down the aisle in all her beauty and splendor. The wedding processional covers the entrance of the wedding party. The usual order goes like this: the officiating minister, the best man, the groom, the bridesmaids and the groom’s men, the ring bearers, the flower girls, the maid of honor, and then, of course, the bride. The bride can opt to walk the aisle alone or with her parents or just the father. Sometimes, the groom and the best man enter by a side door. A highly-creative “grand entrance” that garnered considerable popularity in YouTube shows the wedding party dancing their way to the altar. This is one creative way to make you and your fiancé’s mark on your wedding.

Reading. This could be a poem, some verses from the Bible, other religious wedding readings or a piece of literature. These readings often cover the topic of love or marriage.

Officiant’s Opening Word. This acts as the welcoming word for the guests and a statement of purpose. The officiant says words like, “We are gathered here to witness the union of ___________ and ___________ in marriage.” The opening word will set the mood of the entire wedding – if you want your wedding to be light, sprinkled with a bit of fun, formal or sentimental.

Giving away of the bride. This is a tradition where the parents of the bride are supposed to “give the bride away”. The officiant will ask, “Who gives this woman to be married to this man?” and the parents of the bride say, “We do.” However, this is optional as in some modern marriage ceremonies, this is omitted or revised to say, “Who supports this couple in their marriage?”

Charge to the couple. This is when the officiant defines marriage for the couple, giving them a few words of advice about marriage and their new life as husband and wife.

Exchange of Wedding Vows.  The bride and the groom face each other as they say their vows. They can repeat the words provided by the officiant or have their own personalized vows.

Exchange of Rings. In religious ceremonies, this includes the blessing of the rings and an explanation of the meaning of the rings. And then, the bride and groom exchange the rings, symbolizing their vow to love and commit to each other.

Unity ceremony. (Optional) The bride and groom may opt to include a unity ceremony, which is a visual symbol of their union. There are many unity ceremonies to choose from. The most common would be the lighting of the unity candle. Two smaller candles are held by the groom and the bride and together they light a bigger unity candle. This symbolizes their becoming one. Other unity ceremonies include the sand ceremony, the water ceremony, the wine ceremony and the salt ceremony.

Declaration of marriage  and The Kiss. This is where the officiant will proclaim that the couple is married. The words usually used are, “By the power vested upon me by the state of…, I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride.” This signals the bride and groom to have their first kiss as a legally married couple. In modern ceremonies, the words, “You may kiss the bride” are omitted as some feel weird about having to give a grown man permission to kiss his bride.

Benediction and Presentation of the Couple. In religious ceremonies, the officiant will pray for the couple or offer good wishes for them. Then, the couple will face the audience as the officiant announces, “Ladies and Gentlemen, it is with pleasure that I present to you, Mr. and Mrs. John Doe.”

Recessional. The newlyweds march back down the aisle as the audience cheers on.

These are the main elements that you can find in a wedding. This is also the usual order of the elements. However, as we have said, it depends on how you want to personalize your wedding. You may have to consult the officiant for any legal requirement but if there are no legal barriers, you can basically craft your own wedding ceremony.

The next step would be to decide your Utah wedding location. To make your wedding ceremony even more beautiful, it is important to consider the surroundings by which you will be married.

As you carefully think of the wedding ceremony, your choice of wedding venue should reflect the mood you want to set for the ceremony, as well as other practical aspects. You should consider the width of the aisle (or whether this is adjustable). You should also consider the number of seats available, the altar where you will be standing, the backdrop of the ceremony and the overall look of the wedding.

If you are planning to hold a wedding in Sandy, Utah, one excellent wedding venue in Sandy, Utah is The Atrium. Ideal for weddings and receptions, The Atrium boasts of a well-decorated facility. It is equipped with all you need to make your wedding extra special.


Wedding Caterers: What you want to know

Before saying “I do” to a potential wedding caterer, you need to know some crucial things about that caterer. After all, catering will eat up a large portion of your wedding budget. You don’t want the disappointment of having to eat rubbery chicken with a soggy side salad, do you? Knowing important details about your caterer will help avoid that huge let-down, especially during an important day such as your wedding. It is also helpful to know what you require beforehand so that these are clearly lined out and agreed upon by you and the wedding caterer.

But first things first. You need to determine whether your selected wedding reception venue allows you to hire an outside caterer. Some venues have their own in-house catering service.

If your reception center gives you the go-ahead, here are some things you need to know about your personal requirements and how your prospective caterer will deliver that according to your budget:

–          Type of wedding catering required. A five-course sit-down dinner or buffet? It depends on what you want for your reception. Of course, each type of catering will have its own requirements.

–          Catering staff. Does the catering staff simply serve your guests or are they trained to explain what is on offer (particularly for a buffet) in a professional and respectful way? Will the drinks and hors d’oeuvres be served to the guests or will guests need to go to a station for these?

–          Appearance of the staff. Ask how the wait staff will look during the event. Their look should, of course, match what you are going for in your wedding reception. You don’t want wait staff walking around in slacks when you are having a formal affair.

–          Reputation. What do other people say about the caterer? Ask around for recommendations and as the prospective caterer to give you referrals.

–          Food quality and availability. Book a food tasting session with the caterer. Don’t just consider the taste, but also the presentation of the food. Ask what cuisine the caterer specializes in and whether he or she is able to accommodate special dietary requirements such as service kosher food to some guests.

–          Costing. The quote provided should include a listing of the food cost, plus other charges – staffing costs, service charge, taxes, corkage, setting up and clean up fee, fees for drinks, delivery fee, fees for rented equipment and so on. You will discover that the quoted cost per head is actually lesser when you add up the extra charges. Having a listing of the costs will help protect you from any hidden costs that may come as an unpleasant surprise when the final bill is presented to you.

–          Package offering. Also, get a list of what is included in your package. Check whether items such as tea or coffee, wine and other add-ons are already included in the package or will cost you extra. Be sure to ask for a separate package for your kids.

–          Ratio of staff to guests. The caterer should be able to provide you with the number of team members who will serve during the catering event. Make sure that there is a comfortable ratio and that there is enough wait staff to serve your guests’ needs.

–          Familiarity with the wedding reception center. Has the prospective caterer worked with your selected wedding reception center? This will help ensure that things go more smoothly since the caterer already is familiar with the venue and knows just what to expect. They can bring in additional equipment that are not readily available in the reception venue. They also have a better idea of the best ratio of staff to guests since they have already taken into consideration distances from the guest tables and the kitchen.

–          Work load. Check that your prospective caterer has a reasonable work load. Ask how many catering jobs the caterer has accepted for the month and day of your wedding. You don’t want other jobs to “compete” for the caterer’s attention during crunch time. You also want to be sure that your contact will be present at the wedding reception location on the day of your wedding to manage things.

–          Payment policy. How soon will the deposit be required and how much is required? When will the full payment be due? Does the caterer have a refund policy in case something unavoidable happens and the wedding is cancelled?

Western Gardens’ Sandy, Utah reception venue, The Atrium, The Ivy House, has a list tried and tested caterers that have worked with them. This means that you can easily cross out one important item off your to-do list of choosing the right caterer for your needs. Aside from this, The Atrium also provides an excellent set of facilities for your dream wedding. If you are planning a wedding in Sandy, Utah, be sure to visit The Atrium and ask about their caterers.

Finding an Outstanding Wedding Reception Venue

Choosing the right Sandy reception center for your post nuptial celebration can seem like an uphill battle with the amount of venues located in Sandy, Utah. Though many of these reception locations fall short on a variety of levels and you may come across many that might not meet your expectations or budget. There are many considerations to mull over before when deciding on your ideal Utah wedding venue, such as availability, cost, services, and space. All of these factors should be completed prior to beginning your reception venue search, that way you will be prepared to make an informed and well thought out decision when the time comes.

Price Evaluation

Planning out your reception center budget prior to booking your Sandy, Utah wedding venue is the primary key. Without itemizing your wedding expenses first, your budget can run amuck and you will end up paying more out of pocket than you expected. After figuring out your wedding funds, you will find that you will have more wiggle room if you have a price range with a high and low figure rather than a firm fixed price for your reception allotment. If you find a Utah reception center that you adore but it is slightly out of your budget, don’t fret try negotiating with the reception manager to see if they can work something out and offer you a discount.

Services Offered

If you are going about your wedding sans wedding planner, it may be in your best interest to consider booking a Sandy, UT wedding reception location that can assist you with their various local vendor contacts. Reception centers often have ongoing relationships with caterers, florists, and entertainment providers; it is these beneficial working relationships that can help you obtain great deals on these essential services for your reception party. Additionally, some reception centers even present tables, chairs, linens, and invitations either included in the rental cost or for an added reasonable fee.

Type of Reception Center

Before beginning to set up appointments to check out local reception centers you should think about what type of venue sets your heart a flutter and decide if you would like an outdoor or indoor reception. The Sandy reception center that you choose would both appeal to your aesthetic senses and be a tasteful blank palette for which you can embellish upon with your personalization.

After contemplating these entire reception venue matters, you should take a moment to consider what the Atrium at Western Gardens has to offer. The Atrium currently has an existing setup that is geared specifically for events like weddings and receptions. Their Utah wedding venue is reasonably priced; presents a broad spectrum of services, and an ambiance that is soothing and stylish. The Atrium maintains the assistance of a wedding organizer who is there to help couples attain the goal of a blissful ceremony and reception with minimal hassle or stress.

Deciding on Catering Choices for Your Wedding Reception

Your Utah wedding venue has been decided on, now you need to busy yourself with the details of the reception; the biggest of which is deciding on a caterer and what to serve to your multitude of guests. Caterers today often offer alternatives to the traditional sit and service meal, in these modern days and economic times more and more couples are deciding to opt for the less expensive cocktail or dessert receptions, which includes hors d’oeuvres or pastries, drinks, and wedding cake.

But if you can afford the cost of a full meal in the form of a buffet or multi-course sit down service this would likely be preferable to your guests attending your Sandy, UT wedding reception. A caterer will be able to help you determine which type of service to offer based on your budget and food preferences. A banquet buffet will give your wedding guests the most options for variety and quantity, though it will require them to stand in line to receive their food. A sit down waiter service gives your guests the opportunity to comfortably relax and converse while waiting for their food, but this limits their portions and types of food that they may sample.

What kinds of food should be served at a reception and what should not?

Coming to an agreement on the menu as a couple is vital to having a satisfying catered event. The majority of caterers have cohesive menus that can be selected as is or customized to fit your preferences. To get an idea of what you would like to serve you should ask your caterer if you can sample some of their food. By doing this you will be able to pick out what exactly you want and get an idea of the caterers cooking abilities.

Typical main dish fares at a Utah wedding reception include beef, pork, chicken, and salmon. Incorporating a vegetarian option along with the meats as a main course is an excellent inclusive decision. Offering a variety is your best bet for pleasing everyone, and a safe one at that since it is impossible to know the dietary habits of all of your guests.

While it is important to cater to your guests at your Sandy, UT wedding reception, you should also make sure that you serve the types of food that you and future spouse find enjoyable. While you may decide to offer up a meal that is atypical, such as an exotic foreign dish, make sure you have more standard options available to those guests who are less adventurous. This way you satisfy both yourselves and your guests will leave your wedding event with a full and satisfying feeling of contentment.

The Atrium at Western Gardens has great contacts with an exceptional caterer that works regularly with this Sandy, Utah wedding venue. The Atrium’s unique relationship with their catering vendor allows them to pass savings on to you since they receive an economical rate for being a repeat and steady client. On top of all this they offer varied menus that can be customized to meet your wedding reception needs.