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A Bride’s To Do List before the “I Do” at wedding receptions bluffdale

wedding couple kissing at wedding receptions bluffdaleHere is a look at the positive side of wedding planning at wedding receptions Bluffdale, Utah, or any wedding venue you choose.  I’m sure you’ve read about all the “don’ts” that you need to avoid.  Well, here is a simple list of the most basic of strategies that if you will “DO”, you will have greater chance of completely enjoying your spectacular day, no matter what comes!

#1 – Do take time to court each other during all the hustle and bustle of planning.  Remember, the wedding will come and go.  At the end of that wonderful day, all that will be left is you and him and your relationship.  May as well enjoy each other along the path getting there!  A special box of his favorite cookies, a gallon of ice cream and two spoons, a drive up the canyon – whatever it is, just do it!

Play along the way while planning your wedding reception in Sandy
Do enjoy each other while planning. Be sure to play along the way!

#2 – Do Prioritize the elements of your ideal wedding – Make your wedding and reception what you’ve dreamed, but prioritize those dreams. Be prepared to compromise a little for your own sanity, your fiancé’s sanity, and a tad for your family’s sanity.  If it helps, write your list on paper and figure out the most crucial.  Do communicate what is most important to you.  Really, the most important!  Now take each item one by one and write down a plan of how and who can help make it happen.  Include help from your family and bridesmaids and even your groom and the groomsmen should be involved.  It is an honor for them to be in their position and they are with that title to help you make your day just as you wish.  Remember your priorities?  I imagine having your fiancé at the wedding ceremony venue would be the number one priority, the non-compromising item.  The entire world could fall apart and it wouldn’t matter.  It’s all about you and him.  Everything else on your list is to some extent negotiable!  Be happy!

Bridal couple at wedding receptions Bluffdale utah with antique car

wedding couple at atrium weddings in sandy utah

#3 – Do accept help from others.  As mentioned above with your prioritizing, you have bridesmaids and he has groomsmen for a reason.  Let them help you in whatever capacity they are able but be reasonable with your expectations.  You’ll want to be respectful of their time, but by all means, do let them play their role.  They will be coming to the reception centers too, so let them help make and deliver decorations, party favors, or whatever you need so that you don’t have one more little thing to think about.  You want to think about just you on your beautiful day!

MLA Photography at atrium weddings reception center

Let people help with the wedding reception food.
Let people help and be involved. They love you want to be helpful!
Let others help decorate the wedding venues in Utah
Let your bridesmaids bring the decorations and do some of the decorating. Use their talents so you don’t have to be stressed with another thing to do!

#4 – Do consider the time your guests are taking out of their day to celebrate with you.  The maximum time between your ceremony and reception should be two hours which would include travel time if ceremony and reception are in two different Utah wedding venues.

Guests at wedding receptions bluffdale utah
Be considerate of your guests time. Allow two hours maximum between a ceremony and a reception.

#5 – Do K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple Stupid (or Silly, if Stupid isn’t used in your household!)  Believe it or not, my mother taught me this one!  This ties into the prioritizing a bit, but I want to add that you don’t have to be a D.I.Y. bride on everything.  Sometimes doing everything yourself can be more headache and actually more costly than if you find something similar and just make the purchase.  Remember, you want to enjoy the path along the way.  Smell the roses to that final aisle where your new husband takes your hand and you do kiss the first time as man and wife!

wm* Melanie table centerpiece RLT_3943

wm* TJ Romero web Wedding- 46
Personal comments from your guests are more memorable than some big program. You can keep it simple and very memorable!

#6 – Do pamper yourself the day before and get a good night’s rest.  You want fresh bright eyes for your wedding day photos!

Get plenty of rest for 3 nights before your big day
Get plenty of rest for 3 nights before your big day

#7 – Do smile and enjoy your day!  It is only but a beautiful fleeting moment. Savor every moment and do allow everything that happens that day, to be a cherished memory!

wedding reception venues sandy ut create special moments for brides and fathers
Savor each tender moment of your beautiful day!
wm* TJRomero Utah wedding venues for Utah brides
Just SMILE and enjoy your day! Qué será, será! Whatever will be, will be! Enjoy!