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10 simple wedding flower tips

Flower Tips for Bluffdale wedding receptions

The main focal attraction at your reception, other than the bride and groom, is your flowers!  Many wedding venues require that clients use their own floral shop, but Western Gardens’ two reception centers, Ivy House and Atrium Weddings, believe in giving the bride full freedom in who she wants to do her flowers.  We recommend, but don’t require, Hillside Floral. (Click for sample pricing)

Whether you choose a professional or do your flowers yourself, be sure to read these top 10 tips to have greater success at your beautiful celebration!

1. The Basic Wedding Flowers – bride’s bouquet, groom’s boutonniere, corsages for mothers, boutonnieres for fathers.

Flowers for Fathers at wedding receptions

2. Beyond the Basics for Wedding party – Maid of honor’s or matron of honor’s bouquet, bridesmaids’ bouquets, best man and groomsmen’s boutonnieres, hair piece and rose petals for the flower girl or girls.

Little flower girls at Bluffdale wedding receptions

3. Reception Floral needs – table centerpieces, simplified bouquet for the bridal bouquet toss, flowers on a guest book table, and cake flowers.   Floral arrangements for a food buffet table may be considered.

Tossing the bridal bouquet at the wedding venue in Bluffdale

4. Your theme and colors often can be incorporated in the flower selection process.  Consider the types of flowers, colors, ribbons, greenery and accents to be used.  Your flowers will reflect your personality to your guests.  A bridal bouquet is the final touch of the bride’s gown completing the look.  Flowers also help capture the theme of a wedding albeit romantic, elegant, rustic, modern, extravagant to simple.  Whether you choose unconventional orchids to classic roses, your flowers will communicate to your guests a lot about you.

Succulent wedding flower bouquets for bridesmaids

5. Keeping the flower budget reasonable can be done by remembering that it is less expensive to select in-season flowers and if possible, flowers that are locally grown.  You may need to improvise and compromise to work with the flowers and colors in the season of your wedding, but this may help you afford more flowers for your beautiful day or help you spend more money in another area that is more important to you.  Being open-minded and willing to work with your florist can save a lot of headache and money.

Cutting the wedding cake with flowers

6. Considering your wedding reception venue is important too.  Utah reception centers that already have some live greenery, won’t need as much floral design as a venue with only walls and floor.  Brides that book with Atrium Weddings and Ivy House at Western Gardens discover that they don’t have to spend as much on floral decorations as at other wedding venues. This tends to please whoever is paying the bill.

wedding reception centers with greenery already.

7. Choosing a florist that will assist you for both the ceremony wedding venue and the wedding reception center for your celebration.   This will help you deal with one single florist who can create one cohesive theme for your entire day.  These professionals guide and advise you about the best flowers to suit your needs.  Another technique is to supplement flowers with additional less expensive greenery, feathers, pearls, or artistic elements.

Flower varieties for your wedding venue.

8. Don’t forget to ask about vases.  Do you rent them from your florist?  Do you purchase them with the cost of the arrangements?  This is important to know as some brides send floral arrangements home with guests or wedding party members as a gift.

reception centers in Bluffdale with beautiful wedding flowers

9. Who does the setting up of the floral pieces?  Is this included in the price?  Do you need to arrange for a friend to pick up and set up the flowers?  Do you get a discount if you do arrange a friend to do this part for you?  If the vases are rented, how do you return them after the event?  Does the florist come take down the floral arrangements?   It is very important to know these details ahead of time.

Affordable wedding venues that let you do your own flowers

10. Many brides dry or preserve their bridal bouquets. Ask if your florist provides this service.  Inquiring ahead of time and planning ahead will help preserve the bouquet while it is still vibrant and fresh.


Flowers are a vital part of your wedding celebration.  If you choose one of Western Garden’s two wedding reception venues in Utah,  you can use their recommended florist or use your own.  Some brides have an aunt or a dear friend that love to do flowers and that is fine with us.  But whether you choose us or one of the many Utah wedding venues that require using their in-house florist, take heed of these 10 tips for a less-stress wedding day!

Spring Woodland Wedding Venues in Utah 04-08-2014

Unique wedding cakes at Utah weddings

Mary and Aaron enjoyed their celebrations at one of Western Garden’s premier wedding venues in Utah.  They elected to not use one of our reception center’s preferred caterers, but chose the delightful Cosmopolitan Catering.  They served a wide variety of pasta salads, breads, fruits and pastries.  Mary took advantage of the opportunity to hire a friend to do her floral arrangements.  Shelly Buckley did a masterful job of arranging pale pink roses mixed with various white mums, daisies, and other seasonal white flowers.  She also worked in vines to add to the spring feel of an April wedding.

Good wedding caterers at salt lake city wedding venuesThis bride designed a unique wedding cake of many tiers of earthy bundt cakes topped with white frosting piping creating a feel of spring trees and nests.  This was a distinct beautiful touch to the garden ambiance our wedding reception venue already creates.  The guests enjoyed the traditional entertainment of watching the newlyweds cut the wedding cake and later toss the bridal bouquet.  Of course, the groom had to retrieve the bride’s garter and flip it to the waiting bachelors in the room.  Soon there after the bride and groom shared their last dances with their father and mother and then romantically had their first dance together as man and wife.  What a beautiful couple!

At a relatively early hour, the guests sent them off with sparklers, not always provided by outdoor wedding venues in Utah, after a very long day of happy celebrations!

Bride's photo display at wedding venues in Utah

Reputable Photographers Enjoy Atrium Weddings in Utah

Three flower girls at Western Garden's wedding locations in Sandy, Utah
Photo by TJ Romero Photography

The pictures of your wedding day at Atrium Weddings in Utah, will become priceless treasures, so be sure you have a good wedding photographer to capture all the sweet moments of the day. Find someone you know and can trust to take fabulous photos of those priceless moments. This person could be a family member or friend or a professional photographer. Make sure they are experienced and that you like their style of photography. Look around and ask for referrals from others who loved their photographer. In my opinion, it is better to go with someone you know and trust than a complete stranger. We had a wonderful photographer who just happened to be my uncle, however, some friends of mine were not so fortunate.

Family together at beautiful weddings in Sandy, Utah
Photo by TJ Romero Photography

My friends had won a photography package from a bridal fair and they were so excited because that was one less thing they had to pay for.  They ended up really loving the person who took their engagement photos, but that was not the same person who showed up on their wedding day. The second photographer was not so great. First of all he showed up about thirty minutes late, and second, he acted like this was the first wedding he had ever taken pictures for. He seemed a little overwhelmed with the whole ordeal. My friends ended up having to tell him the shots they would like, almost having to direct each poise.  This was very frustrating for them, especially when they were just expecting to smile and let the professional direct them on what to do.  Many of the pictures that day did not turn out. It was a “free” disaster.  Luckily when they told the owner of the company that they were not pleased, they were able to have another session with another photographer a couple of weeks later. Although they wished the pictures were taken right the first time, they did have fun dressing up in their wedding attire again.

Beautiful floral arrangements at Atrium Weddings in Sandy, Utah
Photo by Swensen Photography of Hillside Floral arrangements

To avoid a photographer disaster, make sure you find a reputable photographer you know you can trust. If you have having a difficult time finding the right photographer for you, Western Gardens’ Atrium Weddings can provide a few wonderful suggestions of photographers that have worked their wedding reception venue.  They also have sample photo books of their favorite photographers that you can browse.

Little girl eating strawberries at Utah wedding venue
Photo by Swensen Photography
First dance at Utah wedding reception center
Photo by Lindsey Shaun Photography
Wedding reception venues can host fresh ice cream treats
Photo by Garzand Photography
Beautiful first dance of bride and groom!
Photo by James Erick Photos

Utah Wedding Venues can Make a Bride Shine!

Smiles in the garden center backdrop!

In May, a lovely bride and her groom celebrated their marriage at Atrium Weddings, one of Western Garden’s wedding venues Salt Lake City based.  Pink and white were the chosen colors and this bride and mother added a dainty touch to the Atrium’s garden atmosphere.  Trinkets, ribbons, lace, simple tulips in vases and rose petals scattered about created such a beautiful style that complimented this beautiful bride.  Sweet pendants with the couple’s name adorned the fireplace and another strand of pendants thanked the guests as they departed this Salt Lake wedding venue.

Delicate decor adorned this wedding venue in Sandy, Utah

Wedding venues in Salt Lake City are great for serving good food!

The groom’s father amazed the entire party by being the caterer.  Obviously he was well organized and commandeered good help.  Lasagna with salad and breadsticks were on the menu for the 300 family and friends that visited the party.

Atrium wedding reception venue enjoys bundt cakes as wedding cakes!

Exquisite bundt cakes by Nothing Bundt Cakes served as the wedding cake. Enjoy the photos by Lindsey Shaun Photography, one of many photographers that enjoy photographing at wedding venues in Salt Lake City like Atrium Weddings.

Bride's Maids out in the Western Garden Center in Sandy

Thank you to guests of this Salt Lake Wedding venueThis Wedding venue includes a sparkler send off!


Planning your garden wedding? Here are some tips

Planning your dream wedding at your parents’ spacious backyard? This provides a personal touch to a deeply personal occasion. In addition, it can also save you a considerable amount of money, money you save by not renting a wedding reception venue.

However, there are some considerations you have to make if you plan to have your wedding on your own backyard:

–          Planning and organizing. You will need to carefully plan and organize not just your time but also the amount of space you need to work with. Please remember that having your wedding or your wedding reception at your own backyard will mean a lot of work and will require a lot of hands to pitch in. You will need to make sure that the decorations and equipment are in place, plan space for important aspects of the wedding such as a dressing room for the bride and the entourage, space for the caterers to work with, and so on.

–          Equipment rental. Even if your backyard has ample space, you still need to rent a lot of things. This include your audio system, chairs, gazebo (if you want one), plates and linens, lighting system, dance floor, tables and more.

–          Weather. When planning an outdoor wedding, it is best to also make provisions in case the weather makes a turn for the worse. You can cross your fingers and earnestly hope that it doesn’t rain on the day of your wedding. But sometimes, hoping may not be enough. Does the house have enough space for all the guests in case it rains?

–          Decorations. A lot of work will need to go with the set up and decorations. Even if the caterer is on hand to prepare the tables, you will want to have your wedding venue ready for those photographs and videos. Some areas to consider will be the guests’ entrance, the venue where the ceremony will be done, centerpieces, lighting (to set the right mood) and the restrooms. Another consideration may be that due to the limited space, you may have to have your wedding ceremony and reception on the same spot. This will take some organizing and work since you need to set up the chairs for the ceremony then the tables for the reception – with a bit of space for those in the mood for some dancing.

–          Food preparations. If you are self-catering, please recognize that the standard kitchen may not provide ample space. And if you get someone to cater, make sure that they have enough space for the food preparations (plating, heating, etc.).

–          Availability of parking. You may need to sweet-talk a lot of neighbors to allow your guests to park in nearby spaces. You may need to provide valet parking to ensure that there is minimal inconvenience for both your guests and your neighbors.

Having you wedding at your own backyard may be a wonderful thing, but you must also be prepared to organize, plan and work to make it the kind of wedding you want.

Now, you can also consider renting a wedding reception location in Salt Lake City, Utah to rid yourself of the additional hassles of setting up, organizing and preparing. Western Gardens’ The Atrium is a wedding reception venue in Sandy, Utah that can provide you with the amenities that can serve all your wedding requirements. Wide, open spaces, a baby grand piano, ample parking areas, a dance floor and more.

As far as reception centers in Sandy, Utah go, The Atrium is an excellent choice. These are equipped not just with what you need in terms of amenities but also create a romantic ambiance that is perfect for weddings and other special occasions. With such a wedding location in Utah, you can enjoy your wedding without having to worry about every tiny detail.