The Best Wedding Cakes in Utah

It is possible to have a match made in heaven.  The best wedding cakes that can be found anywhere in Salt Lake City are made at The Atrium at Western Garden Centers, known to be one of the best wedding reception venues in Utah.

The Atrium is set in an environment of lush greenery both inside and outside, with beautiful waterfalls that impart an incredible peace and tranquility to the surroundings, bringing a quiet contentment to any occasion that is hosted there.  Couples who are planning their wedding or anniversary receptions or corporate events gravitate towards this wedding reception location in Sandy because of all that it has to offer.

Why a match made in heaven?  To find professional cake designers with a wealth of international expertise and experience in the art of baking and decorating large cake orders based at a perfectly romantic wedding reception location, is as miraculous as finding gold in California in the gold rush days!

Wedding cakes date back to the days of the Roman Empire and the one thing that has not changed in the last thousand years is a quietly ingrained understanding that the cutting of the cake is symbolic of the bride and groom working hand in hand, to complete their first task as a couple!  Having a wedding cake is considered to be one of the items that must be included in the wedding preparations of equal importance to the wedding rings!

Whether it is a five-tiered cake for a large guest list or the popular three-tiered wedding cake for an average guest list of about one hundred and twenty people,  the wedding cake features prominently as an item which is guaranteed to be included in the wedding budget.  To cater to a large guest list requires that the diameters of the tiers be increased and/or additional tiers be added.

In more recent times, couples have opted for variations in the cake recipes used for each tier.  Gone are the days when one flavor cake was used throughout every tier and topped with only white buttercream icing.  This means that every guest can now get a flavor of cake that they can possibly enjoy.  Wedding cake decorations are now wonderfully creative, color-coordinating the wedding theme colors and whatever colors appeal to the bride and groom.

The wedding cake designers at the Atrium, have been creatively matching the wedding cake requests of thousands of couples over the last twenty-five years no matter how unique the requests.  They have consistently exceeded the expectations of each of the couples, matching cake design, flavor and fillings and coming up with wedding cakes that look as good as they taste and can satisfy the guests’ individual flavor selections.

It is wise to visit the cake designers at the Atrium early in the wedding planning process and work out exactly what your dream wedding cake is going to look like.  Many couples are choosing unique wedding themes and the cake designers at this Utah wedding reception center work with the recipes from any of the more than fifty basic cake design templates, eighteen different fillings and more than eighteen different flavors, jazzing up the wedding cake until it far surpasses the creative masterpiece which the couple envisioned and then requested.

So, if you are still a bit skeptical about how this will all work out?  The best approach is to request a sampling session at the Sandy wedding reception venue, where the cake designers can provide small bite size samples of the cakes which are on your shortlist of favorite cake flavors and fillings.  From here you can make some solid choices for your wedding day cake.  The sizes, shapes, colors, design and flavor cakes that complement the decorating of your wedding cake, can only be limited by your imagination and the professional handiwork of the wedding cake designers.

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