The Atrium at Western Gardens: Helping Design Dream Wedding Cakes

The Atrium at Western Gardens Sandy, Utah wedding reception center is an exclusive wedding and reception venue. The employees at Atrium weddings strive to make a couple’s experience as personal and simple as possible. Their goal is to help a couple achieve long-lasting memories of their wedding day and give guests a lasting impression of the reception.

Selecting a wedding cake is the centerpiece of the Sandy, UT reception, whether it is round, square, multi-tier or personalized mini-cupcakes. The most important aspect of selecting a cake is the flavor. Often times this is overlooked as a couple focuses on the external beauty of the cake, but it is important to select a flavorful cake that satisfies guests. The Atrium works with an exclusive baker that has more than 25 years of experience. While couples are free to select their own baker, the Atrium’s has more than 50 varieties and styles they regularly work with to help couples design the custom cake of their dreams. While vanilla, chocolate, raspberry filled, carrot cake and even cheesecake are popular cake flavors, selecting the base flavor is the first step. Second, a couple must select the type of icing, as that literally makes the cake. Vanilla, chocolate, butter cream and cheesecake are all popular icing flavors. Fondant is a type of sugar icing dough that rolls out and fits to the cake’s form, giving it a seamless appearance. While some people feel that fondant lacks flavor, it does give an unparalleled external beauty to the cake, seamlessly blending the layers.

It is important to take into consideration that couple’s freeze the top layer of their cake, only to thaw it and eat it on their first anniversary. This customary tradition, helps invoke fond memories from a year gone by. Some cakes will freeze well while others will not. It is important to discuss this with a baker, as couples may opt for a special cake flavor for the top tier to accommodate a one-year deep freeze.

Cakes are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 12-inch, 9-inch and 7-inch to 14-inch, 10-inch and 7-inch tiers. The number of people attending the wedding determines the size of the cake. Often times couples opt for cake decorations, albeit it simple or a vivid, colorful artistic theme. Fresh flowers are a common addition, as are pearls, leaves and fruit.

Tradition dictates that couples are the first ones to slice the cake and feed each other a piece. This ritual shows the promised bond that the husband and wife will always be there for each other, and help feed one another.

Ivy House Weddings, Utah wedding venues, is a sister company to the Atrium, and can also help provide cake selection services by coordinating with their baker as well.

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