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Salt Lake City Weddings Venue with Advantageous Choices and Amenities

Beautiful couple in front of fireplace in a wedding reception centerThis bride and groom pulled off a beautiful, warm, yet fun wedding celebration at Atrium Weddings, a Salt Lake City weddings venue specifically in Sandy.  Her lime green and elegant black color scheme was perfect as they complimented Atrium’s backdrop of rich greenery.  Bridesmaids in Lime Green and Black attire 

From the start, Atrium guests enjoyed the outside marquee with the wedding party’s names indicating they had found the right place!  They were directed into a spacious and secure parking.  Guests only had to walk a matter of feet to the entrance of the wedding venue.   Signage for Salt Lake City wedding venue's entrance

Atrium guests were not the only ones to enjoy this celebration.  The bride and her mother enjoyed the comfort of Atrium’s spacious bride’s room with plenty of good lighting and mirrors. The Father of the Bride was delighted with the value he received for his pocketbook.  Atrium is warm and inviting with plenty of space for all.  The photographer enjoyed the many beautiful settings for wedding portraits.  All of the wedding party could enjoy dancing.  The dance floor at this wedding reception center is spacious and allows that special first dance for the couple and then easily accommodates plenty of guests to join in the festive celebration.   Bride's room at Atrium Wedding venueHappy Bride = Happy Father at her wedding receptionWaterfall feature at Atrium Wedding reception centerSitting by pond in garden center

Self-catering is allowed at Atrium Wedding venueIt is advantageous to rent a reception center that allows the bride to choose Atrium’s preferred caterers or bring their own favorite caterer to the event.  This bride chose to have family and friends do her refreshments offering cake, grapes for the children, and other delicious finger foods that were easy to transport and set up.  Also included was a candy station for those with a real sweet tooth!

Salt Lake City weddings can be the most relaxed and stress-free events at a wedding venue like Atrium Weddings at Western Gardens in Sandy, south of Salt Lake City proper. DisplaysBridal portraits at wedding receptions in Salt Lake CityDecorations look beautiful against Atrium's backdrop of greeneryHappy couple greeting guestsDancing the evening away!Wedding Cake

Three W’s of Wedding Reception Center Planning – When? Where? and What?

Okay, you’ve decided that you want your wedding celebration at a reception center, rather than in your backyard or the church gymnasium.  The next step of planning your wedding reception can seem like an overwhelming task.  But if you break it down into simple, easy-to-tackle sections, the process becomes exciting and fun.  You’ll find yourself enjoying the journey culminating in an incredible wedding celebration, your final destination.   Here is how I break the tasks down to size.  Don’t forget to use your choice of a central note-taking tool.  A pad of paper works well, or an electronic tool like a smart phone, or tablet of your choice.  Always have this with you as you make plans, it will save your mind and your time in the long run.

I like to break the first part of planning in to the three W’s – When, Where, and What.  They are pretty big and important parts of the planning, but you can figure them all in one sit-down brainstorming session with your fiancé.  Be prepared to possibly make some little changes along the way, but you’ve got to have a starting point.  The When? Where? and What? is the beginning.

First is to decide WHEN you are having your big day.  It is good to have a couple of date possibilities, but knowing this is crucial for the next decision of WHERE.  You don’t want to waste your time looking for that perfect wedding venue unless you have an idea of when your event is to take place. Imagine finally making a choice of where you want your most important event to happen, only to find out that it is already booked for the day you’ve finally decided upon.  Wedding places in Utah book up quickly, so don’t let this first step pass too quickly.  Get your preferences and start the search of your perfect venue that can replicate your dream wedding.

Beautiful celebrations happen in reception centers in Salt Lake City like Atrium Weddings
Atrium Weddings reception center in Salt Lake Valley is a beautiful option for your celebration

As mentioned above, the WHERE is now in play.  Google your search as specific as you can.  Some suggested keywords to search could be “wedding reception centers” or “wedding venues” and if you want a particular area, add that city.  For example “wedding reception centers Salt Lake City” or “wedding reception centers in Salt Lake City” will help you narrow your quest to more specific options in your area.  Browse those venues that catch your eye and make your list of top places you want to pursue.  Request more information by email, if only to simply test that company’s responsiveness.  A very good first question to ask would be to check on the availability of that venue for the couple of dates you’ve chosen. This could prove very important in the future if you choose to work with them.  Your search will narrow, it is time to go visit the venues you’ve listed as your top possibilities.  Now it’s time to consider the WHAT’s of your quest.

Ice cream is a popular choice at Ivy House Weddings
Ice Cream is always a hit with everyone!
Colorful salads look beautiful in Atrium Weddings reception center in Salt Lake City
Colorful salads are refreshing works of art!

Third, WHAT are you going to do for your special celebration?  Serve a full course dinner?  Serve only finger foods?  Dance?   Play games?  Serve only your wedding cake?  These are the kind of questions only YOU and your lover can imagine for YOUR special day.

Deciding these three w’s is the first step, then it will be time to do the how’s, but not until these three are complete.  For now, go out and find your dream wedding reception center!  You’ll have plenty to do after you get these three W’s completed!   Reminder!  Don’t forget to keep your wedding writing tool handy!


Fruit plates are delicious creations!
Fruit plates are delicious creations!

Planning a Wedding On a Budget

Outside ceremony set up at Sandy wedding venue Atrium Weddings

Close up of ceremony arbor at Atrium Wedding reception center in Sandy UtahThere is a common underlying consideration that many of the couples looking for Utah wedding locations have to plan their wedding around, which is their budget.  Even with these growing economic concerns, you can plan the spectacular wedding of your dreams.  Remaining flexible about many of the choices you have to make, can prevent a lot of unwanted stress during the planning phase.

When using The Atrium at Western Gardens for your Utah wedding reception center receiving that perfect wedding is possible, because of the spectacular atrium wedding you can have.  The staff of this Utah wedding reception center can work with your budget, to provide you options that let you have a memorable wedding.

Luscious donuts from a self-serve wedding reception in SandyKeep in mind, that there are a lot of details you can handle personally which will save on your wedding budget.  When you plan your wedding as a party that you are having because of the joining of both the bride and the groom, it will be easier to reduce or remove some of the items that greatly increase the cost of the wedding. 

Once you reserve your Sandy reception center, you will know how much money is left for the rest of the wedding.  One of the quickest ways to cut costs, is to cut the guest list, and only invite the people that are your closest relatives and friends on both the bride and grooms side of the family.  You will save on the food, flowers for the table, guest favors, size of the cake, plus invitations, for every guest you cut from the list.

Reserving your wedding ceremony venue, plus using the same venue as your reception center, can save on your budget.  You will also prevent the stress of trying to transport everything from one venue to the next on your wedding day.  If you reserve  the Salt Lake City wedding venue during off peak season, you can possibly save money on the venue and other wedding services.

Inexpensive lollipops was a nice touch at this Utah wedding venue, and nice on the budget

Some details that are easy plus can cut wedding costs, include ordering a smaller 2 tier wedding cake, and use a sheet cake to serve guests.  Another place you can save a considerable amount of money on, is the dinner, try finger foods, appetizers and beverages, instead of a main course.  A full bar will also add to the wedding budget, so you could offer wine and beer instead.  Skipping the champagne toast will also cut down on some of the extra cost to your wedding budget.

You can always make your own wedding favors, menu cards, and escort cards, along with lots of other details that you can handle yourself, which will save on your wedding budget.  Making the table decorations, and flower arrangements can save you money on your wedding budget.  Use greenery, and flowers that are in season, leaving out the more expensive flowers and include non floral decorations to save money.

Family and friends make for a fun serving and bussing team and gets everyone involved in your beautiful wedding receptionEven when you are planning a wedding using a budget, you can use these tips to still have the wedding you have always thought about having.  Let the staff of The Atrium at Western Gardens help you plan a memorable wedding, by using your budget to reserve a Sandy UT wedding reception at the Atrium.

The Atrium at Western Gardens: Wedding Décor for Every Budget

Many details go into decorating for wedding décor. Often time’s couples feel they can tackle this task themselves, only to later realize that hiring someone is much less stressful. The Atrium Sandy reception center offers assistance with décor, helping couples achieve the vision they seek while maintaining track of their budget.

Flowers are the visual center for the reception. It is important that the ceremonial theme carry over into the reception, so the wedding itself feels cohesive and well planned. Flower themes include colors, types – ranging from the exotic to common, greenery and even potted plants.

Many couples choose to focus on lightening as well. Soft tea lights casting shadows around the reception area is warm and inviting, giving guests a comforted feeling. Tea lights are also an inexpensive, yet elegant, way to add warm light, flickering ambiance and easily incorporate into flower centerpieces.

Often times linens help create the base canvas for a theme. Selecting simple white linen to selecting bold linen, this helps create a vision for the reception. The Atrium provides base linens, polyester toppers and chairs. Upgrade options are available including organza toppers, bows, chair covers, table runners, etc.

The selection of plates, silverware and glassware are also an extension of the wedding theme. If the theme were simple, then restaurant-style white plates and elegant crystal-style glasses would be complimentary. If the theme were artistic and whimsical, it might be best to select vibrant glassware to compliment simple plates and silverware, yet perhaps impart a stylish flair into a cloth napkin or table runner.

Many couples opt to display pictures of their courtship, when they were young, growing up and pictures with family members. Pictures are a fun way to help guests mingle and introduce themselves to one another. Pictures can easily be a conversation opener, giving guests the opportunity to recall fond memories of the couple, remember years’ past, discuss how they met the couple or know their families, etc. If a couple’s family has not previously met, pictures are also an excellent way for them to get to know each family better, promote flowing conversation and help everyone feel comfortable and at ease. Nothing is worse than an uncomfortable wedding where people do not mingle or speak to one another. It is important that the décor and surroundings reflect the couple’s personalized style, imparting warmth and helping guests feel comfortable and have an enjoyable experience. 

The Atrium reception centers Utah is able to assist couples in the process of décor and reception decorations. Using them is a valuable, timesaving resource as a couple will have many things on their plate on their important day, including photos, introducing family members and entertaining guests. Having one’s mind at ease that the Sandy Utah wedding venue has everything covered, is well worth working into one’s budget. 

Main Parts of a Wedding Ceremony

You’ve been to weddings before, but now that you’re planning yours, you’re not really sure of what goes on in a wedding ceremony. Which part goes first? What elements are “must-haves” and what things can you do to personalize your wedding?

One thing you must remember is that it’s your wedding. Although there are a lot of predetermined formats available for you to choose from, in the end, all that really matters is that you’ve made this day special for you and your soon-to-be spouse. If you decide on having an officiant or minister, one important role he can play is in helping you with your wedding ceremony.

To help you craft your own ceremony, here are some of the main parts that are usually included:

Wedding processional. This is one of the much-awaited parts of the program – the main feature being the sight of the bride majestically marching down the aisle in all her beauty and splendor. The wedding processional covers the entrance of the wedding party. The usual order goes like this: the officiating minister, the best man, the groom, the bridesmaids and the groom’s men, the ring bearers, the flower girls, the maid of honor, and then, of course, the bride. The bride can opt to walk the aisle alone or with her parents or just the father. Sometimes, the groom and the best man enter by a side door. A highly-creative “grand entrance” that garnered considerable popularity in YouTube shows the wedding party dancing their way to the altar. This is one creative way to make you and your fiancé’s mark on your wedding.

Reading. This could be a poem, some verses from the Bible, other religious wedding readings or a piece of literature. These readings often cover the topic of love or marriage.

Officiant’s Opening Word. This acts as the welcoming word for the guests and a statement of purpose. The officiant says words like, “We are gathered here to witness the union of ___________ and ___________ in marriage.” The opening word will set the mood of the entire wedding – if you want your wedding to be light, sprinkled with a bit of fun, formal or sentimental.

Giving away of the bride. This is a tradition where the parents of the bride are supposed to “give the bride away”. The officiant will ask, “Who gives this woman to be married to this man?” and the parents of the bride say, “We do.” However, this is optional as in some modern marriage ceremonies, this is omitted or revised to say, “Who supports this couple in their marriage?”

Charge to the couple. This is when the officiant defines marriage for the couple, giving them a few words of advice about marriage and their new life as husband and wife.

Exchange of Wedding Vows.  The bride and the groom face each other as they say their vows. They can repeat the words provided by the officiant or have their own personalized vows.

Exchange of Rings. In religious ceremonies, this includes the blessing of the rings and an explanation of the meaning of the rings. And then, the bride and groom exchange the rings, symbolizing their vow to love and commit to each other.

Unity ceremony. (Optional) The bride and groom may opt to include a unity ceremony, which is a visual symbol of their union. There are many unity ceremonies to choose from. The most common would be the lighting of the unity candle. Two smaller candles are held by the groom and the bride and together they light a bigger unity candle. This symbolizes their becoming one. Other unity ceremonies include the sand ceremony, the water ceremony, the wine ceremony and the salt ceremony.

Declaration of marriage  and The Kiss. This is where the officiant will proclaim that the couple is married. The words usually used are, “By the power vested upon me by the state of…, I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride.” This signals the bride and groom to have their first kiss as a legally married couple. In modern ceremonies, the words, “You may kiss the bride” are omitted as some feel weird about having to give a grown man permission to kiss his bride.

Benediction and Presentation of the Couple. In religious ceremonies, the officiant will pray for the couple or offer good wishes for them. Then, the couple will face the audience as the officiant announces, “Ladies and Gentlemen, it is with pleasure that I present to you, Mr. and Mrs. John Doe.”

Recessional. The newlyweds march back down the aisle as the audience cheers on.

These are the main elements that you can find in a wedding. This is also the usual order of the elements. However, as we have said, it depends on how you want to personalize your wedding. You may have to consult the officiant for any legal requirement but if there are no legal barriers, you can basically craft your own wedding ceremony.

The next step would be to decide your Utah wedding location. To make your wedding ceremony even more beautiful, it is important to consider the surroundings by which you will be married.

As you carefully think of the wedding ceremony, your choice of wedding venue should reflect the mood you want to set for the ceremony, as well as other practical aspects. You should consider the width of the aisle (or whether this is adjustable). You should also consider the number of seats available, the altar where you will be standing, the backdrop of the ceremony and the overall look of the wedding.

If you are planning to hold a wedding in Sandy, Utah, one excellent wedding venue in Sandy, Utah is The Atrium. Ideal for weddings and receptions, The Atrium boasts of a well-decorated facility. It is equipped with all you need to make your wedding extra special.


Special Ceremonies You Can Add To Your Wedding Ceremony

Special ceremonies give your wedding ceremony that extra oomph and say a lot about you, your beliefs and what you hold dear. The roots of these “special ceremonies” may be traditional or cultural.

Here are some special ceremonies that you can add to your wedding:

–          Unity Candle. This is perhaps one of the more popular unity ceremonies used during weddings. At the beginning of the ceremony, the mothers or parents of the couple each light one candle – one representing the bride and one representing the groom. This symbolizes the bride and the groom’s lives as individuals. After the vows are spoken, the bride and the groom each get their respective candle and light the larger unity candle. Then, they blow out the smaller candles they are holding. This symbolizes their union – they are no longer separate, but united as one. Before deciding on this ceremony, inquire from your wedding location if lighting candles are prohibited or not.

–          Breaking the Glass. Just as broken glass has a finality to it (you can’t put it back to what it was before), so is marriage. The breaking the glass ceremony highlights the symbolism of how two individuals have said goodbye to their past and look forward to the future with their partner. This ceremony is Jewish in origin and is usually added after the officiant has pronounced the couple as man and wife. The glass is wrapped in cloth. The groom steps on this on the floor while the audience cheers on and sing Mazel Tov. Take note: again, be sure to ask from the wedding venue if this is allowed.

–          Jumping the broom. This is also ideally placed after the pronouncement of the couple and after they have kissed. The couple is given the opportunity to jump over a broomstick to symbolize how the broom will clean away “bad luck” and each other’s past. The broom symbolizes a clean, new start for the couple. This is African in origin.

–          Circling the groom. This is right after the bridal march. The bride, upon reaching the end of the aisle, goes to the groom and circles the groom seven times. This is reminiscent of the creation of the earth, where God created the world in seven days. Circling the groom symbolizes the couple making a new “world” for themselves when they marry.

–          Coin ceremony. This symbolizes the financial union of the marriage. This tradition is Spanish in origin. Here, the groom gives his bride 13 gold coins. This symbolizes how the husband is to provide for the family and how the wife is to be the steward of the family’s finances. In modern ceremonies, after the groom pours the coins into his wife’s hands, the wife then pours the coins into the groom’s hand. This shows that the couple is mutually responsible to provide for and be stewards of their family’s finances.

–          Handfasting. This is an ancient tradition with Celtic origins. Handfasting can be used to celebrate a betrothal (where the couple is traditionally engaged for a “year and a day” and married after). It can also be used during the wedding ceremony. Here, the bride and the groom’s hands are bound together by colorful cords while the officiant explains the significance of the ceremony and while the couple recites their vows to each other. It symbolizes the union of two people (body, mind and spirit).

–          Honoring the mothers. This is usually done before the bride is presented to the groom (after the bridal march) or before the recessional. The bride takes two pieces from her bridal bouquet and gives each piece to her mother and her mother-in-law. The flowers (may be a single rose) are given with a kiss. Some brides hold a variation of this, where they have their bouquet fashioned into three smaller bouquets. Before the bride goes to the altar with the groom, she divides the big bouquet into three and gives two of these to her mother and her husband-to-be’s mother.

–          Releasing of the doves. Doves are loyal mates – once they have a partner, that partner is for life. Here, the bride and groom release two doves. This is ideally done after the kissing of the couples or during the recessional. Again, make sure to ask the wedding hall or location whether releasing doves are allowed.

–          Rose ceremony. This may be used for the husband and wife. The couple exchange roses as their first gift to one another. This exchange is to symbolize one’s love to the spouse. The officiant may also encourage the couple to continue exchanging a single rose during anniversaries to remind them of their marriage vow.

–          Salt Covenant. During the wedding ceremony, the bride and the groom each hold a pouch of salt and they pour it into one container. The container is then shaken. Salt is used to seal a promise during Biblical times, when salt was considered a precious commodity. Each time a covenant is made between two parties, these two parties each get a pinch of salt from their pouch and place it in the other party’s salt pouch. This marks the finality of the covenant. To break a covenant, you have to retrieve your grains of salt from the other’s pouch and the other party has to do the same from your pouch. As one’s grains of salt cannot be identified and retrieved from the other party’s pouch when the salt has already mixed together, it is also impossible to break the covenant.

–          Sand ceremony. The sand ceremony is a variation of the salt covenant. Here, the bride and the groom hold vases filled with colored sand, one color for the bride, the groom and the officiant (optional). The officiant pours his colored sand into a larger vase, which acts as a base for the other sand. In religious ceremonies, the first base symbolizes the presence of God in their marriage. Then the bride and the groom alternately pour layers of their colored sand into the vase. Lastly, they pour the rest of their colored sand together. This symbolizes the couple’s life as an individual and their life together. Other variations include members of the family (such as the couple’s parents, or any children each may have had prior to the marriage).

Adding these special ceremonies provide additional layers to your wedding ceremony, making it all the more beautiful. But before you decide on including these in your ceremony, remember that your ceremony is a reflection of who you and your spouse-to-be are. You should both be comfortable with the ceremony.

Another thing to consider is your wedding and reception location. Your choice of wedding location will help set the mood of your ceremony. If you are planning to have a wedding in Sandy, Utah, be sure to drop by Western Gardens’ The Atrium, which provides a gorgeous setting for a wedding with its well-appointed and well-thought out facilities and equipment.



Wedding Vows 101: A guide to Promises of Forever

Wedding vows… do they leave you stumped? Your promise to your future spouse may be one of the most important things you will say. And if does not make this daunting, the prospect of having to say these words in public have you all but petrified. But with a little help, you can get a head start in writing your wedding vows. We’re here to help.

Here are some tips to help you write your vows:

–          Decide if both of you want to say your own vows. This may be deeply personal so you and your future spouse need to agree that saying your personalized vows is what both of you want. Your future spouse may prefer using the traditional vows, which are also beautiful. You also need to agree if you will have the same vow as a couple or if you want different vows for each of you.

–          Decide on your style. Would you like your vows to be romantic, funny, deeply personal or formal and traditional? Choose the style you are most comfortable in.

–          Decide on your vow’s content. The key elements in a wedding vow include: your promises about your marriage, a statement of love and something personal (but not too personal). Choose words that emphasize what you want to happen in your marriage: respect, fidelity, the promise of starting a family and your commitment to mutual happiness.

–          Avoid generalizations, be specific. Stay away from words such as, “I will forever love you.” It’s better to add personalized touches by sticking with simple, everyday ways you can show your love.

–          Choose your words carefully. Use strong action words such as “promise”, “cherish”, “honor”, “delight”, “prize”, “treasure” and so on. Carefully chosen words will add that “oomph” to your vows.

–          Short and sweet is the best way to go. Remember that a few carefully chosen words are more effective than a long-winded speech. So try to keep your vows to up to 3 minutes.

–          Consider the line: “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.” Explore your feelings about your future spouse, your relationship and your marriage. Ask: what about your fiancé do you love most? What made you decide that he or she is “the one”?

–          Look at examples. Promises are for poets and lovers. So take a look at what poets have to say. There are volumes of Bible verses, poems, famous love lines and passages that you can look at and even quote in your vow. You can even choose to incorporate words from your love letters.

–          Listen to your vow. Now that you have written your vow, be sure to “test” it by reading it aloud with someone you trust. This will help you pick out areas for improvement. There may be some areas that don’t sound right so this is your chance to change it.

–          Write it down. You can try to memorize your vows but be sure to have a copy of it handy in case you blank out while you’re saying your vows.

–          Speak from your heart. This is perhaps the most important of all. Your words should be an outpouring of what you feel, know and believe about love and your relationship as man and wife. Don’t speak to impress other people watching – speak to your spouse.

Your vows tell your partner what you personally think and feel. The exchanging of vows is an important part of the marriage ceremony.

As you have given a lot of thought to your wedding vows, you should also give careful thought about other elements of your wedding. This includes the wedding ceremony, the wedding décor and your wedding location.

Your choice of wedding venue is an important aspect that will set the tone of the entire ceremony, including your exchanging of wedding vows. We at Western Gardens understand this and we offer you one of the best wedding locations in Sandy, Utah. The Atrium provides a beautiful backdrop as you recite your vows to each other.



Questions to Ask When Choosing your Wedding Venue

So your boyfriend has popped the question and you have tearfully yet eagerly said “Yes!” Now comes the nitty-gritty of wedding preparations. Once you have set the date, one important thing to book is your wedding and reception venue. You need to book early to ensure that your selected venue is still open for your wedding date. This is especially crucial for wedding to be held in the “peak” months, such as December or June.

However, as much as you want to book a place as quickly as you can, you need to choose the wedding venue that is right for your theme/motif and your budget. So here are some questions to help you choose your wedding venue:

  1. Is the venue still open for your wedding date? If not, are you willing to change your wedding date to book the wedding reception center? Remember, the venue should be booked well in advance and before you  can move on to other items in your wedding to-do list, such as printing and sending out the invitations.
  2. What is the venue’s capacity? How many guests can they accommodate? If you do decide to have your wedding ceremony and reception in one location, will the venue have enough space for this?
  3. Does the venue’s overall look match the kind of look you want for your wedding? What are the decorations in the venue? Are they able to provide you with additional decorations if you want to go for a themed event? Or, are you willing to spend for the additional decorations so that it will match your wedding colors or theme?
  4. Does the wedding venue provide for other wedding-related vendors? For added convenience, you can choose to work with in-house vendors for your catering, floral arrangements, your cake and linen. Working with in-house vendors provides a distinct advantage in that the provider is already familiar with the place, its people and facilities and so things can go more smoothly. The Sandy, Utah wedding venue, The Atrium, provides in-house wedding-related vendors so that you can easily deal with these all under one place. However, be sure to check that the vendors are up to your standards. Have a taste test with the caterer and the baker. Ask for samples and photos from the florist.
  5. What are the venue’s facilities? Does it have enough bathroom and coat check facilities? Does it have wheelchair lamps to provide easier access to disabled guests? Does it have dressing rooms for the bride and groom (which can also serve as the children’s playroom, in case you have some children in your wedding party)?
  6. Does the facility serve alcohol? It is important that the facility holds a state liquor license if you want to serve liquor during your wedding reception. If you plan to bring your own wine and liquor, you should ask if there are applicable corkage fees.
  7. How are costs computed? What is the fee for renting the venue? You should ask for a detailed list of what the rental entails – what facilities are made available to you, how much time is provided for you to decorate the area and how much time is provided for the event itself. Watch out for hidden charges such as service fees, taxes, insurance costs and gratuities. You should also ask if there are additional fees for overtime use. Also, before you sign the dotted line, determine the payment schedule – the deposit as well as when final payment is expected.
  8. How much space is available to you? Does the wedding location have a dance floor and space for the band?
  9. How much parking is available? If you know that most of your guests will be going by car, you should ensure that they have adequate parking. You should also note if valet parking is available and if there are additional fees for parking.
  10. How much staff is available on your wedding day? It is important to know if there is someone on hand to help out and troubleshoot, particularly on the day of the wedding. There should be someone behind the scenes that will mind the details even as you enjoy your special day. How many of the venue’s staff will be there to help?
  11. Are there restrictions? There may be some limitations as to what you can do. Some venues don’t permit the use of candles or open flames. It is important to know ahead of time whether there are restrictions, especially if you want something unique in mind for your wedding.

If you are planning to have your wedding and reception in Sandy, Utah, be sure to drop by Western Gardens’ The Atrium and you will see how ideal the venue is for a momentous event such as a wedding.

Selecting your Wedding Venue? Here are some things you should consider

Dream weddings also require dream locations…and more. Just because the place looks romantic and just right for your motif does not mean that that wedding venue is the best for you. There are also practical considerations to think about to ensure that you have what you need for the wedding ceremony and reception to run smoothly.

To help you determine how you should choose your wedding venue or wedding reception venue, here are some things you should look into:

  1. Kind of ceremony or reception. What kind of ceremony and reception do you want? Would you like to have different venues for the wedding ceremony and reception? Your choice of reception venue should then be near the church or wedding venue since you will have to consider travel times between these two. Or, if you want to save money, you can also think about having your ceremony and reception in one location. This will also be more convenient for you and your guests as it limits the amount of traveling they will need to do. The Sandy, Utah wedding venue, The Atrium House, has the facilities and space for you to have both your ceremony and reception in one romantic backdrop.
  2. Size of the wedding. How many guests are you planning to have? Of course, you need a wedding venue that will accommodate the size of your wedding party. Will the venue also be able to have more space for last minute additions? What if 15 unexpected guests pop up on the day of the wedding itself? Another consideration is the kind of wedding reception you want? A sit-down dinner will need more space for the same number of guests than a stand-up buffet.
  3. Facilities. What kind of entertainment are you planning for your reception? Will this include dancing to the music of a live band? Then you will have to select a location that has a dance floor and space for the band. You should also consider the wedding reception center’s facilities for children and disabled persons. Are the facilities child-friendly – does it have a romper room for children to play in? Is there a wheelchair ramp? How near is the reception area from its parking space? Other convenient facilities you should look into are the bride and groom’s dressing room, a good sound system and enough chairs and tables.
  4. Wedding location staff. Does the staff seem professional and customer friendly? Will the wedding location provide a coordinator to help troubleshoot during the day of the wedding?
  5. Restrictions or limitations of the wedding venue. Some places (particularly historic venues) don’t allow guests to wear high heels. Others, such as museums, limit flash photography. Consider these restrictions in light of what you want to happen in your wedding.
  6. Accessibility. Is the place easy to find for those who will be driving? How about those who will come through public transport? Are there hotels near the wedding venue for you and your guests?
  7. Photo Opportunities. Does the wedding location provide a beautiful backdrop for your wedding photos? An ideal wedding venue should have a lot of natural light for daytime photos and romantic sparkling lights for nighttime photos. It should also have decorative elements such as water installations/waterfalls, chandeliers, glass ceilings to make your photos more beautiful.
  8. Budget. Of course, this will be an important consideration. You would want a location that meets your budget and can offer you excellent packages for floral arrangements, catering, wedding invitations and stationery and linen. You should also check the fee schedule and any extra charges (such as charges for overtime, cake cutting or corkage fee should you decide to bring in your own wines).


Western Gardens’ The Atrium House takes all these into consideration to provide you one of the best wedding and reception venues in Sandy, Utah. When you are planning a wedding in this area, be sure to make a visit to The Atrium House to see how well it will suit your needs for your dream wedding.

Wedding Planning Made Easier

Your man has presented you with the loveliest of engagement rings and got down on his knees to ask you to be his wife. And of course, you happily said, “Yes!”. And now the wedding preparations begin. You realize that preparing your dream wedding is like being caught in a whirlwind – there is a continuous swirl of things to do, wedding providers to select, choices with regards to styles, colors, themes and so on.

To give you an idea, here are the basic things you need to do for your wedding:

–          Set the date and ensure that your choice of church and wedding reception venue is booked for this date.

–          Set the wedding budget

–          Choose your wedding gown, as well as the gowns for your female entourage

–          Choose the ring

–          Build the guest list

–          Prepare “save the date” announcements and/or announce the engagement(possibly via an engagement party)

–          Get your marriage license and prepare all the necessary documents

–          Send out wedding invitations and record RSVPs

–          Decide on the bridal gift registry items

–          Choose the caterer and the menu for the wedding and arrange for food tasting

–          Choose the cake design and the baker

–          Hiring the florist and deciding on floral arrangements

–          Book musicians or DJ and agreeing on the music to be played

–          Talk with the officiant and discussing the details of the wedding ceremony

–          Prepare other printed items (place cards, wedding ceremony programs, thank you cards, inserts, etc.)

–          Hire a videographer and photographer

–          Book a makeup artist, having a makeup and hair test to check which kind you want

–          Arrange for the transporation of guests or even hotel bookings and lodging (for out of town guests)

–          Arrange the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner

–          Write your vows

–          Schedule and arrange the honeymoon

Aside from these, you will need to continuously follow up with wedding vendors to ensure that everything is ready for the big day.

Whew! All the hustle and bustle involved with the wedding preparations can make you wish that there was some easier way. And really, there is! You can either hire a wedding coordinator to ease away the hassle or you can also avail of the wedding packages provided by some Utah wedding locations.

For instance, The Atrium, a Sandy, Utah wedding venue offers not just a place for you to hold your wedding ceremony and/or reception; it also offers wedding packages that saves you a lot of trouble in terms on planning and selecting providers. With this Utah wedding reception center, you can also make use of their other services such as catering, linens, cakes and floral arrangements.

The Atrium is also equipped with all the necessary amenities to ensure that your wedding runs smoothly and that the overall ambiance is just the way you want it. The Atrium’s attention to detail and sense of style have made it one of the best wedding venues in Utah. What’s more, The Atrium will also provide a host during the day of the wedding to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Now, that’s wedding planning made easier!