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Beautiful Wedding Ceremony and Reception in Midvale

Couple at outdoor wedding ceremonyAtrium Weddings at Western Gardens Sandy is centrally located along the Wasatch Front. In fact many search engines list us that you can hold your beautiful wedding ceremony and reception in Midvale, which is not often considered.   From downtown Midvale, we are 4 miles east and about an eight minute drive.  Atrium Weddings is the wedding reception center where Mariah and Jeffrey officially began their life together in July.

The couple chose to have their outside ceremony on Atrium’s waterfall plaza with over 125 family and friends as witnesses.  Our Atrium host orchestrated their music during the beautiful event using the music the bride pre-determined on her own iPod .

Afterwards, the wedding party hosted a reception that few will forget.  Angela’s Catering, one of Atrium’s preferred caterers, provided sandwiches, fruit, and other delicious finger foods.  Mariah also chose another Atrium favorite preferred vendor, Cindy Crump cake designer.  Her company is Heritage Cakes and a lot of our brides hire her for her talent, professionalism, and value.   Mariah chose a simple yet elegant white buttercream frosted three-tiered cake adorned with green satin ribbon and beautiful purple orchids.  The glistening silver Mr. & Mrs. cake topper set it off just right!

Mariah’s beautiful combination of vibrant colors for her reception reflected the couple’s vibrant character.  A bright lime green and a striking purple were her choices.  Her florist was The Flower Patch who did a nice job of reflecting those colors in the bouquets and the boutonnieres for the wedding party.  The professional photographer was Heather Sprague. After the traditional cake cutting, bridal bouquet toss, the garter fling, and the first dances, the guests enjoyed dancing and socializing until the Atrium sparkler send off from this close to Midvale wedding venue.

Wedding receptions in Midvale, or at least close to Midvale, include Atrium Weddings in nearby Sandy.  We are one of the few reception centers in the valley that allow for self-catering.  But Mariah went with one of our recommended vendors whom we have trust and confidence in for our Atrium Brides.  Become an Atrium Bride!

Wedding cake by Heritage Cakes

AT14 07-26 Beckstead 3

AT14 07-26 Beckstead 5

wedding reception venues with green and purple linens

Forget-Me-Not Reception Centers in Utah – Real Event 05-21-14

Forget-me-not weddings Utah will rememberAt one of our reception centers in Utah, Forget-me-not flowers surrounding the “Around You” Willow Tree Cake Topper sent a powerful romantic message to all the attending guests at Atrium Weddings.  This is Western Gardens reception venue that has an indoor garden ambiance without the worry of the weather!

Their cake was simple yet made a powerful statement.  Here basic white two tiered cake with tantalizing dripping chocolate fondant, was created by Sugar Kisses Cakes.  It was topped with a beautiful Willow Tree figurine by Susan Lordi.   As one of the artist’s Cake Topper collection called “Around You”, it was perfect for this cake poised amid dainty little forget-me-not flower blooms.  The flower blooms are a pretty blue that tied in with Kaitlyn’s choice of Royal Blue table linens.  With a touch of yellow daisies, this indoor garden reception venue was a beautiful and inviting celebration for all the attending guests.

self-catering at wedding reception centers in Utah self catering at utah wedding venuesThe families decided to self-cater, which not all Utah wedding venues allow.  They served a wide variety of cupcakes, mini-cheesecakes, and fresh seasonal fruit.  Kaitlyn chose the venue’s tall silver candlestick centerpieces with the lemon leaf wreaths.  Her bridesmaids accented the wreaths with the yellow and white flowers and a shimmering yellow ribbon.

wedding venues in utah with lemon wreathsThis is a reception that guests and family will not soon forget, and Kaitlyn and Kevin will remember forever! reception centers in Utah with Forget-me-not flowers


Tuesday Tips from Wedding Venues in Utah 7-1-14

Listen to Mother nature for Wedding Venues in UtahNew to Utah?  All brides need to realize that if planning a spring wedding, expect capricious Utah weather and plan accordingly.  Look at wedding venues in Utah that have options to hold your ceremony inside if a sudden thunderstorm develops during your wedding reception.  Believe me as one who grew up here in the valley and tried to hold her son’s wedding in our own back yard, spring storms can develop quickly here along the Wasatch Front. Therefore, following some tips here will help you avoid some annoyances and help insure a happy, dry, and cool event!

wedding venues in salt lake city with dancingSudden rain is not the only Utah weather phenomenon a Utah bride needs to consider.  Utah is in a desert and the heat can dampen a spring or summer celebration.  You may be one of those guests who have skipped out of a Utah wedding reception that was inside a tent or a reception center that was too unbearably hot for guests to enjoy.  And I have heard of a bride who fainted from the heat at her reception.  We all must admit that it isn’t any fun to be hot and sweaty at an elegant occasion, especially if there is dancing and toasting to be done.  It is well worth it if you can find wedding reception venues that have central air conditioning and good air movement.

Snow on mountains above wedding reception venues in utah Another great tip is to check the weather history along the Wasatch front.  Our local news station KSL has a great service to plug in a date you are considering for your outdoor wedding reception or any outdoor event.  Their program does the searching and then gives you the average information for that day in history.  Find out the average temperatures – highs and lows, the chance of precipitation, and even learn the sunrise and sunset.  Knowing when the perfect time to say your vows with the sun setting behind you would be fun to time for a gorgeous photo opportunity.  Find their “Wasatch Front Outdoor Weather Planner” on their KSL website.

weather planner for receptions centers in utah If you have always loved garden weddings but don’t want to worry about the weather, find those wedding venues with the garden feel indoors like Atrium Weddings at Western Gardens Sandy.  You don’t have to plant flowers, weed, or even water the place.  Just show up, do minor decorating to give it your own touch, and enjoy!  Let the storms rage outside the doors and watch the rain fall down the glass windows!  When there is a break in the storm, venture outside the waterfall plaza for some beautiful photos with your photographer, or simply take them inside with all the indoor greenery!

utah wedding reception centers for indoor weddings
Let the storms rage on outside while you and your guests enjoy yourselves inside!

Wedding venues in Utah can be a real blessing when it comes to Utah’s fickle weather in the spring and summer.  Listen to Mother Nature and heed her warnings so that you can plan wisely for your incredible day.  You, your family, and your guests will have the wonderful day that you deserve!

outdoor wedding venues utah with waterfall backdrop
When the sun comes out, go outside to the waterfall plaza for beautiful photographs.


Wedding Planners and Utah Wedding Venues

utah wedding venues with wedding planner helping ceremony
A wedding planner and host can help with the little challenges at the moment

Weddings are celebrations filled with anticipation, excitement, and beauty.  However, they can cause a lot of stress and pressure to the bride and her family.  She dreams of having a wedding that is “perfect” and will tirelessly work to achieve that goal.  A wise bride will get others involved to help her, especially by soliciting help from a wedding planner.  Often, Utah wedding venues have in-house wedding planners that come with the booking, but some charge extra for this service.  One way to ensure that you can fully enjoy your beautiful day and minimize your stress and hassle of the preparation, organizing and coordinating the day itself, is to use the wedding planner.  It will be well worth your time and efforts.  Here are some specific reasons why.

Be in two places at the same time. There seems to always be little issues that pop up at the last minute that need attention by someone in charge.  You will be getting yourself all beautified for the day and don’t need the stress of dealing with those last minute tasks.  You can’t be in two places at the same time, especially when you should be walking down the isle!  The wedding planner will take care of little things that can stress you out such as a missing bouquet, a tear in the bridal gown or a stain on the flower girl’s dress. Remember Jennifer Lopez in the movie The Wedding Planner?  A good wedding planner and a good wedding venue will be ready with their own emergency kit.  Also, if you already have employment, you will soon discover that planning a wedding can become a full time job. A wedding planner will ease a lot of these demands. This way, you can even have time to pamper yourself before your big day.

Save money by going with a wedding planner. Even though you may pay a little more for a professional wedding planner, you could be saving money in the long run.  He or she has already established relationships with wedding providers such as wedding reception venues, florists, cake designers, and photographers. If she is already part of the booking fee at a venue, that is a bonus savings for you.  Wedding planners may possibly be able to get discounts on your behalf. A planner with integrity will have her bride’s best interest at heart and only recommend professionals that offer great product for a good value.

wedding reception venues in Utah buffet dinners
Your wedding celebration will uniquely reflect your style and taste!

Save time with a wedding planner. Researching potential wedding providers can be time-consuming. Imagine the time it takes for you to choose the right florist, baker or caterer. With a wedding planner, you can already narrow down your choices as wedding planners have already proven these providers throughout their time in the business. Wedding planners also know where to find sources for  items you want included in your wedding – that means less time required for you to search out where to get that centerpiece you want or that cake topper you saw in a magazine.

outdoor wedding venues in Utah with indoor dinner hall
Planners can show you many options to fit into your budget and style.

Benefit from the knowledge provided by the wedding planner. Wedding planners can provide you with valuable input as you decide on important parts of the wedding. They have experienced hundreds of wedding events so they are already aware of what can possibly happen so that you can prepare for contingencies. Will a particular flower last the entire ceremony? How can you set up your wedding venue in Utah in case it rains? These are some of the things that a wedding planner can give their advice on.

Wedding planners have time-tested methods. If you are willing to admit that you’re not the most organized person, a wedding planner is essential. After all, they are making a living out of being organized – they have their own methods to ensure that things are planned and implemented well. Aside from these, wedding planners are also in the know with regards to the latest wedding fashions.

reception centers in Utah with bride's room
Enjoy YOUR day!

You can hire a professional wedding planner separately or you can work with the wedding planner provided by many Utah wedding reception venues.  Booking your wedding celebrations at a venue that includes a wedding planner can mean savings for you.

Aside from an in-house wedding coordinator, Atrium Weddings, a premiere reception center in Utah, provides a full complement of wedding-related amenities such as a bride’s dressing room, buffet tables, tables and chairs for guests, an overall ambiance that’s romantic and also practical and much more.

Wedding venues in Utah that help a bride relax for her big day
Don’t run yourself ragged on your wedding day. Stop and enjoy the memories with friends and loved ones.

Think ahead!  Don’t run yourself ragged and look stressed and tense up to the day of your wedding. Let a Utah wedding venues wedding planner worry about all those things.  Your wedding day is your day – you deserve to enjoy it to the fullest.

Wedding Reception in Utah with Lavender, Blue, and White Color Scheme

Atrium bride in line at Utah wedding reception venue in Sandy
All photos by One Take Photography

This was a beautiful wedding reception in Utah at Atrium Weddings (at Western Gardens Sandy).  The bride’s choices of lavender, blue, and white colors were striking and very fresh and clean.  The garden feel at this Utah wedding venue, gave a beautiful backdrop to the beautiful occasion.  The mother of the bride wrote “The night was lovely – Everything was beautiful and we had excellent help from you.”  (March 2013)    Excellent photos by One Take Photography

Atrium Weddings reception venue in Utah is a touch of indoor garden! AT03-16-13 One Take Photos 5 - CROPPED Delicious buffet table inside wedding center in Utah Indoor garden feel with classic furniture decor though out beautiful Utah venue

A Petal-Filled Flower Wonderland

Sandy Utah wedding venue, recommends Hillside Floral for their intricate designs and creations.

There are several things a couple should take into consideration when setting a floral budget. First, using flowers that are in season and do not require importation will be far less expensive than exotic flowers that are not locally in season. Exotic flowers in non-exotic locations can be very expensive. Flowers help set the theme and tone of the wedding. From the simple calla lily, which radiates a refined elegance, to the exotic playful orchid that highlights a tropical playfulness, flowers help define a wedding’s theme.

Several arrangements are traditionally required in a wedding ceremony. They include the bride’s bouquet, maid of honor’s/matron of honor’s bouquet, bridesmaids’ bouquets, groom’s boutonniere, best man’s boutonniere, groomsmen’s boutonnieres, mothers’ corsages and fathers’ boutonnieres. Additionally, if a wedding party has a flower girl, she typically has an assortment of hair flowers, including a basket of petals she lightly tosses down the aisle. A bride typically wants to retain her actual bouquet to have it preserved, so often florists will make a throw bouquet. Sometimes guests give their grandparents or other close family members corsages or boutonnieres to wear. All these are important to factor into the budget.

Centerpieces should also be included in the flower budget. Different options can be incorporated to help supplement flowers, including greenery, windy limbs, ferns, berry-type plants, feathers, pearly vines, etc. Often times these small details can help tie ceremonial flowers and décor to the Utah wedding reception. Florists typically rent the vases to couples but it is important to inquire if guests can take the flowers in the centerpiece home as a gift. Florists typically set up the flowers for the ceremony, distribute boutonnieres, bouquets, set up the reception area, etc. Hiring a Utah florist to complete these tasks helps make the momentous day less stressful.

A bride’s bouquet compliments her gown and is a stunning accessory that does not overpower her stature and size, but allows the radiance of her attire to glow. Often times incorporating certain colors, ribbons or pearls into the bouquet can help tie the dress to the bouquet and make it a flowing accessory.

Not only should the reception area have centerpieces, but also couples should consider adding colorful flowers or exhibits to the gift and wedding guest book table. Adding a variety of colorful potted plants, twigs or other nature-filled displays will also help tie the room together, making it feel as though the tables, walls, and surrounding perimeter flow into a cohesive magical theme.


Turning Your Wedding Reception Venue into an Elegant Space

While hiring a professional wedding planner or event decorator can remove a lot of pressure off you when it comes to designing and beautifying your Utah wedding reception space, this assistance sometimes in not within budget. But if you have a natural flair for design and have friends and family that can kindly help you pull it all together you can easily make you Sandy reception center reflect your intrinsic style. When planning out the décor scheme and managing your design budget there are basic fundamentals that you should bear in mind.

Wanting to keep the look of your reception simple yet timeless? Then a good idea would be to take your wedding color palette and incorporate that into the majority of your reception décor. This creates a very cohesive vibe between your ceremony and reception. Though if you are the move creative type and have a specific theme in mind, such as a winter wonderland reception for your Sandy, Utah wedding venue, then go for it! Going with a themed reception will make a clear distinction between the lovely ceremony and lively after celebration. Once you’ve made your decision on the big picture of styling your reception hall you will need to get to work on arranging the more intricate details of the reception.

You now have an idea of approximately how many guests will be attending your upcoming nuptials, use this number to determine the amount and size of tables that you will need as well as chairs and centerpieces. These items will be the foundation for which you design your reception décor around. Once you have decided on these basic essentials, you can move on to picking out your decorative linens and slipcovers and/or ribbons for the chairs. Your Sandy, UT wedding reception is well on its way to being a stylish event.

When choosing your centerpieces to be placed on each table make sure that they are not too distracting and that they mesh well with the overall aesthetic that you are going for. Traditionally fresh cut flowers beautifully arranged in a chic vase are usually used as the centerpieces, while this idea is very gorgeous and charming keep in mind that this is not your only table decoration option. Feel free to think outside the box, especially if doing a themed reception, and utilize other aesthetically pleasing accoutrements that are complimentary to your tastes.

The tableware is equally as important as the centerpieces as they will tie the reception venue together in a unified manner. Tableware would include dinner plates, glassware, and silverware. Choosing a contrasting color for your dinner plates will make them brilliantly pop against the linen background.

Also take into consideration the surrounding perimeter of your Utah wedding reception venue. Sprucing up the outskirts of the reception area can make the space feel more intimate and warm. Draping soft fabric against the walls and strategically placing flora and fauna can make a great improvement to any event space.

If you have chosen the Atrium at Western Gardens as you reception locale, they have a full-time wedding consultant to aid you in bringing your reception vision to fruition. In addition to the convenience of a built in wedding consultant the Atrium also can provide you with exceptional and cost-effective catering, floral, and cake options; making the organization and setup of your wedding reception a breeze.

Deciding on Catering Choices for Your Wedding Reception

Your Utah wedding venue has been decided on, now you need to busy yourself with the details of the reception; the biggest of which is deciding on a caterer and what to serve to your multitude of guests. Caterers today often offer alternatives to the traditional sit and service meal, in these modern days and economic times more and more couples are deciding to opt for the less expensive cocktail or dessert receptions, which includes hors d’oeuvres or pastries, drinks, and wedding cake.

But if you can afford the cost of a full meal in the form of a buffet or multi-course sit down service this would likely be preferable to your guests attending your Sandy, UT wedding reception. A caterer will be able to help you determine which type of service to offer based on your budget and food preferences. A banquet buffet will give your wedding guests the most options for variety and quantity, though it will require them to stand in line to receive their food. A sit down waiter service gives your guests the opportunity to comfortably relax and converse while waiting for their food, but this limits their portions and types of food that they may sample.

What kinds of food should be served at a reception and what should not?

Coming to an agreement on the menu as a couple is vital to having a satisfying catered event. The majority of caterers have cohesive menus that can be selected as is or customized to fit your preferences. To get an idea of what you would like to serve you should ask your caterer if you can sample some of their food. By doing this you will be able to pick out what exactly you want and get an idea of the caterers cooking abilities.

Typical main dish fares at a Utah wedding reception include beef, pork, chicken, and salmon. Incorporating a vegetarian option along with the meats as a main course is an excellent inclusive decision. Offering a variety is your best bet for pleasing everyone, and a safe one at that since it is impossible to know the dietary habits of all of your guests.

While it is important to cater to your guests at your Sandy, UT wedding reception, you should also make sure that you serve the types of food that you and future spouse find enjoyable. While you may decide to offer up a meal that is atypical, such as an exotic foreign dish, make sure you have more standard options available to those guests who are less adventurous. This way you satisfy both yourselves and your guests will leave your wedding event with a full and satisfying feeling of contentment.

The Atrium at Western Gardens has great contacts with an exceptional caterer that works regularly with this Sandy, Utah wedding venue. The Atrium’s unique relationship with their catering vendor allows them to pass savings on to you since they receive an economical rate for being a repeat and steady client. On top of all this they offer varied menus that can be customized to meet your wedding reception needs.

The Best Wedding Cakes in Utah

It is possible to have a match made in heaven.  The best wedding cakes that can be found anywhere in Salt Lake City are made at The Atrium at Western Garden Centers, known to be one of the best wedding reception venues in Utah.

The Atrium is set in an environment of lush greenery both inside and outside, with beautiful waterfalls that impart an incredible peace and tranquility to the surroundings, bringing a quiet contentment to any occasion that is hosted there.  Couples who are planning their wedding or anniversary receptions or corporate events gravitate towards this wedding reception location in Sandy because of all that it has to offer.

Why a match made in heaven?  To find professional cake designers with a wealth of international expertise and experience in the art of baking and decorating large cake orders based at a perfectly romantic wedding reception location, is as miraculous as finding gold in California in the gold rush days!

Wedding cakes date back to the days of the Roman Empire and the one thing that has not changed in the last thousand years is a quietly ingrained understanding that the cutting of the cake is symbolic of the bride and groom working hand in hand, to complete their first task as a couple!  Having a wedding cake is considered to be one of the items that must be included in the wedding preparations of equal importance to the wedding rings!

Whether it is a five-tiered cake for a large guest list or the popular three-tiered wedding cake for an average guest list of about one hundred and twenty people,  the wedding cake features prominently as an item which is guaranteed to be included in the wedding budget.  To cater to a large guest list requires that the diameters of the tiers be increased and/or additional tiers be added.

In more recent times, couples have opted for variations in the cake recipes used for each tier.  Gone are the days when one flavor cake was used throughout every tier and topped with only white buttercream icing.  This means that every guest can now get a flavor of cake that they can possibly enjoy.  Wedding cake decorations are now wonderfully creative, color-coordinating the wedding theme colors and whatever colors appeal to the bride and groom.

The wedding cake designers at the Atrium, have been creatively matching the wedding cake requests of thousands of couples over the last twenty-five years no matter how unique the requests.  They have consistently exceeded the expectations of each of the couples, matching cake design, flavor and fillings and coming up with wedding cakes that look as good as they taste and can satisfy the guests’ individual flavor selections.

It is wise to visit the cake designers at the Atrium early in the wedding planning process and work out exactly what your dream wedding cake is going to look like.  Many couples are choosing unique wedding themes and the cake designers at this Utah wedding reception center work with the recipes from any of the more than fifty basic cake design templates, eighteen different fillings and more than eighteen different flavors, jazzing up the wedding cake until it far surpasses the creative masterpiece which the couple envisioned and then requested.

So, if you are still a bit skeptical about how this will all work out?  The best approach is to request a sampling session at the Sandy wedding reception venue, where the cake designers can provide small bite size samples of the cakes which are on your shortlist of favorite cake flavors and fillings.  From here you can make some solid choices for your wedding day cake.  The sizes, shapes, colors, design and flavor cakes that complement the decorating of your wedding cake, can only be limited by your imagination and the professional handiwork of the wedding cake designers.

Hiring a Professional Company for your Wedding

Weddings can become such grand productions! There is a long list of details to be decided upon, tracked and monitored to ensure that these arrive at the right time and at the right quantity, as well as look (or taste) the way you want it.

Some brides want to be involved in every tiny detail of the wedding while others prefer to get a little help with the planning and organizing. Needless to say, a wedding will surely need a lot of hands to help out for it to come without a hitch.

There are also wedding reception venues that offer complete packages. Aside from the wedding venue for the ceremony and/or the reception, you can also avail of other arrangements for important details such as the catering, floral arrangements, photography and videography, invitations and the wedding cake.

Here are some benefits of hiring a professional company to help with your wedding:

A wealth of experiences. You’ve made extensive research and read up on how to plan and implement your dream wedding. However, there may be some things you may have failed to foresee during your planning. Remember Murphy’s Law? Things that can go wrong may go wrong at the time you least want it to. Now, it’s not being pessimistic, but it helps to be prepared for these. A professional company will have a wealth of experiences and have seen a lot of weddings. They can already foresee what things can go wrong and head these off before they even happen.

Less pressure and stress for the bride and the entourage. During the day of the wedding, the bride’s most important job is to look the part – a radiant bride, beautiful and resplendent in her gown. Her second important job is to enjoy every moment of the event and ensure that her guests do as well. Having a professional to take care of the details will help ensure that the bride is relaxed and at ease during her wedding day. The same goes for the weeks and months of preparations. With someone helping out, the bride does not have to spend time rushing about, trying to complete everything according to the timeline.

Cheaper to go by the package. Getting things as a package may actually cost you less than getting every detail one by one. For instance, a reception venue in Utah, The Atrium, offers 20% discount on invitations when you book with them. Packages also have add-ins that, when bought or rented separately, may add a considerable amount to your budget.

Saves time. Imagine all the time you’ll save by not having to run around and getting everything yourself. A professional company that offers complete wedding packages will mean you will not have to make separate appointments for the venue, another for the catering, and so on.

Trends. A professional wedding coordinator or wedding reception location is more aware of the current trends – what’s hot and what’s not. The persons who had their eyes glued on the television during Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding were the wedding coordinators. They can give valuable input on your key choices.

Sourcing. Professionals have their sources. Rather than running around and doing research on the internet for that particular item you want included, you can simply ask your wedding coordinator and he or she may know where to find it. They also can give suggestions on a wide variety of options: Fresh flowers or silk flowers and where to get them? What wedding favors to give? Where to find those gorgeous centerpieces you saw in a magazine?

Has the resources and equipment. This is particularly true for reception centers in Sandy, Utah. These are already equipped with furniture, enough seating capacity, video and audio systems, lighting systems, parking and so on. Western Gardens’ The Atrium is a Sandy, UT wedding venue that is equipped with such and even has other add-ons to make your wedding extra special such as a baby-grand piano, dressing rooms for the bride and groom, enough parking spaces and so on.

Lastly, professionals are, well, professional. You will have a contract to hold on to so that things are done according to what you both have agreed upon. This may not be particularly true if you ask a non-professional to do the work for you. Many a bride have been left hanging and distraught a few days before the wedding (and even on the day of the wedding itself!) just because a non-professional was not able to deliver. This kind of stress can be avoided by going with a professional.

As you can see, professional companies such as wedding locations in Sandy, Utah, can provide more than just a venue in which you can hold your wedding ceremony and reception. They can provide invaluable help to ensure that your wedding is truly a dream come true.